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If I Stay (2014)
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A tour de force of a film., 15 September 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mia(Chloe Grace Moretz) a bright seventeen old, who is in hopes to go to Julliard, cause she is talented cello player. But one day could change all, when she gets into a serious car accident with her folks, starts having an out of body experience, she gets caught between life and death, and during that, we start to see things unfold in her life.

Chloe Grace Moretz really gives the performance of her career, she just won't be thought of has Hit Girl, I would nominate her for a Oscar. And everybody else here really gives good performances. Because they feel real, not just acting. Bring plenty of handkerchiefs, I also liked the love story, and at times when you think the story is gonna go one way, it takes you by surprise.

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If you enjoyed the first Sin City(2005), 5 September 2014

The long awaited second installment to Frank Miller's Sin City is finally here, it's a shame we had to wait nearly a decade for it. I would say it is not better than the first Sin City, but it's almost on equal ground with it. Robert Rodriguez really shows in his directing, he has a great love for Frank Miller's story arc.

It is quite has visually stunning has the first one, I believe this one takes it even further, cause it takes you in this world. Like the first one it tells the story separate tails. Joseph Gordon Levitt really shines here, Powers Booth who had a small role in the first film really has a big role in this film, and he really shines here. Jessica Alba also shines, playing more of a character then in the first one. Josh Brolin playing Dwight, who was played Clive Owen in the first one, although he was good, but plays it differently from Owen, really having it hard to believe it's the same character. Mickey Rourke returns has Marv, and i'm glad cause he own that role, and he looks like he is having the most fun. Eve Green is also good here. It has great action, that will make you jump.

Michael Clarke Duncan 1957-2012

Brittany Murphy 1977-2009

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Entertaining engaging spy thriller., 29 August 2014

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There is more to this movie then the trailer lets on. It's has great action and great suspense. And at times while watching this I didn't know who was the good guys or the bad guys. Also some great plot twists, like a smart spy thriller should be.

Pierce Brosnan is playing a former spy, although not James Bond, but I believe he is playing this character the way he wished he played James Bond. Although entertaining, it feels like another James Bond flick. Ogla Kurylenko who was in Quantum of Solace(2008), is good, but plays a sort of similar character from Quantum of Solace. Luke Bracey is good, but I feel I did not get much character out of him. But has it dragged towards the end the characters where becoming less interesting, where I was just waiting for it to over, even though I found it smart and engaging, I would not consider it a great film, just an entertaining one, and not something I would want to sit through again.

I'd could watch Taken(2008) a million times, then The November Man

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Now round 3, 20 August 2014

All star action hero cast returns for the 3rd time, is it the last, only time will tell. This film like the last two, is just an enjoyable fun, a film to sit back and enjoy. The original cast return,or and some new people come aboard. Sylvester Stallone is good, but like the last two, never tries to hog the spotlight for himself, he lets the new cast shine as well.

The movie is clever in spots, but it has all the action movie clichés, but in a film like this it's to be expected, not that action scenes are good, cause they are. Mel Gibson was an awesome bad guy, he really looks like he is having fun with the role. Antonio Banderas, Harrison Ford, and Wesley Snipes are also memorable.

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It is not a good movie, but in some insane way I found it amusing., 18 August 2014

I always was entertained by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, cartoons and the movies. This reboot is getting bashed, but despite it's flaws, I can't bring myself to bash it. I really loved the fight scenes, they where not kid friendly, more like Jason Bourne style. The action is pretty intense, like in the style of Michael Bay who produced it. And they got the personalities of the turtles just right.

But the look of turtles is a bit too overdone. And Splinter looks too scary. Megan Fox is very out of place in the movie, cause I believe she was miscast, and it shows in her performance, not that it was all her fault, most of it would half to go the script. And what is Whoopi Goldberg doing in this, she was just useless, like Laurence Fishburne in Man of Steel(2013). This Turtles movie is just a turn your brain off to action. I can't bring myself to bash it, cause they really tried.

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I saw a funny film, I don't know what film the critics saw., 15 August 2014

Let's Be Cops is not high art, but it never tries to be. It's just an entertaining adult comedy. The movie blends comedy and suspense together perfectly, something last years The Hangover 3 failed to do. The two leads Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr have great comic chemistry, they are like a perfect odd couple. Damon Wayans Jr(Damon Wayans lookalike son) proves that comedy really runs in the family.

To down on there luck best friends(Damon Wayans Jr and Jake Johnson) decide to go a costume party dressed up as police officers, but turns out to not what they thought it would be. But when they leave, and go for a walk, people start to think they are real cops. Enjoying the new found respect, they both decide pose as real cops. But what happens when they get mixed up with some dangerous bad guys?

Get on Up (2014)
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Before Michael Jackson and M.C. Hammer, there was James Brown, 13 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

James Brown didn't just play music, he felt the music, and anybody listening felt it too. He was ahead of his time, a true icon in the music business. Chadwick Boseman really had James Brown down pat, his performance is proof that he really did his homework, on the way he talks, moves, and dances. And everybody else gives a good performances also. I also like the settings of the decades also.

Although I thought this is was a good film, it has one big flaw, the movie jumps around constantly, like the screenwriter had A.D.D.. never seems real focused on anything long enough. But other than that a great film, Boseman will make you forget that he is just an actor, and the he is James Brown.

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It does not quite top Captain America:The Winter Soldier, but still an entertaining film., 11 August 2014

In the far regions of space, a group of misfits must come together, and they are Peter Quill/Star Lord(Chris Pratt), Gamora(Zoe Saldana), Drax(Dave Bautista) Rocket Raccoon(voiced by Bradley Cooper) and Groot(voiced by Vin Diesel), must stop an alien madman named Ronan(Lee Pace) from destroying the universe, but will they before it's too late?

It's not as great has Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but it was a fun space adventure. Everybody seems comfortable in there roles, and it seems to be having a good time. The chemistry between the actors is a joy, so was the action, the effects, and everything else that came with it. If you are in the mood for a fun space adventure, then give Guardians of the Galaxy a look.

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More realistic then Twister, 10 August 2014

I was very entertained by this, I felt that disaster movies where getting played out. But I kept an open mind going into this, it's basically Twister mixed found footage. I think it showed the realism of what it would the horror of a tornado.

The characters do feel real, you'll forget there actors, and feel like reel ordinary people, you will feel the situations they get themselves into. The acting is top notch, so are the effects. I was on the edge of my seat. For those out there who don't like disaster movies, you'll probably won't like this, but for those who do, please check this out. I thought the point of view from a video camera was kind of joy.

Sex Tape (2014)
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Tries to be funny, but ends up being annoying instead., 1 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What happened to Cameron Diaz, there was a time she was making descent movies to watch and enjoy, like The Holiday(2006), My Sister's Keeper(2009), and Knight and Day(2010) to name a few. Now it seems that she seems to going in a steadily decline with such films like Bad Teacher(2011), What To Expect When Your Expecting(2012), and now Sex Tape.

A happily married couple(Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal) feel that there lives have reached a certain dullness, with there careers and kids, so in hopes to spice things up, they send there kids to there grandma, in hopes to have one great night of passion, they decide to make sex tape for fun. Realizing the next morning, someone has text them saying they loved there sex tape, and remembering they forgot to erase it, now it has become a race a goofy race to keep it from getting out there?

there was a good comedy just wanting to come out, but it never does. This film instead portrays itself has the travesty that it is. I feel bad for Diaz and Segal for being in this mess. There talks on sex and having sex after a while becomes like a joke that keeps dragging itself until it stops being funny. I was sitting in the theater wondering was any of that supposed to be funny, I was left feeling confused. The antics they get themselves into I have seen in better films. Segal and Diaz do have chemistry, but it goes nowhere. Rob Lowe has a cameo, but that also goes nowhere. Now Rob Cordry is the only who gave me a few chuckles. What does that tell you when you can't get laughs with sex and drugs, hire better writers.

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