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Authentic and somewhat gruesome!, 23 January 2008

This film was actually done in the ROK, and is very authentic. The equipment, uniforms, and other gear of all the combatants is well researched. The tribute to the Dutch by making this movie is much deserved. I find no problem with either the action, or the ability of the actors. It is believable to the point of being gruesome. Since I myself have served as a soldier in Korea near the DMZ, I know what I am talking about. This film deserved a better rap than which it has received. I have a bit of difficulty with the part where the young Koreans are eating dog meat, but I suppose the locals find it tasty with boiled rice, and kimchee. The Field of Honor is much more real than the widely acclaimed Gregory Peck film "Porkchop Hill". I suppose one would have to have been in the ROK to appreciate what was done with this movie.