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Great show. Where is it?, 28 May 2007

I remember seeing this on the BBC a few years ago and loving it. I can't believe it wasn't a hit, as it was one of the best shows I'd seen in ages.

It's about an average Australian family. The husband is reaching retirement age and is dreading it. Since it aired years ago I haven't seen it again, and there was no DVD or VHS release, so It's hard to remember enough to give it a decent review. I remember the best scenes were around the table at the husband's workplace, where him and his workmates would play cards and talk nonsense. Hilarious stuff.

Overall it was a very funny show and should have run for more than one season. So if you ever get the chance to see it, see it, you won't be disappointed.

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Nazi Zombies & Naked Women = Awful Film, 26 March 2006

What? Is this a film? Surely not!

This is best viewed in fast forward mode, as they seem to have forgotten to edit it. Scenes linger on far too long and you find yourself reaching for the remote. I know it's a low budget film but come on! People have made better films with less money, or no money. If you watch the English dubbed version then you're in for a laugh, as it has to be THE worst dubbing I've ever heard. Must have just pulled people off the street and asked them to improvise.

I don't know what else to say. If you're looking for a good low budget film then look elsewhere, as this is dreadful. A good idea and a nice poster/cover don't make a good film.

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Good to finally see, but ultimately disappointing, 26 February 2006

I had wanted to see this film for ages, even before seeing the terrible Renny Harlin version. Renny Harlin!? What the hell were they thinking? I missed it on its limited cinema release, but eventually saw it on DVD, and as much as I want to say that I enjoyed it, I can't. I can honestly see now why they weren't happy with the final product, but to completely re-shoot it, and to hire a director like Renny Harlin, is just madness.

The main problem I had with the film was the complete lack of atmosphere, and that should be the main thing with an Exorcist film. There was no feeling of fear or any creepiness in the film at all. It was all very bland.

It's good to be able to compare the two films. Harlin's version is a Hollywood dumbed-down horror action film, while Schrader's film is a slower-paced, thinking person's version, but unfortunately lacking in any real horror moments.

I really was hoping I would have enjoyed the film, but I have to be totally honest and give my true opinion Overall I would rate the film 6 out of 10, maybe even 5 out of 10. The Harlin version would be less than that.

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97 Minutes of Star Wars POO!!, 2 March 2005

"If I had time and a hammer, I'd track down every bootleg copy and smash it..." - GEORGE LUCAS. And I would help him. How did this ever happen? Probably what Lucas has been asking himself for nearly thirty years. Anyway, it did happen, and because of the internet it looks like George Lucas's wish is now an impossibility, as fans all over the world download it, or buy it, out of curiosity, hoping that the legend is wrong and maybe they are yet to discover some lost Star Wars gold. Sorry! No gold here. Maybe if someone edited it down to about say, 15 minutes or so, then it might be something, or maybe not. The Boba Fett cartoon is pretty good, but that only lasts about 8 minutes. Maybe someone has done an edit! If anyone out there knows of one, send me an email, I'd be grateful.

Anyway, can I recommend this? In a strange kind of way yes, it has lots of the original characters, played by the real cast members of STAR WARS, so that alone makes it worth watching, if only for a good laugh at how bad the whole thing is. Your mind's probably already made up that you want to see it anyway, so my opinion won't influence you. Just make sure you're prepared.

Galaxina (1980)
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Quivering Venusian Blubber-cups, 2 March 2005

Galaxina is an unsung little gem of a film, not a masterpiece by any measure, but an entertaining little film. It's basically a comedy/spoof of a few other sci-fi classics like ALIEN and STAR WARS. Captain Butts is a standout as the funniest character in the film, especially when they visit the alien brothel before going off on a long voyage.

Dorothy Stratten as Galaxina is beautiful, it's a pity she died so young. The rest of the cast are also good, or as good as the dodgy dialogue will let them be.

I would compare this to SPACEBALLS, but I think this is far better, it doesn't have the budget or the cast of SPACEBALLS but still does a damn good job at being dumb entertainment. If you can get past the cheapness of it you should definitely get a few good laughs from it.

The more I watch it, the more I love it. Highly recommended.

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Snow Way I'll Ever Watch This Again, 2 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Snow creature started off looking like it might be alright, it was obviously low budget, but had some not bad acting, some good sets and a not too bad score. Then the so called "Snow Creature" makes an appearance, looking more like the rabbit from Donnie Darko, luckily we don't see that often. The film still manages to be entertaining, until we start seeing the creature more often, then it begins to get annoying, as the same shot of the creature emerging from the shadows and then immediately disappearing back into the darkness is re-used over and over countless times. Then it gets even worse once they capture the creature. Then, somehow, it manages to get worse, as they decide to take the creature back to America in a large fridge that they constructed especially for it. Once they get to U.S. the obvious happens and the creature escapes and goes for a wander. Then that same shot of the creature going in and out of the shadows comes back with a vengeance. Good God!!!!

Overall I could'nt possibly recommend the film. The first 35 minutes or so is watchable-ish, but it falls apart quickly and never manages to recover. 3/10.

Scram! (1932)
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Stan, Ollie & The Best Screen Drunk Ever., 5 February 2005

The sight of Stan and Ollie trying to help a drunk retrieve his keys from under a large grating on the sidewalk, is without a doubt one of the funniest visual moments in any of their movies. The great Arthur Housman, once again plays the screen drunk, just as brilliantly as he did in "Our Relations" and "The Fixer Uppers". It may lag a little in the mid section, but it soon makes it up in the end.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone. A film for all the family and only 20 minutes long. The film is seventy three years old and is as funny now as it always was. That's what make Laurel & Hardy so good, their comedy is timeless. The perfect film to introduce someone to the lovable duo.

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Bloody and Weird, 12 January 2005

I purchased this film on DVD in all it's Unrated, Uncut gory glory, expecting something special, expecting a quality horror film, something like the many other great films to come from Japan, China or Korea etc. The fact that the writer of 'Akira' was the director also caught my interest. But a 'Ring','Dark Water','Tale of Two Sisters' this ain't! First of all, the film is low-budget. Very low-budget! But that's not bad, low-budget films can be great. But the story seemed slim. The first half of the film was alright though, it kept me watching, wondering and wanting to know how the characters develop. I especially liked some of the odd performances from the varied cast members.

The scenes of gore throughout the film were a little disturbing and quite weird, this is definitely not mainstream horror. The violent scenes were surprisingly not that many though, until the end that is, but when they happen, they are bloody! Very Bloody!! The last act of the film I thought was utter madness. I kind of lost what was happening, it all just went kinda mad...and went on and on and on...and I was glad when it was over. It made no sense and was just plain NOT VERY GOOD.

Overall I would not recommend this film to anyone, not even Asian horror fans, except maybe the hardcore, but that is only my opinion. I just didn't think it was that good. Gory horror can be fun, but without a good enough story and script it can be terrible. Their was a theme to it though, but I won't go into detail as it might spoil it for you. If I had listened to others opinions I would not have watched it, but I did, because you have to know for yourself, don't you.