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A fun indy film, 5 June 2013

A delightful indy film, quirky and unique. Great cast of veteran actors (even the young ones have massive quality credits)! I've noticed on films that LA's Eben Costbar is associated with (such as Karma Cafe, The Hammer, and others), a consistent warmth and high-quality aspect to them.

The leads were funny,but believable, and the pace was kept brisk by a constant parade of short (funny) scenes by various characters. And you don't find many films around which the central theme is ice cream! (Did make me hungry for it, by the end!) Nice job, folks! A good one to go to or rent when you want a light mood.

"Banshee" (2013)
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love this show, 4 February 2013

I don't agree with some of these harsh reviews - I find it to be an EXCELLENT series, with the genius touch of Alan Ball (6 Feet Under, True Blood) - yes, there are some imperfections, but the 4 leads work great: the hero, Antony Starr, is cool and tough, the babe, Ivana Milicevic, is SMOKIN' hot, and a legitimate actress, the Pennsylvania Dutch mob boss, Ulrich Thomsen, is uniquely menacing, and the bartender buddy, Frankie Faison, gets the job done as usual. The supporting cast are also excellent (deputies, thugs, etc). The pace is snappy, the plot moves nicely and with suspense,the action is brutal, and I'm definitely hooked on it.

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An excellent film!, 26 October 2012

I stumbled across this indie film in L.A., and was very pleasantly surprised! The lead character (played my Martin Papazian) grabbed my interest in the very first scene, and held it til the end, in a subtle, layered performance as a haunted war vet, that has us rooting for him despite his flaws, and very deserving of top critic Jeffrey Lyons calling him a "rising star". The supporting cast was equally strong, with such talented veterans as AJ Cook as the drugged out mother, Laura San Giacomo as the tough as nails, wise-cracking social worker, and the always powerful Charles S. Dutton as a police chief, plus many other great supporting performances, not the least of which was newcomer Tristan Lake Leabu as the kid. I heartily recommend this film - it's a real find!

Giallo (2009)
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Waste of time, 17 March 2012

I have NEVER reviewed a film here, and am the easiest-to-please film watcher you ever saw - I like just about everything. But this was the worst piece of crap I've ever seen, and I feel duty-bound to warn my fellow viewers.

The ending was so bad, it was as though it was a joke, or a farce - but it wasn't. We are supposed to be fooled by makeup into not knowing who a certain character is, but a child could see it.

If you watch the whole film, as I did, hoping Adrian Brody would make it at least OK, you'll be bitterly disappointed. He was wretched - hard to believe such a good actor could stoop this low - and he's a producer! It's no wonder it seems to have never been released. How this film got an average of 4.5 is beyond my understanding.