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Alter Echo (2003) (VG)
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This is a very nice game with lovely graphics, 7 April 2005

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I have played this game and it is very nice . It was one of the first games i got when i purchased my XBOX console and till today I don't regret buying this game. Alter echo my not be the best game in the world or even close to being the best game in the world but it is still very nice to my opinion. You take the role of the character who's name is Nevin and fight drones on a planet made of a substance called plast. This plast was given life to by a man called Pavoo who is your main enemy in the game.You possess three different forms ,that is ,the normal flashing sword form ,the gun form and the stealth form which is my favorite form because when on this form, you can easily press Y{on xbox} to pounce on your enemy and start punching it with the X button.There is also one last move in the game that you would learn later on and that is the time dillation , it help's me too on some occasions.There is one thing about this game that bothers me? that is , when am i ever going to finish this game of numerous but short stages.

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Why are there so many haters?, 18 January 2005

I'd like to point a fact out to most adults.This was made for kids for God's sake stop giving it terrible reviews.The plot is aimed at making situations in everyday life look as cheerful as anything to give kids a lighter look at life.The same goes for many other Nick shows e.g Brother's Garcia and my brother and me.So i don't know why most adults and mature tend to be blind at this simple fact and are hell bent on burning down the hard work of hardworking black people like Nick Cannon and Shaq.So the star of the show is a puppet big deal so was the entire cast in Sesame street.Why because it was created to entertain kids.Please people try and understand that not all shows created especially Nick shows are aimed at a more mature audience.