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The Song of Lunch (2010) (TV)
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Deliverance with Dignity, 22 February 2011

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I would call this "Deliverance with Dignity"

I will attempt to write it, however it will be in her words. Oh, and there will be words. I have been here, only it was after 12 years. And it was markedly a déjà vu experience. A women scored in her youth casting out the last word with very few. It seems she finally got her finest hour. Whilsest the X received his just desserts and a tall order of reality. His verbal digression, animosity, sloth, and slurp all came pouring out of bottle and tongue. He was at best just a tempest in a teapot and she no longer takes one or two lumps but indeed delivers them.

A powerful presentation

The Sunset Limited (2011) (TV)
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If I close my eyes forever will it all remain the same?, 16 February 2011

When I realized it was a one act play, I closed my eyes for the duration.

I heard one man with two voices. Than I heard a thousand voices some singing in praise, others in outraged protest. Then I heard Carl Jung, Buddha, Jesus, Joseph Campbell, My Mother, Mandela, Freud, Hank Moody, Lennon, Charles Manson, Satan, Jesus, Martin Luther, Sting, Mohammed, Dali Lama, Bob Marley, Poe, Hamlet, Gandhi, etc..

Than I only heard the rain on the window and a trumpet in practice.

Then one voice with one question "Is that all right?" And I hear my own voice as I whisper aloud, "Yes, it's all right?"

It was than I realized I was the voice, the one that brought the light. The one in the one. The one that will be there in the morning.

Incendiary (2008)
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Incendiary "to cause fire - explosive", 11 March 2009

A heart wrenching movie. Though none of us are free from grief and quilt, some may find this movie too emotional. But for all who venture here, you may find your mind pondering your own lives and loved ones and those closest to you. You may start to think just how fragile we all are. You may consider calling someone, writing someone or praying for someone. Some of you may take a closer look at world events, read a newspaper or for that matter avoid one. But if you watch this movie you will feel the need to preform some action of good faith, if not just looking at your own. I found the shocking scenes in this movie did not shock me and the sad thing is they should have. Tomorrow when I look out the window, walk down the street, have a cup of coffee. I will savor the moment with more awareness and thankfulness. As Leonard Cohen said "It's through the cracks that the light gets in"

Non-emotional except for...., 11 April 2006

Narnia can leave one feeling aloof and as cold as it's snow topped mountains. It doesn't have any real tears, it doesn't have any real belly laughs, it doesn't even make one angst or fearful. The battle doesn't even make on cry "onward soldiers, hooray".

The characters seem just like characters, and you never feel really touched by their actions or deeds. They seem more animated then the animation.

I never spoke aloud, not a word to any character.

I remember screaming to Frodo to "watch out, oh! turn around" And I remember detesting Darth Vader with vocal jeers.

I even cry when I watch ET.

The only glorious most attractive and attentive quality in this movie was the deepest most sincere wish to REACH OUT AND GRAB SOME FUR.

The animals made this film a great film, the irony is they weren't even real.

Stay (2005/I)
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Ide fixe, 6 April 2006

Amazing movie, a deep psychological art work. Thought provoking. The colours and visual themes rode through the movie like a "ide fixe" An attempt to create emotion through the confusion of reality/unreality. The mystery within was the feeling that it could be grasped and understood in a way that the unconscience mind could believe.

'To die, to sleep ... To sleep, perchance to dream. Ay there's the rub, for in that sleep of death what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause...'


The director must be a Shakespeare fan.

Ah, and wasn't Hamlet presented within the text itself

Well, done, bravo, the expertise is well above Dada, but closer to Berlioz and Dali. Hats off to an inspiring audio visual ride.