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This show is hilarious!, 19 December 2009

I saw the first episode of Very Small Business on an airplane and after that i was hooked. The problem was that they only distribute this DVD in Australia so i had to order it from there.

The show features a type of humor not far from the British series The Office, which is definitely a good thing, but at the same time might not appeal to everyone. If you like The Office, you'll enjoy this series!

I personally loved all six episodes and would say this is one of the best comedy series i have seen this year.

The only downside is...where is season 2??

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Scary as hell, 13 January 2005

This is an awesome horror movie. It's a very creepy movie that will make you at the woods in a different way. It's a good movie to watch in a trailer or cabin in the woods, just to spice things up. I don't get how the rating is so bad cause this one should have deserved way more. It's also not as scary if you don't understand Swedish. There are basically no visual effects in the movie that are scary it's just that the atmosphere and the characters reactions that make is frightening. There is one visual thing in the end that they should have left out cause that looked really Johny, but other that that this film is great.

This goes for all horror movies, don't watch it at daytime, it spoils the atmosphere