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a beautiful story about the freedom we all wished we felt, 5 February 2007

I had received this movie as a gift many years ago when I was little, and I, unfortunately, did not full appreciate it until much later. Visually, the movie is stunning, and I think that it is the lack of dialog in the movie that makes it so special. In short, it is a movie about the kind of freedom we all wished we felt, the freedom that allows us to believe anything is possible and to look at the world through different eyes with the profound, innocent wisdom of a child.

Francis Ford Coppola is the executive producer on the film, and it shows. This movie is honest, beautiful and simple. You might be able to compare it to movies like "The New World", where the images speak louder than the dialog. Although this may not be enough for some people, if you allow yourself to let go and accept what is given, you will absolutely adore it.

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Didn't quite GET IT!, 27 May 2005

While I adore Jodie Foster and find all of John Lithgow's performances to be uniquely brilliant, I really didn't get this movie. The actors were great, but the filming, directing, and especially the script were inarticulate and just plain messy. While I kind of understood the plot by the end of the movie, I couldn't help being confused as I watched it. The character development was non-existent. The plot was put together with spit. I felt awful for the actors who looked like they were desperately trying to make sense of the movie for the audience. I've seen other confusing movies where the directing and script were so brilliant that even if I didn't understand it the first time, I was intrigued to watch it again. This time, I really was not interested to attempt it again. What a mess! Still, Lithgow and Foster should be proud of their performances. They really did a good job despite the lack of script. Good material, good story, and good acting - but what a shame that the director and the writer couldn't portray it any better.

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great movie, 12 January 2005

Although it's been a while since I've seen this movie, I had a renewed interest in it when I found out there was a musical of the same story. It's really a truly remarkable and shameful story of American history, and I am glad that such wonderful artists have chosen to bring it back to life. The musical is very good, and the movie is just as lovely. Once again, Peter Gallagher hits the nail right on the head. I've done a lot of research on the real life story, and the movie and musical are very true to it, even in the smallest of details. Thank God for a good story! Everyone needs to see a story like this, and it's a shame that this was only made for TV and not actually released in theatres.