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Franchise fatigue has finally slipped in., 30 July 2013

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***MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS***Paranormal Activity 4 is my least favorable of the series and it is the hardest to defend. What makes the film least favorable is the lack of intensity of the scares and it isn't anything we haven't seen before in this franchise. The amount of fake scares in this film is inexcusable and frustrating at times. It's almost as if they almost gave up on a solid horror franchise. The story is good however and the plot twist towards the end is good however it raises a new story rather than answering the questions from previous films . the film does make up for some of its flaws in its ending that to me was shocking and intense but too short I felt it should have showed a little more and could have been better. Overall it stays grounded .. Too grounded and you would think by this point in the franchise the scares would be different and the formula would have been changed instead they keep the same scares and take them down a notch especially from Paranormal Activity 3. The scares never are totally shocking In exception to the ending. Paranormal Activity 4 is a step down but overall I did enjoy it I am a huge fan of the series but I felt like this film could have been so much better and I hope the next outing will at least up the ante or even better send the franchise out on a high note rather than dragging it out and keeping the same formula.

An impressive follow up too it's predecessor's, 30 July 2013

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***MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS***If I can say one word about Paranormal Activity 3 it would be intense. The film wastes no time getting the scares in even if some are false scares made by characters. This film has more humor than the first 2 which had a serious tone to them. This film is very suspenseful and the scares were a little different from the first 2 and much more amped up than before. Some scenes could be a flashback from the first film such as a little girl standing at the doorway of her parents and watching them sleep for hours standing up but the film isn't perfect either for me sometimes there were humor put in some wrong scenes due to the family friend who tries to make jokes during "scary scenes" which took some or the effectiveness away especially the intense Bloody Mary scene. The scares are more "in your face" more louder and bigger. Seeing the demon terrorize the children is intense and you feel bad for the little sister because she looks so innocent. I think the older sisters character could have been a little more nicer but realistically that's how all young sisters act. The film did have a few false scares that I thought were unnecessary especially one that was in the middle of the film and some scares could have Been more effective and scary in the beginning and middle but still suspenseful. The films ending is probably the most intense and suspenseful endings out of all of them and had me squirming in my seat and covering my eyes that I rarely ever do. The formula that you thought would be worn out was re-energized and Paranormal Activity 3 is a extremely solid sequel.

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Impressive follow up to a phenomenal original., 30 July 2013

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***MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS***Paranormal Activity 2 is a very scary and dramatic movie for me. I had no idea that this film would connect with the first film In a very smart way. Paranormal Activity 2 is the first film on steroids. It really is because it's almost a twin to the original and had similar scares just more grander and more Amped up. This film is the longest in the series and takes the longest to pick up but the characters are interesting enough to watch for a while. When the scares do pick up they are grounded just like the first film and doesn't loose the formula that worked the first time. It's hard to say if this film will attract new fans. I felt bad for the baby and the dog because they see the demon more than anyone else and are both scared of it. Seeing the baby look around and cry at something that cannot be seen is effective for me cause every baby does that and having a dog bark at something that cant be seen has been done by every dog so it makes you think if there really is something that you cannot see. The films last sequence feel a little rushed and I feel like more could have happened to make it more suspenseful but it really is a shocking ending to see for the first time and Paranormal Activity 2 is a smart and scary film with plenty of scares that take a little to get going but it ultimately is an effective film but like the first one not everyone is going to agree but if you believe in what you are seeing as real and realistic and something that could happen then it can go a long way.

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One of the scariest movies I've ever seen., 30 July 2013

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***MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS***Ah Paranormal Activity. The film that revived the found footage genre and had 3 sequels with an upcoming spin off and another sequel or prequel. Paranormal Activity scared the hell out of me because of how realistic everything was. Granted it does take some moments to pick up but when it does it will make you wish it never did. The scares get bigger and bigger , louder and louder , and terrifying. The movie always stays grounded and never has too much happen that takes the realism out. Paranormal Activity actually has 3 endings the original ending was more effective and realistic and made me think it was actually real because I have never heard of the film before. The theatrical ending has a more "in your face" kind of ending that's still scary and if less realistic. The alternate ending is the least effective and I can see why it was an alternate ending. It still gives me chills to think about the footprints, and the demon screaming followed by a loud thud and also when Katie is dragged out of bed and down the hallway. I understand Paranormal Activity isn't for everyone and it was probably over hyped and led many to believe that there was going to be more but less is more with this film and it truly is Terrifying for me and will be one of my favorites.

Insidious (2010/I)
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2nd half of the film messes up the movie., 29 July 2013

***MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS***The first half of the film was terrifying I thought the scares were so effective and the suspense was high. The film succeeded in showing enough but not too much and the ghosts looked scary. But as the film shows more of its ghosts and demon it ruined everything the first half worked for. The demon looked awfully like dark maul from Star Wars and having it sharpen it's nails in a room full of dolls and puppets with tip toe through the tulips was so cheesy and by then I lost interest. also when it showed the ghosts more and actually had them fighting it just took the realism and scariness from the film. It just did too much for me I'm the type that likes my movies to have many scares but it can't be too much and this film just went off the rails. The conclusion was suspenseful and I knew right from the end there was going to be a sequel no matter how long they took to announce it. Hopefully it's sequel will be an extended full movie of this films first half.

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The last 30 minutes made the film, 29 July 2013

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***MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS***There's no doubt that The Conjuring is a scary film but what happens throughout most of the film isn't anything we haven't seen before. To me it was like Paranormal Activity and Insidious on steroids. Girls getting dragged out of bed (Paranormal Activity) girl getting lifted in the air by her hair (Paranormal Activity 3) but just more amped up. Ghosts walking around and standing in places (Insidious) and some of the music sounded similar to insidious some of the scares instantly reminded me of even more horror films before and even the possessed woman at the end kind of looked like Regan from the exorcist but the conjuring has some scares that are well placed and the suspense is high throughout the film the scares were terrifying in exception to the cheesy Annabelle doll sequence at the beginning of the film. I thought the film had very good acting and was very well paced. the film was very entertaining to watch and will probably have many people looking more into the story of the warrens and the people that they helped. The Conjuring is a scary film that borrows a lot but doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing. I look forward to seeing the next film in the soon to be franchise but I doubt it will top the original but we will see.