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Fun and entertaining., 11 March 2009

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To me the most note worthy item in this film is that it's the final screen appearance of great Oscar winning actress Joan Fontaine. Her roll fleeting as it is creates a moral foundation for the honest and upright King Winceslas. Joan Fontaine offers one of the only emotional scenes in this film building to her fateful murder towards the ending.

Jonathan Brandis creates an emotional King Winceslas who must save his people from a treacherous and evil conniving Queen played by Stephanie Powers.

The film has both good moments and bad moments but over all it's a fine traditional piece for the holidays.

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Near Perfection..., 28 June 2007

Just saw this on Animal Planet.... Not many films I'll sit through start to finish on commercial television. This one was so worth the aggravation of a commercial break or two.

Simply amazing. Had to research the director to find out how he managed such magnificent camera work. Methods were surprising. But it all served to great ends. The film is so moving and inspiring. I found myself wanting to join Green Peace or the Audubon Society afterward.

Any film that brings man closer to nature to appreciate the world around us all is a magnificent feat indeed. If more people demanded this kind of entertainment the world would be a better place.

This film is now one of my top 10 favorites of all time.


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Thanks Jonathan!, 10 December 2005

It's good to know that Jonathan Brandis and Janet Leigh's finals films are available for their many fans. Both actors had such talent. Janet's long career strewn with gem's of her stellar talent. And Jonathan's shining efforts, tragically cut short, a loss to the film making community. Final films of many artist are not always what we'd call the finest examples of their craft. But the fact that two years after their deaths, that the public still want's to see their work must mean a lot to their family. I had the pleasure of knowing Jonathan for a brief period in the 90's and he was the most charming and friendly of persons.

~Jonathan thank you for all your gifts you've left us.~ ~Janet--- you sure could scream!