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Great!, 29 September 2010

I loved this movie. Hey, it's not Gone With The Wind, but it's good old fashion entertainment with lots of music and romance. I just love a good soap opera, and trust me, Degrassi is the best soap around. Must admit with some others here that Cassie Steele and Mike Lobel steal the film. These two are raising new stars and I'm sure Hollywood will be seeing a lot of them in the future. There are sparks between the two and they sure do fly. Lots of the shows favorites pop up for this one: Marco (excellent as usual), Paige, Emma, Spinner, Holly-J, Mia, Elie, and Craig just to name a few. Flimsy storyline, but lots of great one-liners, great singing (Cassie can really sing!), and enjoyable characters; even some surprise guest stars. I rate Cassie Steele and this film a 10!

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What More Could You Ask For?, 29 September 2010

Doctors' Wives turned out to be a fun evening at the movies. I mean what more could you ask for? A murder. An affair. An inter-racial relationship. A brain operation. A sex-pot who beds down 32 medical doctor interns! A sex-pot who not only beds down here husband's friends, but some of their wives as well! Drug addiction. Drunks. Sluts. Black-Mail. You name it, this movie has it. And what an all-star cast! There's even Archie Bunker running around after his ex-wife...ha..ha! For it's time it must of been shocking. People must have fainted or been delighted at all the wild going-ons. Of course by today's standards it's pretty tame, and a bit lame. But, Great fun!

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On The Road To Doom, 17 December 2006

John C. Holmes was no doubt a legend. He was and always will be the "King of Porn". He had it all; height (6 feet 2 inches), a slim build, a pleasant personality, and of course, his God-given physical attribute! This was one of the "King's" final films. He looked surprising fit, and did a fairly good acting performance. He had an air about him, and he seemed so relaxed and natural on the screen. However, looking back now, Holmes it seems, knew that he had AIDS and had a total lack of human feeling in the fact that he had unprotected sex with his female co-stars. According to the recent documentary on Holmes, he couldn't pass up the money for making this movie, plus he felt everyone in porn was on a road to doom anyhow. Truthfully, I was a fan of John Holmes, and wanted to like the guy. However, knowing now, what I know, it's clear that John Holmes was not a nice guy.

Elephant (2003)
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Dismal and Almost a Failure, 1 August 2006

There was so much potential to have made a really great and insightful film about the causes and effects of one of the bloodiest moments in U.S. history. Yet, the film maker is nothing more then a resident in the cheap seats; watching and doing nothing else. The film avoids feeling, character development, and action. It moves in slow motion, with characters stone-faced, walking about like zombies, with no life to them. Maybe it's suppose to be symbolism, who knows. The first part of the movie is dull, listless, uninteresting, and boring. The viewer feels like they are watching a stone for almost an hour. The second half is haunting, shocking, disturbing, and very well done. Only thing, since the characters haven't been developed, the end is nothing more then a cheap thrill as one gets in watching the aftermath of a train wreck. Scenes are repeated for no reason what-so-ever: a student developing film, a nerdy girl changing during gym class, and the future gunman drinking milk. What is suppose to be artsy is nothing more then boring. It's a shame because there was so much more possible. The cast of unknowns tries their best, and the two actors playing the killers steal the show. However, this film is a major failure.

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Out-Dated, But Great Rainy Night Entertainment, 27 July 2006

The Young Philadelpians which was made in 1959 is tame by today's standards; out-dated for sure. Yet, when it was made it was not only controversial, but very daring for it's time; dealing with homosexuality, child-birth out of wed-lock, mental illness, adultery, suicide and alcohol abuse.

Paul Newman was out-standing in the role of Anthony Judson Lawrence, a career driven lawyer, whose mother is hiding a deep dark secret. Newman is at his physical prime; handsome and lean. Everyone in this classic black and white soap opera was great. Just a really entertaining rainy night movie.

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Over-Looked Gem, 27 July 2006

Saw this 1968 Spy-Thriller with my dad in 1968 at the old Boulevard Theater on Biscayne Blvd. in Miami, Florida. One of Patrick O'Neal's better films. Made during the era of such cold war classic's as Ipcress File, Funeral in Berlin, The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, and Kremlin Letter; for some unexplained reason however, this film never really caught on. It moved at a fast pace, was well acted and well scripted, had adventure, action, romance, humor, and a stunning surprise. Patrick O'Neal did his best work in the late 1960s with Kremlin Letter, Chamber of Horrors, Castle Keep, and Assignment to Kill. Joan Hacket was a shinning light. This rates as her second best on screen performance behind the group. Her death at 49 from cancer was a shock to her fans. Yet, she and Patrick O'Neal are forever caught in time; in their prime, in Assignment to Kill. Can't wait for the DVD to come out one day.

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Outstanding!, 24 July 2005

I saw this movie with my dad when it first came out at the now long-gone Cinema Theater on Miami Beach.

What I recall most about it was the rare beauty of Inger Stevens. What a beautiful, lovely, sexy, talented actress. It is really a sad state of affairs that her personal demons ended her life so young. I recall hearing about her death on the t.v. news and how I cried a few tears; even though I was a young child of 9.

The movie is fast-paced, exciting, well-acted, and the Paris of the 1960s is in all it's glory.

Unless this movie comes out on DVD, it will be lost to the ages. Most likely it's about forgotten, except for those lucky enough to have seen it. I even have the original movie poster of this film hanging on the wall of my apartment.

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A Joy to Watch, 24 July 2005

I saw this movie in 1965 when I was 7 years old with my dad at the Cameo Movie Theater on South Beach. I remember the beautiful theme song of this wonderfully romantic movie; "Joy....Joy...Joy in the Morning"...sent shivers down my spine. The cast is outstanding and Yvette Mimieux is beautiful. It is her finest role. Maybe some scenes are slightly out-dated in this day and age, and most likely younger film-goers might laugh slightly at some of the interactions, but the theme of falling-in-love is never out-dated.

Great acting. Great sound. Great scenery. Joy in the Morning is a timeless tale of young love. Excellent.

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Where it's At Man!, 18 June 2005

I saw this movie in 1969 when it was first released at the Cameo Theater on South Beach, now the famous Crowbar Night-club. It was the last year of the wild 60s and this movie really hit home. It's got everything; the generation gap, the sexual revolution, the quest for success, and the conflict between following one's family "traditions" to those of seeking ones own way through life.

It was a fast paced, highly enjoyable movie. Vegas was at it's hippiest peak, Sin City in all it's glory. Beautiful women, famous cameos, laughs, conflict, romance, and even a happy ending. A very enjoyable time over all.

The poster from this film rests on my bedroom wall. I look at it and I go back in time; a time of my youth and my times with my dad, a great time in my life.

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You've Got To Be Kidding!!!!!, 24 May 2005

I'm a fan of cult-actor Steve Hawkes. Felt bad for him when he was burned-up in a film and his movie career ended. And even felt worse when his prize-tiger was shot and killed. However, this movie rates as his worst! It is the major pits. A stinker among stinkers. Not as classically bad as Plan 9 from Outer Space, but it gives Ed Wood's film a run for its money.

Veteran bit-actor William "Wild Bill" Henry, who acted in minor parts in over 100 or more films, looks embarrassed to be seen in this mess. At least the-majority of his other roles were in first rate movies with top flight stars. But, Henry is most remembered being associated with this complete bomb.

Sexy Jody Baby, famous for her role in Hot Pearl Snatch, looks sexy and beautiful, but the poor girl can't act a lick. She seems to be a stripper or something, and quickly vanished from the "B" movie scene in the mid-1960s; most likely married a millionaire and is living in Palm Beach.

I think that viewers should be paid to see this mess. Better yet, let them keep their money and rent a decent film.

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