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dance film, 28 February 2005

I believe this is the historic film of legendary choreographer Doris Humphrey's The Shakers, her most famous work, and one of the seminal works in modern dance. It is a fine example of how to film dance. She was one of the pioneers of American modern dance, along with Martha Graham, but often overlooked. She was deeply musical as can be seen in this dance. I saw it many years ago, but still remember the plain costumes of the Shaker people, their circling dance rising and falling, ever-building in intensity. Jose Limon was her frequent collaborator. Her dance technique was derived from the principle of rising and falling and recovery, as I recall.

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dancing, 8 January 2005

It was a fun show. I would like to see the names of the choreographers and dancers. I know Betsy Haug was one of the dancers for one season or series. I think we need a cable channel just for variety shows so we can see all the old shows again. Or somehow get new ones on the air. Where are the talented singers, dancers, actors supposed to appear? How are new songs supposed to get introduced? Where are choreographers supposed to create? This is why our popular culture has no culture, no class, no talent or quality. It takes skills, training, and the desire to do things better, not just different, or louder. One needs to build from the past, not just throw it aside.