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Ted 2 (2015)
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Upstages the first one a little., 28 June 2015

The first one was funny, but the sequel is a little better cause it has adventure and misadventure to put the Ted character and his friends into. Why I liked Ted 2 better than Hot Tub Time Machine 2, well the Hot Tub sequel could not make any of the gags work, they threw anything out there and it really shows, and nobody was interesting and likable. But in Ted 2 was the total opposite, you really like the characters despite the stupid things they do, leave it to Seth Macfarlane, who can make you be charmed by foul humor and gross out gags.

Ted(voiced by Seth Macfarlane) wants to have a baby with his wife, but then he is questioned by the law, he is human or property?

Mark Wahlberg and Seth Macfarlane where funny, and have a great comic chemistry. So does Amanda Seyfried has there lawyer, I mean you see that they where having the best time making this. At times it feels like you are watching a Family Guy episode at times cause of all the homages to other classics. All the other supporting cast do well also. This film is like Dumb and Dumber To, not great films, but funny and entertaining films. If you are not into to this, then you avoid this then.

Inside Out (2015/I)
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Herman's Head meets Wreck-It Ralph, 22 June 2015

I think the screenwriter of this got inspired off of the 90's sitcom Herman's Head(1991-1994), I mean the similarities are there, but this movie is more kid friendly, where Herman's Head was more for adults.

I gotta say the animation is beyond terrific, I don't know but I'll bet it took a while, but it was worth it. And the voice acting is great also, I mean if you don't find the right voices, it's not gonna work, but they did find the right voices of these characters, the actors really bring them to life. This movie makes us think about the different emotions that go inside our heads. And the character traits of the voices, and what goes in the deepest part of our minds. It's an enjoyable film for the whole family.

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Holds a candle to the first one., 15 June 2015

I loved the first Jurassic Park(1993), and didn't think the second film was bad, but can't really comment on the third film, cause I didn't see it. Now it's 22 years later, and Jurassic Park has become Jurassic World, a Disney world like theme park.

Jurassic World is quite the success, until they combined the DNA of two dinosaurs, and make a new one. What will come from this creation?

Chris Pratt is pretty enjoyable, almost liked what he played in Guardians of the Galaxy(2014) except he never goes to over the top, he and Bryce Dallas Howard surprisingly good in there scenes together. I think Bryce Dallas Howard is a talented actress, regardless what some critics say. The dinosaur scenes are pretty effective, really keep you on the edge of your seat. It does pay homage to the first Jurassic Park, but at the same time it stands on it's own. If you are a dinosaur lover, then Jurassic World is that film for you.

Spy (2015)
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James Bond and Jason Bourne have got nothing on Susan Cooper, 9 June 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Susan Cooper(Melissa McCarthy) a desk bound CIA Analyst, finally gets a chance to go undercover, after one of there top spies named Bradley Fine(Jude Law) is killed while on a mission. Susan wants to prove herself, even though everybody else believe she screw up big time. Will she prove them wrong?

I like the way this film is not a totally spy spoof, where the story plays itself straight and the comedy gets brought in. Melissa McCarthy really does shine here, I liked her comedic timing playing off the insanity. Not mention Miranda Hart who plays her friend, I hope she and McCarthy will team up again cause the two are quite a funny pairing. Jason Statham is good here, kind of making fun of himself as a action film star. Jude Law and Rose Byrne are also great in there supporting roles. Action scenes are quite amusing, kind of feels like a send up of James Bond and Jason Bourne. I'm begging the filmmakers please make a sequel.

Entourage (2015)
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Makes That Awkward Moment look like the short film that ran before it., 7 June 2015

The movie shows the Hollywood lifestyle the ups and downs of making a film, and the pressure being under by the studio heads. Really shows all that in a very funny real way. Kind of makes you forget your watching a movie, instead real life. I liked Adrien Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, and Jerry Ferrara. But the one who really takes the cake is Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold, his is so over the top but that is always the charm of his character, any scene he is in he milks it for all it's worth, the easily annoyed movie agent is always a joy to watch. Billy Bob Thornton, Haley Joel Osment and also great here, so is Rhonda Rousey as herself. I liked the friendship between the characters, showing great loyalty, and great chemistry. And some surprise cameos are also good.

I never watched much of show when it ran on HBO, but I very much liked this film, showing when these actors get back in there roles from the show, it is like they never really left.

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Entertaining disaster film, 31 May 2015

If you think you have seen enough disaster films, I'm here to say you probably did, is San Andreas any different, well no. If you want an entertaining disaster flick, you'll get your moneys worth. The effects are beyond greatness, at times it feels realistic, and for the other half feels like a special effects show.

The acting here is pretty descent, I mean not anything will win any awards, but not terrible. Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino make this watchable has a married couple, who's marriage is in crisis. Paul Giamatti is terrific has the scientist who predicts the quake. It's a well told tale of survival. A whole lot better then 2012(2009).

Aloha (2015)
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Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone are watchable, 29 May 2015

The Hawaii setting here pretty much becomes a character here. Bradley Cooper does a descent job as Military man trying to bring closure of his past mistakes, so was Emma Stone as a female pilot who befriends Coopers character. Together they have incredible chemistry, and make on screen magic. Emma Stone seems to make any film, either good or bad, memorable. Rachel McAdams is alright, so was John Krasinski. But other actors like Alec Baldwin and Bill Murray feel like wasted goods here. Although is was nice to see Danny McBride not play an overly vulgar character for once.

Writer-Director Cameron Crowe has always been good for unique storytelling in his films, but this seems like to much was edited out. I may be the only one here who didn't think this movie was to bad, but I no way would say this movie was great, I certainly didn't love this film. It's a film for me to say the movie is only good seeing one time. But I wouldn't say it's all terrible either.

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Two hour entertaining Disney ride, 27 May 2015

A movie for the whole family, it asks what if all the things that are science fiction excised in one city, another earth. Where a teenage girl(Britt Robertson) and inventor(George Clooney) have to go in order to see what destiny that fulfill them.

director Brad Bird(The Iron Giant, The Incredibles) really shines with his direction, making it a fun Disney film for kids and adults. George Clooney and Britt Robertson have such great chemistry, appears that they are having the best time working together, looking like it was a lot of fun working on this film. Hugh Laurie is also good in his role, bringing the same sarcastic charm that he brought in the show House(2004-2012). The effects are amazing, I mean almost beyond. It will adults feel like kids again.

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One Trippe insane fun movie., 20 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After 30 years, Mad Max returns to big screen, this time played by Tom Hardy, who does do not do Mel Gibson, but plays it on the same level that Gibson played it on. The film is so intense with it's acting and action, I mean it almost never let's up.

Max(Tom Hardy) finds himself helping a tough female named Furiosa(Charlize Theron) who is trying to get some females who are the wives of cult leader Immortan Joe(Hugh Keays-Byrne), trying to get them to safety, with Joe not to farm from there trail, the question is will they make it?

Although it is titled Mad Max: Fury Road, but Max is not the main focus, it's like he is a side character in his own movie. Charlize Theron is basically the star. And I liked her tough female character. And Hugh Keays-Byrne is pretty great has Immortan Joe, playing another Mad Max villain. Also Nicholas Hoult who I did not know it was him at first. Action scenes are the best you'll see around. George Miller direction was incredible, he knows the character better then any of us.

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Hot Pursuit is nothing more than a hot mess., 11 May 2015

The movie tries to do what The Heat(2013) did, bringing back the 1980's style of action comedies, two unlikely partners are forced to team up to stop some bad guys, Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock played there parts with conviction and comedic appeal, I wish I could say the same for Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara. It tries to be in the same vein has Midnight Run type of film.

This could have been something fun, but only if Witherspoon and Vergara had chemistry, which they don't, unlike McCarthy and Bullock in The Heat(2013). Both actress's do a serious amount of overacting, which makes the jokes both try to deliver fall flat. Action scenes go nowhere. I was trying to hold my sanity together just waiting for it end. Other characters just get pushed away.

If you want a better action comedy with female leads, then rent The Heat(2013) instead.

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