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Please stop acting Mr. Black!, 17 January 2005

This is the first time, married couple Hartman + Black act in front of a camera for a TV-movie. Insiders talk about a Clint Black, who had to convince his wife to take the female leading part as "Ponder Favor" and it was a real faux pas for Lisa Hartman to comply with Black's request: In my opinion the acting and writing are so bad that this movie, though based on fact, is almost beyond belief! Especially Clint Black ("Jack Favor") sets a sad example of a country singer who tries to be a serious actor: Every time "Ponder" comes to visit him in jail, a painful scene is guaranteed in which he struggles to shed a tear or grit his tears! Oh Clint, ummm "Jack", you're such a heroe! Without an equivalent vis-à-vis as an actor it's not a big astonishment that professional actress Lisa Hartman doesn't act "professional". The same movie with another casting would have been a hit... probably... Who knows? So even the "People weekly" magazine named "Still Holding On: The Legend of Cadillac Jack Favor" as one of the worst TV-movies of the year 1998! I gave it a 2!

Ha-Kala (1985)
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Good performance by Lisa Hartman, 13 January 2005

Based on Ladislav Grossman's novel "The Bride", this drama was filmed back in 1984 in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, then the crew stopped filming, because protagonist Lisa Hartman had to promote her feature film "Where The Boys Are '84" in the States and they finally finished it on location in Wasserburg, Germany! Though "The 17th Bride" never reached "blockbuster quality", this independent movie belongs to one of my favorite history dramas: Dramatic plot lines, pent-up feelings, a special sense of humor, subtle tragedy and Lisa Hartman's credible interpretation of a heroine in hard times make this movie to kind of an "uncrowned WWII drama"!