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2002 World Series (2002 Video)
Years of frustration pays off for the '02 champs of baseball!!!
2 May 2005
For the Anaheim Angels or excuse me the L.A. Angels of Anaheim they were never known as the favorite ball club in so. cal., for years it was the Dodgers. Until the year 2002 after the 6-14 start the Angels came back believing they were a champion caliber ball club and they succeeded. Finishing the season with a franchise best record 99-63, winning the wild card and making the playoffs in 16 years. They came confident despite facing the always favorite NY Yankess losing game one and coming back to defeat NY 3-1. Next would come Minnesota for the ALDS where they won 4-1 including a historic game for Adam Kennedy who came in hitting 7 HR's in the regular season hitting three in game 4 to help the Angels win the AL pennant. Now off to the world series the first time in franchise history the Angels have made the final stage. It was a showdown between Bond's Giants and the Angels. Going 1-1 in the first homestand the Angels faced the giants in frisco to win 1 out of three to come home to Anaheim to face a elimination game. Losing five to one in game six came spiezio to spark the angels to rally by hitting his most historic home run in Angel history to bring the angels closer. 5-4 in the bottom of the eighth Erstad lead off the inning with a solo shot to start a rally by the single by salmon and the bloop single by Anderson gave Glaus his most nerve racking at bat facing Rob Nen, he didn't disappoint hitting a double to bring the angels back to win and have them go to game 7 and win there first championship in franchise history. Making the Angels dawn a new era in southern California
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