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Wasted Potential, 16 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The producers of this film could time travel back to when they were about to make the film that actually has potential. First of all, it is such a great idea to actually bring about a time travel story played by teenagers. We can't deny the fact that teenagers nowadays are just roaming around with their smartphones or any other gadgets right in front of their faces.

This film could have been a hit if it was made more 'believable'. There are just a few things in the film that are somewhat hard to believe. I understand that the shaky camera is to make it appear that the teenagers are filming themselves the whole time, but I believe it was overdone. Apparently, things happened fast. When Jessie caught David and his friends doing the experiment in the basement, of course, she was shocked about what was happening- there are stuff floating and spinning around the basement. Then all of sudden, she got into it. She became interested and joined them with their experiment in no time, which is another unbelievable moment.

At first, I honestly found it stupid that David appeared in his 7th birthday video. I was totally baffled asking myself why the hell would he appear in his 7th birthday video. I had mixed emotions while watching the film just because of that old video appearance of him that I found very frustrating. But in the end, I got the whole point which actually amazed me and changed my mind about what I thought the film could be.

The film is a kind of a puzzle solving story, in fact. It actually enforces the audience to think and hold the puzzle pieces together while watching. It is truly confusing at some points, but in the end, you will realise that you have been completing the puzzle slowly but surely. But still, I have some regrets about the film because it has the potential. I hate to say that I honestly think the director had some mediocrity there. It could've been made a lot better by polishing up further. Anyway, I still found it worth the watch because of the brilliant storyline, not to mention the actors actually did a great job too.

Boyhood (2014/I)
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Lacklustre, 16 September 2014

The only thing that pushed me to watch the film is the fact that it was "filmed for over 12 years with the same cast". Well, that's really spectacular, cause it really shows the growth of the characters, especially Mason, on screen.

Unfortunately, I was so bored that I had to fast forward scenes and eventually stop watching it. It is just so dull and plain for me. There's nothing so special about this film other than it was filmed for more than a decade.

However, I still give it a 3/10 for effort of, again, filming for more than 12 years.

Fright Night 2 (2013) (V)
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Nothing New, 1 October 2013

I actually didn't know that there will be a sequel to the first film of Fright Night (which I rated 10/10). I felt excited when I saw it here at IMDb.

But when I was watching it, I was kinda bored and just fast forwarded some scenes. Cause honestly, the story was just the same. Same old story, like the boy has suspicions on his neighbor, and has a friend who's into vampires, and has a stereotype girlfriend that in the end, will be bitten by the vampire, and of course, the celebrity hero that will kill the vampire. And also, the characters' names are still the same? Why is that? Much more like a remake, not a sequel.

The ending part was almost the same as in "Jennifer's Body". And oh, by the way, is it supposed to really be a Comedy/Horror film? Cause I didn't laugh or even smile at all. It's a Thriller movie. But over-all, it was still entertaining. Especially the thriller parts. Still not bad for a 6/10!

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A Story That Will Remain In Our Hearts Forever, 29 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie reminds us that life is way too short to hold back our feelings and not get what we want, even if it's in front of us. Time lapses fast. It reminds us to always grab the opportunity of getting something we want, or we'll regret it for life when it's gone.

Jack always wanted to live with Ennis, but Ennis will always refuse to come with him, for he is afraid to admit himself as a homosexual. His bad memory in his past where his dad made him sure to witness a man who's been killed for being gay holds back his passion for Jack. But what I'm assure of, is his love for Jack is truly undeniable.

It was too late when Ennis finally decided to meet with Jack and come with him. Jack died in an accident. If only Ennis didn't hold back his feelings, they both should've been happy with their lives. Jack's ashes were scattered in Brokeback Mountain, as he said "it was his favorite place". Now, Ennis lives alone, and only Jack's blood-stained shirt is what he has.

It is natural in one's life to have obstacles, but we can't let these fear us, fight our feelings and win over our dreams. Bad memories should be left in the past for they belong there, and should not be carried in the present. Thinking positively will surely let us be happy with our lives. Acceptance in one's self will set us free from worries, and will let us live a happier life. Nobody's perfect. Even if it's Ennis' fault, it served as a lesson for him and for everyone to grasp our dreams, if it's reachable, ahead of time, and don't ever let it go away, or we'll regret it.

I was so affected when I saw this movie. I can't even sleep thinking about it still. It broke my heart, really. It is by far the best drama movie I've ever seen in my life. I was moved by it's realness and I'll always remember this movie forever.. :'(

Thankyou so much, Annie Proulx for your heart-warming story! And to Ang Lee, the director of the film. The pair up of Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger is just perfect for this film. They both are superb actors, whose emotions are very real and I can see that they are really passionate of what they're doing.

But I was saddened by the fact that Heath Ledger passed away due to overuse of pills. R.I.P. Heath Ledger, you will be missed. You are and will remain as a legend forever...