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"This Pleasant Goat Movie was a little better than the First movie, But It still sucks.", 29 November 2013

It was disappointing that Hong Tai Lung was Absurdly Pregnant with Fireworks & Hui Tai Lung being such a Wimpy Crybaby (It's almost like Hong Tai Lung in The 1st Pleasant Goat Movie.).

But on The Bright side, I like the part where Xiao Hui Hui and Hong Tai Lung fall down like crazy when Hui Tai Lung was trying to catch them & some much more. ROFL!!!

Anyway, It's basically about The plot follows the goats, who are go to the moon in a spaceship shaped like candy in order to assist the Queen of the Moon. The Bitter Gourd King and his gourd troopers are attacking the World of Sweetness with bitter juice, and the Queen needs the help of the goats. Wolfie and his family come with the goats on accident. At one point the Gourd King kidnaps Wolfie's family, and Weslie comes to tears upon seeing his parents.

Also, If you like Disney movies, This Pleasant Goat movie is for you.

"Very Amazing Movie, but I preferred the 4th movie more!!!", 29 November 2013

I love this movie so much, but I preferred the 4th movie more!!!"

Anyway, I Like the part where Hui Tai Lang's "Arabian Outfit" and Xi Yang Yang's unexpected trip with Hui Tai Lang to Egypt reminds of Disney's Aladdin movie from 1992, including the thirsty sun drinking the water. ROFL.

Also, I enjoyed the part where Xiao Hui Hui finally bonds with Lan Yang Yang as "Brothers" for the first time ever (In the first Pleasant Goat movie in 2009, He didn't bond with Lan Yang Yang yet at the time & A little like Ariel & Eric from Disney's The Little Mermaid movie from 1989.).

It's also about The Goats and Wolves go to and work at a Tiger-themed Theme Park (It's a little like Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, opened on July 17, 1955.).

And that's pretty much it, Maybe you should watch this If you like Disney's The Lion King, Aladdin, & Other Disney movies you can think of. BYE!!!

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Shirahoshi was no doubt the most annoying Mermaid princess I've ever seen!!, 14 October 2013

Shirahoshi was no doubt the most annoying Mermaid princess I've ever seen!!

Well, I don't know about you, but Shirahoshi was no doubt the most annoying Mermaid Princess I've ever seen!!

She pretty much hurts My ears with her high-pitched crying, and Luffy finds her really annoying, no doubt, even though I love Mermaids so much, Just like Ariel from Disney's Little Mermaid!!!:D

Basically, Luffy was trying to get Shirahoshi out of the Hard-shell tower from the Ryugyu Kingdom's palace after she's been stuck in there for 10 years by the time she was 6 years old.

So, anyway Shirahoshi fans, If you want to see Shirahoshi being very annoying throughout, this arguably lamest One Piece is for you.

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Best Pleasant Goat Movie ever!!! XD, 6 October 2013

I really love this Pleasant Goat movie so much, It's all about the Dragons, and Xiao Hui Hui (The Son of Hui Tai Lang and Hong Tai Lang.) was very cute. :3 He always reminds me of Ariel and Vanellope Von Schweetz, and Tinker Bell from Disney. It was My favorite Pleasant Goat movie of all time!!! :D

In this movie: Hong Tai Lang and Mei Yang Yang, and Nuan Yang Yang arguably become "Magical Girls" in this wonderful movie, and Xi Yang Yang and his friends are trying to save The Dragon realm from an evil Robot Dragon, and My favorite part of this Pleasant Goat movie of all time was Xiao Hui Hui screaming and running away from Loud noises while Playing music while Practicing to be "Troopers" ROFL.

So If you like Magical Girls, Dragons, and etc. This Pleasant Goat movie for you. :3

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This Lame Movie was the biggest piece of "Trash" I've ever saw!!!, 28 September 2013

Well, I've got to say that This Xi Yang Yang movie was worser than Doraemon: Nobita's Mermaid Legend, It's worser than Disney's Little Mermaid, and It's even worser than Disney's Wreck It Ralph. I felt completely crushed and I felt completely disappointed. :( How would on earth would they make a Xi Yang Yang movie about saving The Ox world?! Huh?! ):( I would never ever want to see that Xi Yang Yang ever again and I really really can't take anymore of Hong Tai Lung being such an annoying crybaby in this film, and I can't take anymore of this god dang trash!!!! Ugh!!!' -Explosion- Anyways, If you want to see Hong Tai Lung wearing a "Formal" purple robe, this Xi Yang Yang movie is for you. And oh, by the way, Even though I'm a huge Xi Yang Yang fan from America, It still doesn't explain why Hong Tai Lung was wearing a "Formal" Purple robe rather than her "Casual" Red Robe like the rest of The Xi Yang Yang Series and movies which made me very disappointed for sure!! :( so bye!!

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Manaphy was probably the Cutest and Weirdest Pokemon Ever!! :D, 31 August 2013

Plot Summary: Constantly moving throughout the ocean the Temple of the Sea exists invisible to human eyes. It is here that the Sea Crown exists. Phantom the Pirate has captured the egg of a Manaphy, the only Pokémon able to locate the temple. However, his plans are ruined when Jack Walker, a Pokémon Ranger, interferes. Along the way, Ash Ketchum and his friends manage to get caught up in the adventure to return Manaphy to it's home. But along the way Manaphy and May form a special bond.

By the way, Manaphy's portrayal was loosely based on a human Baby, because Japanese animators wanted something different than American little girls would normally expect, Right?!

Since, Manaphy is still a baby, of course, she'll cry. However It does sound a bit weird since Baby animals rarely fall into such a human niche.

Of course, Little Girls in America, like me wouldn't expect Manaphy's Portrayal to be based on a human baby that way!!

So, If you like Manaphy and It's "Human" baby portrayal, This Pokémon movie is for you!! :D

So bye!! :D

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Princess Lire was the scariest Doraemon princess I've ever saw!!!, 24 August 2013

Nobita finds a small plant still in a container at an abandoned area and decides to take it home. His mother asks him not to put it on their garden because it won't have space to properly grow. Therefore he asks Doraemon for help. The robot cat then uses a special plant converter from the future that will allow the plant to move freely without the need to form roots attached to the ground. Named "Kibou" (Hope), the small green creature gleefully plays with Nobita and his friends. The group is taken by surprise when they are suddenly transported to another planet governed by a society of plant beings. Doraemon and his friends then discover that due to mankind's mistreatment of nature, the green population is planning to remove all plants from Earth. They must now return home and find a way to save the world.

I Know that This Anime movie arguably feels like "The Lorax" movie, which came out in 2012 in America, and It wasn't as fun as I thought, because It's about saving the Environment, and It even has The Bittersweet ending like in "Doraemon: Nobita's Mermaid Legend" Movie, and I thought Princess Lire was arguably the scariest original Doraemon princess (unlike Sophia, who was loosely based on "The Little Mermaid", of course.) I've ever saw (By seeing her "Zombie-like, Unnaturally white skin, of course.)!!!

Overall, I've give this movie a 5 out of 10!!! (Both Plot-wise and Experience wise.)

So, bye!!! :D

Princess Natsumi was probably the most scantily-clad Princess ever!!!, 19 August 2013

Well, I did like "Keroro - Deep Sea Princess" movie except for Princess Natsumi's scantily-clad dress, complete with her pink seashell veil, and Meru was supposedly destined to "marry" Natsumi Hinata, who claims her to be his princess.

and again, Natsumi does show a lot of skin throughout the movie, except for her private female parts, including Fuyuki going bare-chested almost the whole movie, while one of the other female leads named Momoka, Mois, and Koyuki respectively have swimsuits involving some skin, but in general, no nudity, but all of this may definitely bother some parents, so, I'm not the only one who agrees, of course.

by the way, This anime movie does feel like a "a Fanservice-y Cinderella story" inspired by Charles Perrault in 1697 in France.

Again, It does sound a bit strange since Western Princesses rarely fall into such a Veil-clad niche.

so, If you really like Fanservice, This Keroro movie is for you. :D