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Gordon Ramsey needs to stay out of hotels, 25 August 2014

I've worked in the hotel industry for 12 years. Gordon Ramsey doesn't have a clue what he's doing.

He's overly focused on the restaurant, and ignores what actually makes the real money in hotels. The rooms are the money maker, not the food. The food should still be good, but there's a better way to do this. Unless you're catering to the locals for dinner, you're much better just having breakfast and maybe lunch. Or breakfast and dinner.

These hotels need to pay attention to their revenue streams, marketing, revenue management, being on the proper websites, and more. Marketing is about where your position is and to get yourself known. It's about knowing the market, not "I make deals".

Whats the comp set? What are the rates in comparison? Can you feed off the cities nearby?

Each hotel is different. Whats the best model of revenue for the hotel?

REAL hoteliers need to be doing this, not a chef. Running a hotel is very different than running a restaurant.

And frankly, what I just said doesn't even begin to cover the problems I'm seeing with this show. This show is terrible. And frankly embarrassing. There are better shows out there such as Hotel Impossible where the host has 20 years of REAL hotel experience.

Gordon, go back to restaurants. It's what you're good at.

Oh, so it's The Craft, 1 August 2014

Seriously, not much different. Different names, bigger coven, expanded storyline. Yep.

It's The Craft. There's no mistaking it.

The movie The Craft was great. This show? Not so much. It reminds me of Vampire Diaries. Focused on the tweenies.

Honestly, I'm kind of tired of the "teen shows" that keep popping up. They are predictable and even a little childish.

The "bad girl" sure doesn't seem like much of one. Her real personality sneaks through no matter what happens. She's not a nasty person in any way. The fact that she can't act truly "bad girl" says more about her acting ability than anything else.

Meh. The best I can say is... at least they try and its not horrible.

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OK, I get it..., 16 May 2014

It's Twilight on TV but slightly better. Considering that Twilight is terrible, that's an accomplishment. Of sorts.

Pretty much the same story.

At least they can act.

Have to say though, Stefan is NOT a good looking guy. I'm finding that I hope the other vampires are more beautiful and handsome after this first episode.

FX aren't bad for a kiddie show that's not as good as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I'll give it a chance so we'll see. Still not ruling out just shutting it off.

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Loved this movie, 28 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Seriously good time. On the edge of my seat and holding my breath through the whole movie. Awesome story and excellent FX. Worth every penny.

Sebastian Stan is someone to watch. Handsome as hell and a great possible career in action movies.

About time they gave Samuel l Jackson some more screen time.

Not sure what happened to Scarlet Johanson but she looked different somehow. Still gorgeous of course. Lost weight maybe. Still kick butt as Black Widow.

As usual Chris Evans is good as captain America. Heard he's getting a tired of the role though. Wish I knew why these stars get involved in movies they know will type cast them a bit if they become a hit then complain about it after.

"Sherlock" (2010)
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Really good until..., 30 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

They introduce Moriarty. Both Sherlock and Watson are charming, and interesting, with excellent play against each other.

It's been a wonderful modern interpretation of Sherlock Holmes, and not nearly as ridiculous as the American created Elementary. Quite honestly, it's amazing how good British television is.

But then they bring in Moriarty. Being that this is Sherlocks biggest foe, the way they brought him into the story was both fitting and dramatic.

The problem is the guy they got to play him. They COULD have gotten someone with a deep voice who just exudes charm and sophistication. Instead, they chose someone whose voice cracks when he talks like he's a teenage boy, who has no charm at all, and exudes something incredibly annoying that just rubs me the wrong way (no idea what exactly it is). I don't mind the fact that the characters has vague gay overtones (more power to him) but I do mind that his voice and attitude are like nails on a chalkboard. He has nothing going for him other than being good looking.

Why didn't they choose someone better for the part? It kind of blew the whole thing once they'd introduced him. Now I'm not sure I can watch anymore episodes because he is sooooo annoying.

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Absolutely terrible, 26 September 2013

Not funny, not amusing, bland writing. The only thing that might be good about the show is Robin Williams. The problem is that there is no chemistry between the stars whatsoever.

SMG doesn't play off Robin Williams wackiness in any way. She doesn't have a comedy bone in her body.

Even Robin Williams is stale compared to his normal self.

Great actors that deliver nothing in this series.

I'd love to know what they were thinking. How sad. What a waste of a half hour.

I won't be back to watch more.

Mirror Mirror (2012/I)
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Could have been more, but wasn't., 23 September 2013

Generally I like Julia Roberts.

So the first thing that I notice is that she is narrating the movie and has these little annoying "asides" as though she's speaking to the audience.

The next thing I notice is that the girl they have as Snow White has the bushiest eye brows I've ever seen on a woman. I'm surprised they aren't a unibrow.

And the whole thing just goes down hill from there.

Julia Roberts is a good actress. Why she chose to take this role is beyond me.

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I'm curious why people liked this movie, 16 September 2013

And why, in almost all these so called scary movies, "Satan" behaves like an immature child playing tricks and everyone in the movie falls for it. I mean really, these are petty jokes by what's supposed to be this terrifying being.

Think about it. Loud or soft noises, stuff lifting into the air and moving around, scary faces and the like.

In the end, the movie seemed rather ridiculous rather than frightening.

That being said, the Warrens are and always have been two of the most annoying ghost hunters in the world. To them, absolutely everything is satanic if it's supernatural in nature in any possible way.

And that room of haunted stuff? Kinda looks like the room on the TV show Friday the 13th.

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Gene Roddenberry must be rolling over in his grave, 14 September 2013

If I could give it a zero, I would. The only thing to save this travesty is Zachary Quinto and cool explosions. If it weren't for him, I'd give it a 1.

Really bad acting, coupled with a terrible version of the story of Kahn, and why in the world is everything on the Enterprise glowing like a flashlight?

And then they had the gall to use the original Star Trek theme at the end? I can see why many of the old actors have a serious problem with the new movies.

This is terrible, really terrible. Gene Roddenberry was greedy as can be, but I think he'd have a serious problem with this version. In the original, he wanted to show that humanity had finally overcome most of the things that caused us problems. The only place these things could still be found was in the expansion regions where it was still the wild west.

But in this... everything from the uniforms, the slang, the music, and everything else is EXACTLY as it is now but shinier. Really? This is ridiculous.

Abrams should be ashamed.

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Pretty good movie with some problems, 22 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love the super hero movies but no one has been able to get it right since Christopher Reeves. That being said, they still haven't hit gold yet, even with this movie.

Mind you, the FX are great and Henry Cavill is just right as Superman. The graphics were simply beautiful. By far the best part of the movie is Russell Crowe as Jor-el. Micheal Shannon did well as General Zod and brought more dimension to him than just "I want to kill everything for the sake of killing" that Superman 2 brought with Christopher Reeve. Lawrence Fishburn was very cool as Perry White.

I absolutely love the fact that we get to know more about Krypton and its people.

That being said, there were some glaring problems.

The story was a bit disjointed in the beginning (after Krypton) with the creators jumping between different time periods in Cal-el's life.

There was wayyyy too shaky cam and it was driving me nuts by the end of the movie. With so much, it was hard to focus on a lot of the scenes and it ended up being a jumbled mess. I'm going to have to watch it multiple times to see what I missed because there's so much happening.

I really like Amy Adams. Usually. In this movie, she did not do well as Lois Lane, and there were no sparks between her and Henry Cavill at all.

And they seemed to have stunted the story. It was more "here look at all this stuff everyone else is doing and hey, Superman is involved in it too". He was getting beat wayyyy too much. He's supposed to be the man of steel, not just "better than human".

I expected more out of a Chris Nolan movie since he's done so well in the past. Usually when I leave his movies, I leave feeling like I've just been on a heck of a thrill ride, but not this time.

It was good. It could have been much much better.

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