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So tired of seeing Skully well up with tears, 17 August 2013

I'd swear i'm watching 'The Bold and the Beautiful'. What is it with Gillian having to tear up in nearly every scene?! This Messianic Baby theme is akin to Fonzy 'jumping the shark' IMO. I think the additional actors did justice to the show but it's Skully who lost her edge. I just don't get it. I guess the writers were having to scuffle since they didn't even know if there would be a season 9 or not for a long time.

Plus there is never any convincing excuse for Mulder to be in hiding. I think a better premise would have been him having infiltrated the Illuminati type group and plant a bomb at a meeting between them and the highest-ranking aliens ala Operation Valkyrie against Hitler. But have Smoking Man be the wounded surviving 'hitler'. This would be after Mulder seemingly excepts his offer to join his covert group but to be a double-agent. Now THAT would be a great excuse to go into hiding and something we could all buy into. It'd been a great scene to see a bunch of big-eyed alien generals get blasted to bits in a conference room but Smoking Man is saved by a large oak table leg! Oh well, what could have been!

(I've been watching the entire episodes on amazon prime for the first time)

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Funny...and so frustrating., 8 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I couldn't help but be so excruciatingly frustrated at bros Dumb & Dumbest attempts at making meaningful wishes - like watching a slow motion wreck of stupidity. You can't help but wonder 'what would i wish for?'. The fact she couldn't care less about the outcome much less offered any guidance was telling.

It was really easy to miss but when the trailer blows up she falls back to earth already rolled up in the carpet and hits quite hard, letting out a muffled yelp.

They said at this point of the series, they were writing without knowing whether there would be a new season approved or not. So you can see why they'd tend to take routes even further from the beaten X-Files path.

(I'm in the middle of binge watching every episode as they are all free on Amazon Prime)