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Belinda Is Heaven On Earth!, 19 October 2005

While i personally feel Belinda's Runaway Live DVD is a better concert, this is still a must see for any fan. While Runaway Live is much more elaborate (the audience was massive, and Belinda glides through an impressively long set list) this concert is definitely more intimate and Belinda really gets into it. The set is very "80's chic" and as always, Belinda Carlisle proves her talent both as a vocalist and a performer to be far beyond that of many of todays stars. Heaven Is A Place On Earth (her huge international #1 hit)is a stand out performance of this concert and the song has really stood the test of time (showing just how groundbreaking it was when released) still bringing alive clubs all around the world and it can still be frequently heard on the radio. I guess this really proves what a massive star Belinda Carlisle was, and still remains. Her songs are considered classics and her blend of mature pop and subtle rock have ensured that she has retained her legendary status around the world.

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Runaway with me Belinda!, 3 October 2005

This really is an outstanding concert DVD. Belinda Carlisle is a Pop Icon and glides effortlessly through 17 songs and includes some old favourites from the Go-Go's. The tour from which this DVD was shot was an absolute sell out and Belinda is performing to a massive crowd which gives the whole concert a real buzz. She starts off with the title track from her Top 5 album 'Runaway Horses' and finishes with a ballad written by herself called 'Shades Of Michelangelo'. These are both definite stand outs. Other stand outs during the concert include "Nobody Owns Me", a rocky song that really brings the house down and 'Summer Rain'. Overall an exceptional concert. It really proves her talent to be far beyond that of many of todays singers.