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as a silly ribald gay comedy I quite liked it. Just don't expect Brokeback Mountain, 30 December 2006

I don't understand where those other two comments are coming from. This film is neither a challenge to gay political correctness or utterly rubbish. It is just a rather amusing, somewhat ridiculous camp gay farce. I quite liked it. OK it's never gonna be an Oscar contender or even make my top ten films but as a silly ribald gay comedy it is worth watching. Just don't expect the next brokeback mountain. At least it wasn't pious or of the "aren't gays so beautiful" genre. The acting was at times so so but then again all the roles were caricatures and in that way the acting was actually not bad. There were some very witty lines but some of them did take a couple of seconds of thought to get. I can't understand why you would hate this film. What is interesting is how one of the previous comments posted confirmed my suspicion that, with enough money, you can get people in the marketing side of things to agree to support a film even if they didn't like it. I Guess that explains how so many terrible Hollywood movies still manage to get good reviews.