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Alex Cross (2012)
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so many things done poorly, 8 December 2012

I was looking forward to this movie, since I thought this would be more true to the books than the ones with Morgan Freeman. I was mistaken...

Our bad guy was a surprise, having only seen Fox as the doctor on Lost I enjoyed his over the top performance as a real psycho. He was pretty much the only thing I liked.

I love Jean Reno, and try to watch everything with him, but he was wasted on this movie, This role could have been filled with a nobody and it wouldn't have changed anything.

We know the actors can act, and the director can direct, so why are we left with a movie with bland acting and characters we care little about. It even seems that the characters don't even care about what happens to each other.

This movie should win an award for irritating camera-work. The climax was so shaky I wished I could skip it. Can only imagine how sick I would be if I had been drinking before seeing it.

It is far from the worst movie I have seen, and would probably have seen it no matter the reviews, and a lot of you probably feel the same way, but please don't set your expectations high since this is not a very good movie.