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Chopper Squad (1977–1979)
Chopper Squad, Correction.
10 January 2005
I would like to point out that Chopper Squad was NOT filmed in Western Australia or set in Western Australia. It was in fact filmed and set entirely on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches, based predominately out of the Dee Why Surf Club, then later at the Palm Beach Surf Club. The show was instrumental in raising the profile of the fledgling Wales Rescue Helicopter Service that was based out of the COllaroy Communication cente nearby and staffed by volunteer surf lifesavers and other staff.

For factual info of the old Wales Rescue Helicopter Service, now known as the Westpac LifeSaver Rescue Helicopter Service (flying several BK-117's), I recommend the book "Helicopter Rescue" by Dr. Ken Wishaw, Australia's first full-time helicopter doctor. You can get the series on DVD through Regards.
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