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The Cat and the Canary, Special Edition
14 January 2005
Look for the new Special Edition version of the 1927 'The Cat and the Canary' put out by Image Entertainment in February 2005. This one now replaces the earlier 1998 Image version altogether and has many improvements in it. I've seen several favorable reviews of this new version in several of the better silent film websites. Also, take care to avoid discount versions on this film. You'll be disappointed. This preservation effort was headed by David Shepard of Film Preservation Associates, as it was remastered from a very good quality 35mm print. It's visually far better than any other version I've seen. Also, there are TWO scores to choose from. The default score is an original composed by Franklin Stover with the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra performing. The other score consists of the original 1927 score by James Bradford, performed on synth-org by Eric Beheim.
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