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Star Trek turns 50, 24 July 2016

Kirk(Chris Pine) and crew are ambushed in space by Krall(Idris Elba), and crash on a planet, while some of the other crew are taken captive by Krall and his crew. Kirk some others have to figure away to rescue them before it's too late.

This film was a great way to celebrate Star Trek turning 50, cause it's not only a Star Trek film, but a tribute to the franchise. Action scenes are very well handled, cause this time it's directed by Justin Lin, who directed Fast 7. Performances don't disappoint either, from Elba, Pine, Quinto, and Pegg to name some. Effects are also terrific. I believe if you are a Trekkie then you'll like this.

R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015

Anton Yelchin 1989-2016

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Just okay, 20 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I went into this movie thinking I was gonna see something worse then Dirty Grandpa, the premise didn't make me want to give it the benefit of the doubt, which is loosely based on a true story.

Mike(Adam Devine) and his younger brother Dave(Zac Efron) are asked by there parents to bring wedding dates to there sisters wedding in Hawaii, in hopes to keep them under control, cause Mike and Dave seem cause mayhem at every party they are at. So both of them become internet sensations when they advertise that both are need of wedding dates, even go on Wendy Williams. After so many interviews with very little luck, they meet Tatiana(Audrey Plaza) and Alice(Anna Kendrick), and feel a little connection, and end being there wedding dates. But little do Mike and Dave know that Tatiana and Alice are not what they seem.

Unlike Dirty Grandpa some of the jokes here really hit there mark. Efron here this time plays a great straight man playing off of Devine insane zaniness, the two do have great chemistry. Audrey Plaza basically playing a similar character from Dirty Grandpa, but here seems to be putting more effort. Anna Kendrick is good too, showing more to her character. The four leads do play off each other quite well. But some of the other gags go further than they should, to the point where it wasn't funny anymore. The other supporting cast do well with what they are giving.

It's not the unfunny disaster that was Dirty Grandpa, but nowhere near the comedy masterpiece that was The Hangover(2009).

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Enjoyable remake / reboot, 18 July 2016

This film was getting bashed months before it's release, and the marketing didn't help. But I gotta say it was pretty entertaining, not a masterpiece, but it never sets out to be. Knows it will never top the 1984 film, but it was at least funnier then Ghostbusters 2(1989). Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon all have great chemistry, and great comic timing, and never try to copy there male counter parts. And unlike the depression that was How to Be Single, I actually felt the females here really liked each other. Chris Hemsworth seems to be having the most has the ghostbusters dimwitted assistant.

Some the original cast members make an appearance, effects are pretty good, never once feel dated. Will there be a sequel, only time will tell. But I was entertained by this. Even though there are some call backs to the original.

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Jaws meets Cast Away, 7 July 2016

It's no close to the masterpiece that Jaws(1975) is. But The Shallows manages to keep you glued, the Mexico beach setting is presented well. Any fans of a good shark movie will find this entertaining.

Nancy(Blake Lively) while vacationing, decides to take day of surfing, but long after discovers that she is not quite alone, when a shark nearly kills her, she finds refuge on a rock, and knows the shark is still out there, has hours begin to pass, she must keep her sanity, in hopes to stay alive and she outwit the shark, but will she?

Blake Lively does give as pretty good descent performance, although in some scenes I felt they where trying to display some of her sexiness. It is pretty suspenseful moments with the shark, I also felt they was one scene that was paying homage to Jaws. It's not a classic, but a fun scary film that will keep you interested.

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Enjoyable for the most part, 5 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've never read the original Tarzan books, and I'm not sure how close to the character in the books this movie, I've watched the one with Christopher Lambert, and I really liked it. What to say about this version, it never tries to be annoyingly over the top like The Lone Ranger(2013). It starts out a little slow, but does pick up has it goes along.

Alexander Skarsgard does okay with what he is giving, looks less like Tarzan, instead looking more like he should be playing He-Man. There are spots they make Tarzan come across like a superhero, now I'm willing to suspend a serious of disbelief, but that is just pushing it a bit. Samuel L. Jackson does bring charisma to his part, if not it would have been boring. Christoph Waltz is alright, but I was expecting more menacing like he known for playing, but still not terrible. Margot Robbie is pretty memorable has Jane, not playing her helpless, but tough and fearless. Action scenes are pretty good, there overuse of CGI. But still an enjoyable film to pass the time.

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Although twenty years too late, still an entertaining film., 27 June 2016

I could watch Independence Day more times than I could any other alien invasion film, it was over the top, but I liked it because of it, in 1996 it revived the whole alien invasion in movies, there have been so many after that like the ever so awful ones like Skyline(2010) and Battleship(2012). I'm surprised that there was gonna be a sequel, Independence Day for me I always thought never needed a sequel, but I saw it just to see if it would be has entertaining.

It was not has over the top has the first one, but the effects are good, never seem dated. The actors all play there parts very well, Liam Hemsworth as a cocky pilot, basically a cross between Han Solo and Maverick(Top Gun), Brent Spiner returns surprisingly has eccentric scientist, they really up his part. Jeff Goldblum gets back in his role, like he never left. Bill Pullman is also good here, so was Judd Hirsch. Not a great film, but if you saw the first film, you'll know what to expect here, simply entertaining.

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I found it more entertaining then Warcraft, 20 June 2016

It's a about what you'd expect if you have seen the first one, although not nearly has good. A film like this you have to suspend your disbelief, cause it's about a team of magician crusaders. I really liked the first one, this was alright, I don't think it deserves the bashing it's getting from critics.

The rest of the cast do return, except for Isla Fisher, who was replaced by Lizzy Caplan but a different character. Our favorite modern day Robin Hoods known has The Four Horseman find themselves exposed and on the run, and at the mercy of a billionaire(Daniel Radcliffe) Who wants them to a job or it's over. Will they find clever way to get out of it.

It's does have some clever moments, you just don't see it coming. Although a little bit of the fun parts where just not here, only in some of it. Lizzy Caplan I did like, was not sure I would at first, but she really grew on me. Woody Harrelson seems to be having the most fun here, playing his characters twin brother. Jesse Eisenberg filmed this after Batman V Superman, I can tell looking at his short hair. Don't expect nothing more or less going into this, if so you'll be entertained by it.

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Everything that the first film should have been., 13 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I never can consider Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows a good movie, but it's one of those films that knows it's not a masterpiece, and it has fun with it. The Turtles have more to do here, then just be fighters, we see more conflict between them, and wanting to be excepted by society. April O' Neil(Megan Fox) proves to be more then just someone to save, and Shredder was not just someone in a metal suit.

Now Stephen Amell has Casey Jones came across too cartooning to the point where I missed Elias Koteas cool subtleties from the 1990 film. The movie finally includes Bebop and Rock Steady, was put in there for the fans, and they where great. Effects are quite good. And fights scenes are really intense. A good action film for the whole family, makes me forget about the 2014 film.

Warcraft (2016)
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This film was for fan service only., 12 June 2016

I never really played the game, but I bet the ones who did play the game are gonna find this good, probably gonna give this ten stars. The problem with this is that it never makes an attempt to be interesting, most of the human characters are so bland, like Travis Fimmel who looks like Paul Rudd, he is just one facial experience through out, looks like he just recovered from a hangover. Ben Foster does okay, he looks like a young Gandalf from Lord of The Rings.

The two actors I really got infested into was Toby Kebbell who plays a good CGI Orc, and Paula Patton who plays a half human/half Orc, I really wanted to see more to her character. The CGI where pretty descent, but the fight scenes could have been better, they end before they ever really start. Dominic Cooper is alright has the king. If there is gonna a sequel, I must say I ain't really looking forward to it.

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Claflin and Clarke where to perfect, 10 June 2016

This film is getting mixed reviews, but I really enjoyed it. A very bittersweet film that will leave you feeling happy and sad at the same time. I never read the book that which this film is based on. But sometimes movies are never has detailed has the books they are based on.

A beautifully well made story, it about Louisa(Emilia Clarke) a 26 year old who finds a job taking care of Will(Sam Claflin) a young billionaire who is permanently confined to wheel chair after an accident two years earlier, the use of his arms and legs are gone. At first Will does not want Louisia there, and she does her best to put up with him. But soon the form quite a friendship, she teaches him to enjoy life again, and he shows her to be adventurous in life. But the question is will this last?

I like the chemistry between Claflin and Clarke, at no point it feels forced. I really bought the affection they feel for one another. At times Clarkes performance feels overly cartoonish, but still good in most of it. Claflin is believable, and the question is how would you feel if you where in his shoes. I don't care what the critics say, this was a perfectly well made bittersweet film.

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