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That's Star Power!!, 6 May 2011

Being an aficionado of Classic Movies, I had always been curious about the Actor Rudolph Valentino. So when the opportunity to watch his star making movie came on an old time TV Show called "Silents Please" I could not resist. I must insert here, that at the time I was only 19 years of age and yet watching this very old movie, I also fell under the spell of this handsome actor. The year was 1960 and over 30 years after his death. Even so, and knowing all of this, I was stricken. The scene that cinched it for me was just prior to the famous tango; it comes when Valentino is watching the two dancers and. The expression on his face - the confidence, the downright arrogance was right there. And it became quite obvious that he was planning to appropriate the female part of that dance team and equally obvious that he was going to show all who was the better man - the tango being the handy vehicle. Valentino captured my adulation, and I was viewing the movie from a small screen television. I would be willing to bet that those women watching that scene in the dark 1921 theater never stood a chance. Talk about Star Power. He surely had it!

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Silly, Silly Saving Grace the Character Actors, 7 January 2010

I have never been a big fan of Joan Crawford, this movie clarifies why. I like comedy and Ms. Crawford is NOT a comedian. I would not attempt to understand why. Like other reviewers I wonder if this movie would have faired better in the hands of a Carole Lombard. BUT unlike other reviewers I feel Brian Ahearne could have been appreciated had he been cast opposite another actress. I have seen him in other comedic movies and he handled himself well. I am of the opinion that Ms. Crawford is the wet blanket in this movie. That said, the shining grace of this movie is the plethora of the much known and loved character actors: Frank Morgan, Jesse Ralph, Eric Blore, Arthur Treacher we never get tired of watching any or all of their antics. This is not the only movie their presence has saved.

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One of the best of the Gene Autry Movies, 18 December 2008

The Big Show is about the most enjoyable to watch of all his movies for several reasons: One, Mr. Autry plays a double role. Two, there is a lot of clever stunt work, including the famous under the coach and handover hand to the horses stunt. Three, The Big Show has a very different plot from the usual Autry Western. Four, The Big Show contains some very listen-able songs. Five, it is really fun to see Roy Rogers when he was still with the Sons of the Pioneers as Leanard Slye. Six, it is also fun to see behind the scenes of movie making, with some back views of the Republic lot. Seven, since this is an earlier Autry entry, Smiley Burnett is Mr. Autry's side kick rather than Pat Butram. Eight, it is exciting to see the Texas Centennial Celebration as a background. All in all, this is one is really fun.

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Made me a Jack Carson Fan, 2 August 2008

Rosalind Russell was just right for this movie. Bette was a great actress, but I cannot imagine her as Auntie Mame. Same with the heroin of Roughly Speaking. Russell played it just right, with a touch of laughter and a touch of pathos. It is about a woman who lives through: Divorce, polio, the Depression, one monetary failure after another, and finally seeing her sons off to fight in WWII. However, you see that it makes her family stronger, they learn to fight thru their problems and come out better for it. It is this movie that made me fall in love with Jack Carson. Jack Carson never really made it as a top, top star. In fact in most of his movies he played a buffoon or a jerk. But in Rougly Speaking he plays the kind of man most women wish we were married to. It is my opinion that he pretty much played himself. I recommend it: It comes on TCM regularly, if you have not seen it you are in for a real treat. Watch out for Roughly Speaking you will love it.

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All That Talent - What A Waste, 23 April 2008

The good news: So much talent: 1. An Agatha Christie novel as basis for the plot. 2. Angela Lansbury playing Miss Marple 3. Elizabeth Taylor, a really beautiful woman over her prime, playing a really beautiful woman over her prime 4. Edward Fox a very good actor. 5. Kim Novak, another beautiful woman. 6. Rock Hudson was always good to look at. 7. Even Tony Curtis thrown in for good measure. Talk about an all star cast. The bad news: I'm not completely sure if it is the screenplay, the directing, or the acting but this movie was horrible. How in the world could so many good actors do such a terrible job. The two beautiful women, Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Novak played parodies of over age prima donnas. There is zero chemistry between Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor and it is not because they are older than they were in Giant, it is because they do not seem to care, certainly the audience does not. Do not judge Agatha Christie by this boiler.

A Neat Little Mystery, 19 February 2008

I have now seen "Before I Die" done with both Nero Wolfe TV productions. The later one produced by Mr. Hutton in the 1990's and shown on A & E is more flippant but equally enjoyable as a mystery story. However, I like the actor that plays Archie in the 1981 series. Though he is drop dead gorgeous and boyishly charming, he still manages to imbue the character with some depth. I was impressed with his ability to convey kindness and tenderness when the occasion called for it. I like this mystery. One of the reasons is that the author offers a very good clue to the viewer. It can be frustrating to have the solution thrust upon one without so much as a hint, but this mystery plays fair, there is a very good hint.

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Great satire and yet touching as well, 1 October 2007

My husband minored in Drama in College. He learned there that the difference between a mediocre movie and a great one is the ability of the story to get you to care for the characters. You can see that if you really could care less what happens to the people in the movie they can have all sorts of tragedies befall them which will have little or no effect on the audience. Conversely, if indeed you like and even come to love the characters in the movie then what happens to them will affect you deeply. And that becomes the difference between a good and bad show.

As much as I enjoyed the satire of this movie, I also felt a real tug at my emotions for the plight of the characters in Galaxy Quest: The actors who were reduced to opening Super Markets because the only success they had known was this show, to the aliens who confused the fantasy for the real. It seems there is something wistful in all of us that wants to believe.

The actors who played the aliens especially Saris deserve real recognition for their work. The writers who had the idea. The director who saw to it that the Aliens were so completely lovable. All deserve special thanks for a very good yarn.

I too hope this movie will gain proper recognition as time goes on.

It Should Have Been A Good Movie, 18 June 2007

As a rule, I am an aficionado of this kind of movie. That is, the B Comedy Mystery. This movie should have been good of it's kind. It had a good cast and a clever idea for a plot. The elements were there for a good B movie, but it just does not deliver. Another commenter has stated that it was bad writing and directing and I suspect that he is right. I think part of the problem is that this movie tried to be all things to all people and it came up short instead. It was a comedy-mystery, sort of. It was a goof ball comedy in spots, sort of. It was a comment on the social mores of its time, sort of. It tried to do everything and it just went nowhere. I rated it a 3 because it had a place here and there which raised your hopes that it was going to be a watchable movie.

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Mario Lanza Sings That's All Any Musical Needs, 5 September 2006

I tend to agree with the critics of the time: If Mario Lanza was in the movie it was worth seeing. Even though this musical contained a wonderfully talented cast Mario Lanza still shines out and that is saying something. Any musical that was fortunate enough to have Jose Iturbi and his sister Amparo Iturbi who were concert pianists of great magnitude plus Kathryn Grayson who was no slouch in the singing department herself. Throw in Ethel Barrymore of the First Family of Actors and it is a lucky movie musical indeed. But in my opinion even with all of that Mario Lanza is the reason to see this movie. What a voice! Who cares if he could act or not. His acting was more than adequate. No one expected him to be an Oscar winner. Of course the plot to the musical was thin, most of those MGM musical plots were. But any musical that has Mario Lanza in it is worth seeing again and again.

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Not Bad at all for a B Movie, 20 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is the 2nd in the Crime Doctor series. He is now a famous and successful Psychologist, The first Crime Doctor sets him up and explains who, why and how. The rest of the Crime Doctor stories like this one are Who Dunnits. And not bad ones at that. Depending if you are an aficionado of old movies and mystery stories, I am of both, the plot should be interesting and hold your interest. Usually the Crime Doctor gets involved in the mystery through a patient and this story is no exception. The patient this time is a ex-convict who is taking on a new job. Pretty soon it looks like he has been hired so that he can be framed for the murder. Crime Doctor interviews the other people who are related to or work for the murdered man. Somewhere among them he finds the real murderer.

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