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The Gift (2015/VI)
One of the better thrillers I've seen in a while., 26 August 2015

For the first time as writer director, Joel Edgerton really pulls out the stops here, the jumps scares, just when you think it is going in one direction, it completely surprises you.

Simon(Jason Bateman) and his wife Robyn(Rebecca Hall) while shopping meet a man named Gordon(Joel Edgerton), who claims to have gone to school with Simon. Simon admits he does kind of remembers Gordon, Soon Gordon starts coming around there house more and more. Soon Simon and Robyn come to realize that there is something not quite right with Gordon.

This thriller reminds us that not everything is what it seems. It had some good suspenseful scenes, even when there are moments when there is no music playing building the scenes up. Joel Edgerton really plays Gordon with such a creepy edge, you really feel it every time he's in a scene. Rebecca Hall is great, the greatness of her acting really shows here. Jason Bateman was also good, I hope he does more dramatic roles in the future, cause he shows he is quite good at it. A very well written and directed film by Joel Edgerton, and also well acted by him.

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I liked it for what it was, 24 August 2015

The video game based plot comes to the big screen for the second time in a reboot, the first one that came out in 2007, which was okay. I'll admit I never played the game.

The plot seems nearly similar to Wanted(2008), action scenes are pretty well done, the film is shot in a film noir like style. Rupert Friend plays Hit-man Agent 47 as basically a human terminator, he does play it very I must say. Everybody else plays there parts pretty well. There are some surprises in some corners. But the film itself is enjoyable for it's action and nothing more. In a film like this you have to suspend a little dis believe, I never take it seriously, I liked it better then the last Hit-man movie.

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An homage to spy films of the 1960's, 17 August 2015

I know that this is T.V. show from the 60's, which I never actually saw. The film is part cold war thriller, and part action body comedy. Guy Ritchie does not just make action film, but he makes an action film with a 1960's style to it. I mean this feels like a Sean Connery/James Bond like film.

A smooth talking American CIA agent(Henry Cavill) is forced to team up with rough on edge Russian KGB agent(Armie Hammer), the two agents who have different styles, must learn to work together, in hopes to prevent a global disaster, but the question is will they?

Henry Cavill really is awesome, I feel he was doing a Roger Moore like performance, the cool under pressure spy, the way Moore played James Bond, and has a great American accent. And Armie Hammer is also awesome, I can tell he worked hard on his Russian accent, he worked hard to prefect it, so it would not sound fake. And he and Cavill have great chemistry, and I can tell by watching this, that they had a fun time working together. And Guy Ritchie has director is also awesome. I really enjoyed this, and wonder if there will be a sequel?

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Bad, but not quite the disaster has everybody makes it out to be., 10 August 2015

I actually liked the first two Fantastic Four films, which came out in 2005 and 2007. They where fun entertaining films, they never try to be anything more then that. But critics think otherwise, and that is why they demanded a reboot.

This film is bad, but not Batman and Robin(1997) or Superman 4(1987) bad. I see there was some effort put in here, but I feel the effort stopped along the along way. I heard stories that it had trouble production, and it shows a little on camera. The movie feels like it was cut down, feeling like there where too many scenes that are missing. Now the effects are pretty descent, even when they are using there powers.

Has for the actors, Miles Teller as Reed Richards does a good enough job, showing how much he does cares about the production, and you clearly see it in his performance. But Kate Mara and Jamie Bell as Sue Storm and Ben Grimm are terrible, not that they are bad actors, but both of them are clearly sleepwalking through this, I see a lack of interest while watching them in this. I've seen better acting from Jamie Bell, and when his character becomes The Thing, he is still not that interesting, Michael Chiklis gave more too it, in both Fantastic 4 films. And Kate Mara I don't think is a bad actress, but feeling she deserves better after this and last years Transcendence. Michael B. Jordan has Johnny Storm is not bad, but I feel he was not giving much to work with, unlike Chris Evans. Toby Kebbell is alright as Doom, he gives more into his performance than anybody.

All in all it's bad, but not all terrible, I feel there was a better film hiding in there some where.

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Meryl can rock, I mean really, 8 August 2015

Ricki(Meryl Streep) a 60 something year old former rocker, who plays gigs at nights, and is a big hit at the bar she plays at, but by day she works as a cashier at a supermarket. But one day Ricki gets a call from her ex husband(Kevin Kline) saying there daughter Julie(Mamie Gummer, Streep's real life daughter) is in midst of a mental breakdown after her marriage fell apart. Ricki flies down in hopes that she can help. But will be able to reconnect with the family she abandoned?

Meryl Streep is good here, giving a good comedic/dramatic performance, and I really liked her musical talent also, I know she has showed it other films, but still always a joy. And she and Kevin Kline have such great chemistry. It was cool seeing Mamie Gummer acting with her mother, she proves that she is every bit as talented in acting. I hope she will fall into her own, and not being thought of as Meryl Streep's daughter. Rick Springfield is great as Streep's guitarist boyfriend. A great light on it's feet film.

Vacation (2015/I)
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Destroys what was a comedy classic., 3 August 2015

Remember the vacation movies starring Chevy Chase has Clark Griswald, a family man taken his family on vacation, and everything that could go wrong does. Films that where funny, except for Vegas Vacation which I didn't see. Now this was an attempt to revive the series in this sequel/remake.

Ed Helms as Rusty Griswald, don't get me wrong he is funny, but nowhere near as Chevy Chase is. Christina Applegate as his wife is good has Helms wife, but the chemistry feels forced. The actors playing there kids are annoying, if you thought the two kids in Jurassic World where bad, these kids here put one up. Leslie Mann makes an appearance has Audrey, and it reminds me that i'm getting so bored with Leslie Mann these days. Chris Hemsworth is alright as Audrey's husband, seems to be having a fun time mocking his pretty boy looks. The problem for me is that the film spends more time being gross out, instead of just going for laughs.

Half the time I wasn't laughing, I was wondering if I should walk out, or stay till the end. This film was missing the style of John Hughes writing, he knew how to write comedy. The only moments I thought where funnier when Chevy Chase appears as Clark Griswald, but other than that this movie is a waste of time, it tries to be a Hangover like film, the gross out gags worked in the first two hangover films cause they had timing to them, but here there is no timing to any of it, it lacks the heart and charm of the original vacation films.

Wow I never thought I'd see something worse than Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and Hot Pursuit this year, but Vacation is it.

Pixels is looking like a comedy classic compared to this.

Trainwreck (2015)
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Really surprised me, 31 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had low expectations for this judging by the title, but I walked out really liking this, it was better than I expected.

Amy Schumer was really good, you think your not supposed like her character, and she does come across has what the title says, but has it goes on she begins to show more sides of her personality, and it's good acting by Amy Schumer. Bill Hader is also great has the doctor who Schumer who falls in love with. They where so good to the point, I believed they where in love and not acting. All the characters are also quite alive, it's quite vulgar, but does not go overboard to the max.

All in all, a very good film, that really balances out it's elements of it's main characters perfectly.

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Great teen film for 2015, 27 July 2015

18 year old Quentin(Nat Wolff) has always had a crush on Margo(Cara Delevingine), not since they where kids, he was never spoken to her since, until one night she comes to his window asks for his help, and then they have one crazy fun night. Then Margo goes missing in a week. While missing her, Quentin starts noticing clues that Margo leaves behind, so Quentin and his friends embark on a mission to find her, but will they?

A well done teen comedy drama that plays all the teen cliché films, and everybody does shine well. When moments are they're funny, and when they are serious it is serious. It's not realistic, but a fun enjoyable ride. The actors really shine here, It's a great coming of age film, for all teenagers to enjoy.

Pixels (2015)
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Better alien invasion comedy then The Watch(2012), 24 July 2015

I understand why critics come down on Adam Sandler, when it comes to his comedies they are pretty much hit or miss, but to some more miss then hit.

Gamers from the 1980's are called upon by the government when an alien invasion comes in the form of old video game characters, and half to try to defeat them like the game. But will they save the day before it's too late?

Like some of Adam Sandler comedies, this is not a great film, but it never tries to be, but it is entertaining, I did laugh a few, end enjoyed the effects. Adam Sandler is good, so was Michelle Monaghan, I won't forget Kevin James. But the real scene steelers that take the cake are Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad, they get the most funny lines, and never go too far over the top. I enjoyed this movie, it never tries to be anything more than what it is, just a fun time, sometimes that is all you need. The cast play off each other perfectly, but if you where not entertained by this, I'm sorry that you weren't.

Ant-Man (2015)
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little giant man, 20 July 2015

I wasn't sure that I would like this, cause after the whole Edgar Wright thing. But I gave this movie the benefit, and did I like it?

Scott Lang(Paul Rudd) a former thief who is trying to make ends meat, but finds himself in a situation by millionaire Hank Pym(Michael Douglas) who is an inventor of a suit that shrink to the size of an ant, Pym himself was a former superhero known has Ant Man, he is looking at Lang to be the new Ant Man.

I really liked this, it was nothing real big like The Avengers but it was a real fun time. The shrinking effects are terrific, just really keeps you glued. A lot of people where not sure about casting of Paul Rudd as the hero, but Paul Rudd has such a likable presence about him, proved to be the best choice. Michael Douglas was also great. Michael Pena really steals a lot of the movie for any scene he is in, cause he just delivers the laughs. My only problem with this is the villain, he never comes across to frightening to the point you'll feel shaken in your seats. But I really was entertained, I hope to see more Ant Man films in the future.

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