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Truly wonderful movie, I think the Hollywood 'losers' who can't come up with anything refreshing will try to redo this movie in few years time., 1 February 2008

is the best HK movie I've watched ever since 'running out of time'. The idea of having the talent of seeing the split personality in person is refreshed and extraordinary. The 'ghost' mentioned in the movie were referring to the thoughts established after people were bullied, manipulated, pushed, forced to lose important things in their lives. Even the detective himself has ghost inside when he was forced out of his wife's life. When he explained why he cut off his ear, i was so shocked that I would consider myself doing some outrageous things just for the hell of it when I had the honour facing a man with no ghost inside. The gun shooting scene at the end is a classic. The camera shooting and editing must be a tremendous job to finish in order to represent the ghosts mirroring the gun holders. Wonderful movie