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Unintelligent and predictable., 28 September 2007

I'm truly sorry... This movie was so badly made I could predict the next move, the next lines, even the next scene. That means the director wasn't/isn't smarter or crafty than me. There are so many mistakes in the story as well and many things not thought through. The shadows for instance. Are there suppose to be shadows? Is this spirit of his wet when it rains? I don't know, but it seems like they didn't care. Besides: the guy (Justin) can't act at all. I didn't believe him for two minutes. He is constantly 'presenting' instead of 'being' the person, character (Nick). His face is THE SAME through the ENTIRE movie. Bad. Very bad.

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Terrible!, 31 May 2007

I usually don't do this, but this episode was so bad, I just had to post a comment. And my critics go to the direction. This particular 23. episode is so pathetic and badly done it constantly jumps into your face. Look, the characters are made as if they are stupid. They are pure unintelligent. I asked my self a couple of times "Why? How come they don't do that or do this?" And Peter has a scene in the middle of NYC and there's nobody in the street. Have you ever been in NY? And the final scene is also 'empty', but immediately after it, people are walking all around. Where were they a minute a go?! And the lady sugars her coffee and leaves the scene. What!? Allan (director) please: you have to do your job (better). Peolpe are not that stupid or that illogical. All in all, the episode starts very promising and it gives you something, but as it goes on and develops, it just goes downhill. I'm so sorry THAT was the last episode of the season.