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I liked it! Cool actors and good film-making., 20 April 2010

Well I have seen about every vampire movie out there, and some are awful to others but I always enjoy them. This one was really a fun surprise, and way better than I expected, like The Breed was to me. The VHS box made it seem like a T&A film, but it was much more than that, and I really liked the acting of Christopher Adamson especially, but all were convincing and enjoyable. Jonathan Coote was admirable in his role as the police detective, and the femme fatale was never better than Eileen Daly. The cameo of the late David Warbeck was awesome, what a cool cat. He will be missed. Christopher Adamson was creepy and cool, and was a great choice for the older vampire lead. I want to see him in more stuff. I would have a hard time defending this movie to those who would pick it apart, but it was entertaining for my 2 hours of viewing, and I was well satisfied by the writing and directing. If you like vampire movies, as I do, you'll love it, just don't expect everyone you know to love it too. It's our guilty pleasure.

Perfect Crime (1997) (TV)
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I was fortunate enough o be an extra on this film, 14 January 2005

I was fortunate enough to be an extra on this film, I got to walk out of a door behind jasmine guy and then later in the movie i walked out of a door behind Mitzi Kapture. My part was "lawyer #3" although I am not listed in the credits, of course. It was my only extra experience and it was a lot of fun, if anyone here has the opportunity, I would recommend it to all. The lunch was so good I would have done it for lunch alone. I am hoping to do it again soon, although it has been a long time since I got to be an extra. The movie was filmed in Wilmington, NC, and my three scenes were all conveniently filmed on a Sunday... lovely town Wilmington, and hot if you want to be an actor.