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Awesome Batman, 25 June 2005

Saw this film yesterday. All i can say is Awesome. What a great story and all the actors were great. Christian Bale is going to take this Batman to exciting places. The new Batmobile is totally different.Nothing like you have seen before. This film is much more a thinking persons film. Not all the crazy makeup and colors of previous films. We see how Bruce Wayne came to get all the great gadgets and the great Batmobile. Katie Holmes was not the girl i would have picked for this movie but she did an OK job. Cant wait for the next installment. Micheal Caine was the best Alfred. ANd Morgan FReeman brought a quiet intensity to his role. Gary Oldman is always good. Just an all around well made film.

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great, 7 June 2005

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I loved this film if only to see a young Gerard Butler. I was annoyed with Sara because even if she was dying she didn't have to ruin a good marriage. Charlotte was the big loser here. She was so desperate in the end. It was sad. I didn't feel bad that Sara died in the end. We didn't get a feel for her relationship with Sam. No back story. Sara just arrived and that was it. Sam was so quick to dump his wife for the selfish Sara. Gerard Butler has such wonderful screen presence.The scenery in Scotland is beautiful. The end is nice and has a happy feel . But overall Sara is trying to find something she should have left alone.