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A Joke?, 3 January 2014

As a horror movie fan of many years I don't know why I haven't watched this before - probably because I can't stand the pseudo intellectual nonsense that pervades Ken Russell films. I was prepared to be proved wrong by this film, but alas it is the usual KR pretentious Micky-take. The first thing that strikes is some of the most inept acting in a big budget film. I'm not sure what accents Catherine Oxenberg and Sammi Davis are supposed to have but they are appalling. Hugh Grant is... well Hugh Grant really. It doesn't matter whether it horror or comedy (this is both) he plays the same role in every film. Then the trademark "imagery" starts to take over, which I'm sure delights those who like to think they can read significance into them, but is in reality just plain silly. Emperors New Cloths.

Avoid if a horror fan.

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Could have been so much better, 9 April 2013

In my view this film was let down by the lead actress, Ingrid Isensee.

In her defence I guess this is largely due to the script she was given, which portrays her as a vacuous airhead who wanders about the film with a ridiculous detachment in terms of the other cast members. This lets down the entire premise of the film, which purports to be about a group of old friends getting together to celebrate the upcoming birth of the characters first child. There is no warmth whatsoever between her and any of the others, who at at least try to portray old friends.

There is no plot development, no clue as to why some events take place, and no attempt at explanation as to the carnage that occurs. This is a shame, because the direction and camera work is quite stylish. Overall a disappointment, but worth seeing to make your own mind up.

Tied Up (2004)
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This is not a movie, 9 April 2013

Seriously? Ten line on this garbage?

How come IMDb have a ten line minimum anyway, I'm sure I've seen hundreds of reviews with less.

I'll give it a go, but trust me this "movie" isn't worth ten syllables let alone ten lines. It's not even a movie as such, it's just a bunch of foul mouthed loser kids who borrowed their dad's camcorder and decided to massage their ego's by pretending they could make a film.

It's simply a stream of immature geeks saying M*****F*****, N****R, A*****E etc etc for about 86 minutes (if you can stay with it that long!) Hopefully in the 9 years since it was made they've grown up a bit and got lives by now.

Please Please Please do not bother with this dross

Trespass (2011)
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Over the top nonsense, 17 October 2011

I generally like to seek out films with a favourable IMDb review, yet have not previously reviewed a film myself. It was the relatively high review score that prompted me to "break my duck" (it's a UK expression) because I simply can't believe how this film has got such good reviews. It has the most outrageously over the top acting and ridiculous script that I have seen in such a long time.

Perversely, it's the absurdity that is the only thing line that keeps it from being boring and predictable - you are weirdly compelled to see how silly it can get. Every single character's handling of the situation and dialogue is so unbelievable that it's almost funny . If you thought that Nick Cage was bad in the ridiculous "Wicker Man" remake then this is certainly a close second.

One reviewer called this film "subtle" and I respect all views, but I found this as subtle as a flying mallet. This is sub standard fare even for the limited acting range of Nick Cage, but Nicole Kidman is sadly wasted here and is capable of so much more.

Sometimes "over the top" can make for entertaining escapism, not here. Sorry, I know it different strokes etc, but I thought this was absolutely awful.