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You like Lincolns and Mercurys?, 13 August 2006

Natalie Wood drives a beautiful white, 1959 Mercury convertible with the top down and at the end of the movie, she and James Garner drive off in a more beautiful, white 1959 Lincoln Continental also with the top down. As a vintage car collector, I love spotting those beauties in those old films. Hollywood always used convertibles when they could so the actors could be seen on camera much easier without obstructions. Hollywood was also very hard on automobiles over the last 100 years. The director would say, "Ok, when we cut to the chase, I want to run the Duesenburg SJ Roadster off the cliff at the end of the scene. Don't worry, I've allotted for it in the budget." Katharine Hepburn once said, "Getting old is like driving an Edsel with a flat tire."

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First saw this movie in a theater in 1964, 9 April 2006

Nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon so me and some friends went to the movies. It was the old Kabar Theater on Anaheim Boulevard in Long Beach, California. I think it was either a quarter or a half dollar to get in for a double feature. Popcorn was ten cents.

After the film started, the first thing that caught my attention was this guy, (Robert Conrad) driving a beautiful, 1963 Ford Thunderbird Roadster. It had a tonneau cover over the backseat with Kelsey Hayes wire wheels, which together gave it a sportier look than the standard convertible. With a 5 foot tall Bugs Bunny in the passenger seat, at the age of 12, I thought, that's how you get the girls.

I've owned five old T-Birds since 1969 and even an old Mercury convertible with bull horns on the hood like Ty Hardin drove. Now I'm into old police cars like Andrew Duggan drove.

After this movie, Jerry Van Dyke was one of my favorite funny guys and I envied Billy Mumy. He was a busy child actor in those days. He even appeared twice in one of TV's greatest shows, "The Twilight Zone." I was also in love with Connie Stevens for years. Wasn't she a cu-tie? Still is! This movie has it all. Suave, sophisticated leading men like Troy Donahue. Beautiful leading ladies. Comedy, drama, a hint of sex, live music, violence and a car chase in the desert.

Haven't seen this film in years so naturally I'd like to pick up a copy on DVD but none are available. I guess I'll have to stay up every night and try and catch it on the Late, Late Show.