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[Rec] (2007)
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REC is scary as hell, well-acted and dreadful., 20 January 2016

Summary: REC is scary as hell, well-acted and dreadful. 90/100 (A-)

Spanish is my first language and I just loved to watch such a good film in my language. It is hard to find a film like this one. REC is consistently frightening and well-executed. Each character is well-developed, and you care about all of them. Its running time is very short, but in those 80 minutes there are so much stuff to watch and you will be completely satisfied. The movie starts quickly, straight to the point. The best thing about REC was its final act, seriously the last ten minutes are mind-blowing. This movie is unique and surprising. It is a must watch, even if you are not a horror fan. It is one of the best found-footage films I have seen.

Everything looks so real, you feel a connection with the characters and its ending is just brutal. I watched REC at night with the lights turned on, but that did not help to decrease the horror. It delivers suspense, disturbing images and some bloody scenes. The performances were excellent: Manuela Velasco and Pablo Rosso were quite believable. The supporting cast was terrific too. Each character had something to contribute, and all of them were interesting. They all looked like average people, and this brought me an awesome sense of realism. It is extremely hard to make a masterful found-footage horror film these days, but REC nailed it. It is an instant horror classic. (A-)

Gravity (2013)
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Gravity is stressful, well-acted and consistently frightening, despite its thin plot., 20 January 2016

Summary: Gravity is stressful, well-acted and consistently frightening, despite its thin plot. 94/100 (A-)

The film takes you into a suffocating atmosphere and plays with your mind at times. The visual effects are mind blowing and it does not matter if you watch it on 3D or 2D, the experience is great. It does not have the greatest plot ever, but it is quite curious that a movie does not need to be rich in storyline to be great. Gravity has enough visuals and superb performances to succeed. I watched it with very high expectations and it did not disappoint me. This film definitely deserves its high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic (96/100 and 97% respectively). It was worth the hype. I could not breath during the whole movie and my heart was racing. I almost had a heart attack watching this.

Gravity is undoubtedly the most thrilling film of 2013. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat all along. I am calling it now one of the best movies of the year. It did not need a complex storyline or a brainy script to be a good movie. The plot was quite easy to follow and understandable to me. I felt connected with the characters. They are not boring scientists, they are humans, and the dialog between them felt very genuine to me. Moving on, it does not matter if you watch Gravity on a small TV or on your laptop the experience is still great. Damn, I could watch this film like a hundred times and never get bored. I also want to add that the musical score is astonishingly masterful.

On the upside, Gravity is highly entertaining, scary and unforgettable. It has top-notch visual effects, and its final act is neat. Watch it if you have high expectations or if you are a fan of the horror genre, also if you liked some other films from this amazing Mexican director. I am pretty sure that fans from the writer-director Alfonso Cuarón will not be disappointed. On the downside, the plot may seem short for some people, but as I said above, it does not need a vast plot to be an excellent film. In conclusion, Gravity is a terrific piece of work that boasts: the best CGI I have seen in a film, a heartbreaking performance by Sandra Bullock, and an impeccable direction by Cuarón. (A-)

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Final Destination 5 delivers mind-blowing special effects, suspense, and an unforgettable bridge collapse sequence., 14 January 2016

Summary: Final Destination 5 delivers mind-blowing special effects, suspense, and an unforgettable bridge collapse sequence. 84/100 (B+)

Directed by Steven Quale, Final Destination 5 is undoubtedly the strongest installment of the franchise. Why? The script was improved and the movie is well-directed. The special effects were astonishing. The bridge collapse sequence was epic and unforgettable. This scene has the best CGI I have seen, everything looked so real. Also, the sound mixing and the editing were surprisingly well done. Final Destination 5 has the right director, writer and cast. The main character played by Nicholas D'Agosto did a good job, and his co-star Emma Bell clearly knows how to scream out loud, I loved her final scream in the bridge collapse scene. The rest of the cast was good enough, nothing special. Moving on, most of the characters were likable and I cared about them. There was only one character that was painfully annoying, Isaac performed by P.J. Byrne. He was unnecessary and silly.

This is my favorite movie of the franchise. Final Destination 5 may be as messy and pointlessly gory as the other installments of the franchise, but the difference here is that the script is better, and no line is wasted. Also, the movie had no jump scares, I loved that. The director created a suspenseful and scary atmosphere throughout the film. The death scenes were amazing, intense and sometimes exaggerated. Steven Quale has potential. He did a pretty good job with this movie, and must do more movies like this in the future. Anyway, my conclusion is that this entry is as messy as the previous installments, but the writing was improved, the suspense and the direction were neat too. I have heard that the 3D effects here were eye-popping, I can not wait to see it on 3D. Surely FD5 has flaws, but I do not care, it was entertaining as hell to me. I highly recommend it for fans of the franchise. (B+)

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Night on the Galactic Railroad is a very dull ride, but it is still extraordinarily dark and has a lot of heart., 14 January 2016

Summary: Night on the Galactic Railroad is a very dull ride, but it is still extraordinarily dark and has a lot of heart. 60/100 (C+)

On the night of a cat village Festival of the Stars, a kitten and his friend go on an celestial journey on a magical space locomotive. On that trip, they have various stops where they meet strange sights, even more unusual fellow passengers and learn some lessons of life on their trip to the terminus of the Galactic Railroad. First of all I want to say that it was not as depressing as I thought it would be. It was a good movie, but it did not live up to my high expectations. I am not a fan of anime, but I liked this film, it was dark and deeply uncomfortable. The film is slow, very slow. Also, the character development was pretty confusing because I did not felt a connection between Giovanni and Campanella they were supposed to be friends. But I did felt sorry for Giovanni, the whole story about his father and his sick mother was touching.

The second act was less dull to me, but still slow. There was a scene where Giovanni is quite surprised as he sees the train for the very first time and it was loudly effective. The second act continues having some boring issues and confusing moments. The third act was profound, unexpected and extraordinarily dark. Some people say that the film itself is disturbing and children should not watch it, but for me it was not disturbing at all, it was poignant. Moving on, the voice actors did a great job. The animation was stunning and looked fascinating. My only issue with this film was its boredom and inactivity. Anyway, I am glad that I watched it. While at times it lacked direction, and it was slow-paced, this little animated feature delivers a payoff and a reflective message. (C+)

The Upper Footage is extremely boring at times, but its impressive final act compensates for it flaws., 12 January 2016

Summary: The Upper Footage is extremely boring at times, but its impressive final act compensates for it flaws. 60/100 (C+)

If you are not a fan of the found-footage sub-genre, you will be disappointed with this flick. The Upper Footage is strictly for hardcore found-footage movie fans. It was quite boring and requires lots of patience. It relies on realism and it did a good job because everything looked very real, even though it was obviously fake. The dialog was repetitive at times, also the profanity was constant and annoying at a certain point. But the film boasts enough intense moments and drama to mildly succeed, most of it was in its third act. I watched the first half of the movie with my sister, she was bored, extremely bored. I was a bit disappointed with the first half of the film because nothing happens. However, the second half is impressive and the tension begins, although it is still somewhat slow.

The first half was a total bore, the second half was a little bit more entertaining but quite slow too. Another problem is that the characters were not interesting enough to keep us entertained. There was not enough entertainment here, 60% of the film is people saying the F word like a thousand times... literally. I was like "meh" during the first 40 minutes, and some other parts in the second half. The entire movie was filled with people arguing about things that I did not care. It was just dull, but then I was shocked. The last 20-30 minutes were very impressive, the final act was very similar to The Blair Witch Project. It was shocking to me because I am a huge fan of that movie and this film was very close to it, in terms of realism.

Surprisingly, most of the characters in the final act became kind of likable, especially that blonde girl and the dude that was recording, they were quite smart and believable, the other guys were good too. I also loved a line near the end of the movie from the blonde girl: "I can smell her". If you have seen the movie you know what I mean. The payoff was good enough to me. There was a scene involving a chilling scream near the very end, it was pretty neat, well-done and brilliantly directed. In conclusion, the last act was a decent payoff. While most of the film is a total bore, the final act was impressive, refreshing and looked very realistic. Director Justin Cole has a new fan, I am looking forward to his new projects. (C+)

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In spite of being a very flawed film, Grave Encounters deserves some credit for its terrific scares and claustrophobic setting., 11 July 2015

Summary: In spite of being a very flawed film, Grave Encounters deserves some credit for its terrific scares and claustrophobic setting. 80/100 (B+)

For their ghost hunting reality show, a production crew locks themselves inside an abandoned mental hospital that's supposedly haunted - and it might prove to be all too true. Grave Encounters is written and directed by The Vicious Brothers. I have to admit that in spite of its flaws, it is one of my favorite found-footage films of all time, it has a very scary atmosphere and unforgettable scares. Grave Encounters is an audience pleaser. It is that kind of horror film that you re-watch every Halloween with some friends and snacks. It is suspenseful, memorable and bloody; I love it. It's an amazing ride, and of course a guilty pleasure. Moving on, the film starts slow and introduces us to its characters, also there were some silly and bad-acted moments in the first act.

The main character, "Lance Preston" performed by Sean Rogerson was quite objective, you don't hate him, but you don't like him either. The rest of the characters were somewhat likable, except for the black guy called "T.C. Gibson", performed by Merwin Mondesir. His character was annoying and cliché, but the script helped him a lot, and you can empathize with him sometimes. The only female in the film "Sasha" performed by Ashleigh Gryzko, was quite believable, her acting was realistic and effective. The acting in this movie was generally good. After the introduction of the characters, the crew locks themselves inside of the abandoned mental hospital and the fun begins... for us. It is bloody, twisted and messed up. It is a pleasant found-footage film. The excitement that produced in me was just incredible.

The Vicious Brothers direct with precision, and they build a consistent atmosphere throughout the film. I loved the skepticism of the characters during the first half of the film. The first creepy scenes were effective, for example: wheelchairs and creaky doors moving by themselves. All of these scares were cliché, but Grave Encounters is still effectively creepy because it has the right amount of suspense in its scares, it has a great build-up suspense. I also want to add that its found-footage execution makes sense, and the footage looked very realistic at times. Moving on, the second half of the film is a huge disaster (in a good way), it has lots of effective jump-scares and bloody violence. The payoff was astonishing, it delivered so many good scares. This movie boasts one of the most eerie settings I've ever seen in a found-footage film.

This second half was constant, it was a huge climax that never stops. The sound effects were awesome, but I have to admit that the special effects were a little bit crappy because of the budget. The CGI was awful. However, it doesn't matter because the film keeps the intensity all the time, scare after scare. The whole asylum is a scary maze. Some of the characters were annoying, but the whole situation was understandable. If I were in that situation, I would be as angry as them. As I said in the summary, this movie deserves some credit for its strengths. It has flaws, such as: lots of non- scary ghosts with big mouths, annoying characters, a few bad performances, dumb actions by the characters, and average special effects. But who cares? It's still creepy as hell. (B+)

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Curse Of Chucky delivers a compelling story, quality performances, and a memorable post-credits scene., 5 July 2015

Summary: Curse Of Chucky delivers a compelling story, quality performances, and a memorable post-credits scene. 81/100 (B+)

After the events of Seed of Chucky, Nica, a young woman forced to a wheelchair since birth, has to regroup her sister, Barb and her brother-in-law, Ian for a funeral after the death of her mother. While dealing with Barb, Ian, along with their 5-year-old daughter, Alice; Nica receives an odd package - a creepy doll. After people start showing up dead, the fearless Nica soon suspects that the creepy doll is much more than just a doll. Curse Of Chucky was a fun movie that surprisingly exceeded my expectations, it left me very impressed. The star of the film was Fiona Dourif, she did an excellent job with her character, the rest of the cast was generally good. Brennan Elliott and Danielle Bisutti were the only ones who did not give a solid performance.

If you are a fan of the Child's Play saga, you must see it. Curse of Chucky is a fun, violent and bloody ride. Even though it was flawed, stupid, and manages some clichés of the genre, it is still an enjoyable flick. It uses some CGI effects, but I really don't care, the doll looked realistic enough. The new design of the doll was remarkable, Chucky looks scary again! Moving on, the first act was a bit slow for some people, because the doll does not speak. He said his first words until the second half of the film. During the first half we can see him walking through the rooms, moving his arms, frowning, etc. This could be boring for some people, but it was effective and suspenseful to me. I loved how the movie built up the tension.

I liked the setting of the film, the house was creepy. The score was great too, it increased the suspense at times. The movie kept the tension all the time. I was so interested in the plot and characters. Don Mancini's direction is imaginatively clever, the movie made me feel intrigued and amused. On the plus side, we have an impressive return from the cast of the previous installments; also, the performances were pretty good. Fiona Dourif gave an awesome performance as "Nica". Brad Dourif did Chucky's voice, he was excellent as always. I also want to add that I spent my whole childhood watching the Child's Play franchise. I am a huge fan of these movies, and I absolutely loved this one because it knows what fans want.

Even though it has some silly moments, Curse Of Chucky surprisingly delivers more tension and seriousness in comparison to its predecessors; Chucky is creepy, strong and revengeful again. I will not spoil it, but there is a great post-credits scene that you don't want to miss, it was completely unexpected for me. If you're a huge fan of the Child's Play saga, you will love this movie. Also, in the second half of the film there were so many surprises, and some questions about Charles Lee Ray (the spirit who lives inside of Chucky), will be finally answered. On the negative side, the movie has lots of silly and stupid moments, and some of the characters were so dumb. I still enjoyed it though. (B+)

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The Purge: Anarchy has Frank Grillo's dynamic performance, and James DeMonaco is becoming in a better director; sadly, it is still not good enough., 4 July 2015

Summary: The Purge: Anarchy has some nice shots, a creepy atmosphere and Frank Grillo's dynamic performance; also, James DeMonaco is becoming in a better director. Sadly, it is still not good enough. 60/100 (C+)

A couple are driving home when their car breaks down just as the Purge commences. Meanwhile, a police sergeant goes out into the streets to get revenge on the man who killed his son, and a mother and daughter run from their home after assailants destroy it. The five people meet up as they attempt to survive the night in Los Angeles. The movie started very well, but some of the characters were a bit annoying and unlikable such as Shane (Zach Gilford), he was so annoying. There was a lack of connection between the audience and Shane. Also, there was another crappy character called Liz (Kiele Sanchez), she is a good actress, but her character was uninteresting. Nobody cared about her story and she is not engaging enough. Then, we have Frank Grillo as Sergeant, he is the star of the film, his performance was great.

Carmen Ejogo performs Eva Sanchez. Ejogo gave a reliable performance and you care about her character. The young actress Zoë Soul performs Cali, her character was smart, strong and sympathetic. The script, camera work and direction are way better in comparison to its predecessor. James DeMonaco is becoming in a better director. The Purge: Anarchy was quite ambitious, but it is still not good enough. The last act was messy and confusing. Some scenes in the final act did not make any sense, everything felt surreal and awkward. Frank Grillo enhanced the film at times, but the movie still lacked a payoff. Also, it is a thriller, so I do not know why they classified this as a horror film. Anarchy is smarter and fresher than its predecessor; but it is still not recommendable enough. (C+)

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Sometimes silly and effectively creepy. Grave Encounters 2 is just a mixed bag, great poster though., 2 July 2015

Summary: Sometimes silly and effectively creepy. Grave Encounters 2 is just a mixed bag, great poster though. 44/100 (C-)

Grave Encounters, film student Alex Wright is out to prove them wrong. Alex is as obsessed with the first film as the 20 million people who viewed its viral trailer on YouTube. While he and his friends research the events and visit the real psychiatric hospital depicted in the original film, they find themselves face-to-face with unspeakable evil, banking on the hope that their knowledge of the original film will help them survive the sequel. Grave Encounters 2 doesn't quite live up my expectations and was not as scary as the first one, but it was a very entertaining sequel. It was scary, but sometimes silly. I saw it in theaters, because I like supporting indie-horror films like this one. I actually enjoyed some moments of this movie, but as a whole is just a mess.

Most of the scares were predictably bad. Just a few scares throughout the film were effective and well done. A good example was that scene involving a Ouija board, it was the best scene in the film; I found it scary, suspenseful and effective. At times, a lot of moments with scary potential were ruined by the terrible direction, and the bad acting. Most of the scares as I said were very predictable, even though the suspense was quite effective and creepy. Poliquin does not take risk and goes for the easy way... jump-scares. Also, there were too many ghosts with big mouths into the film and they were so repetitive and annoying. The acting was uneven, the pretty young actress Leanne Lapp (Jennifer) was the only one who gave a believable performance and she's the only one who caught my attention.

The rest of the performers were awful and annoying. Some of the special effects were horrible and the CGI ruined some scary moments. The direction was hit and miss. The scares have a good build-up suspense, but the climax of these was not effective. In the positive side the gory scenes were enjoyable and there were a few surprising moments. There was a highly effective twist in the second half of the movie and I found it very original. In the negative side, the script was sometimes laughable and the acting was generally bad. Grave Encounters 2 is a mixed bag, not as good as the first one. Some horror fans will love it, it has some thrilling and seriously messed up moments. I wish good luck to The Vicious Brothers they have potential writing stories, but they have to make them less messy. (C-)

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The performances were good and the ending was shocking for some people, but in general Delivery: The Beast Within lacks of scares and entertainment. It is dull and trashy., 30 June 2015

Summary: The performances were good and the ending was shocking for some people, but in general Delivery: The Beast Within lacks of scares and entertainment. It is dull and trashy. 33/100 (D+)

Delivery: The Beast Within is directed by Brian Netto and tells the story of Kyle and Rachel Massy, a young couple who agree to document their first pregnancy for a family-oriented reality show. The production spirals out-of-control after the cameras capture a series of unexplained events, leading Rachel to believe that a malevolent spirit has possessed their unborn child. I will make it easy to you, look at the poster, then watch the trailer and the last 5 minutes of the movie. That's it. It promises a lot and delivers nothing. First of all, this film is somewhat derivative. It offers little to the genre, and there's nothing special or original about it. It's not an awful movie, it's just boring.

It is filled with so many tired clichés, such as: the dog that obviously dies, camera malfunctions, etc. You have seen it before, skip it. There were a few original ideas like all the paintings of the pregnant woman and how her art has changed since she's pregnant. I actually liked the first act of the film, it was well executed, but as the film goes, it became boring, and the found-footage made it even more tedious. It has good performances, shout-out here to Laurel Vail, she's the protagonist and the best thing about this flick; she was believable and scary. The main actor Danny Barclay was pretty good too, but his character was annoying at times.

This director has lots of potential, this film has some great ideas, for example how this pregnant woman expresses her demonic side through her paintings. This movie had its sad and tense moments. For a moment, I really felt like I was watching a TV show, good job director! But this was at the beginning of the film, as I said above. I liked the first minutes of the movie because the found- footage was effective, but after the first half, this format became tedious. It had its moments, but it was boring as a whole. Maybe with a few more bucks and without the found-footage, it would be a decent movie. I'm still interested on this director. What will he do next? (D+)

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