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The Queen (2006)
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An Oscar for Hellen Mirren please!, 29 October 2006

I just came back from seeing this movie and I have to say that although the film is great Helen Mirren is FAN-TAS-TIC! Her resemblance to the Queen is really something. From the look to the way she stands, that's what I call a performance. She should be definitely in the Oscar Race for best Actress.

I was still living in France when Princess Diana died. Therefore I didn't see nor remember all the details and how the crowds reacted to the silence of the royal family. That was greatly showed in the movie as well as the different personalities of each member of the Royal Family reacting on the public's grief.

I also liked the fact that Frears avoided all the cliché we saw a million times when it all happened which makes the movie even more interesting.

The Chorus (2004)
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The best movie of 2004, 2 February 2005

This is funny how people get from one extreme to another about this movie. When I saw the movie it was in a Citadelle in an open air cinema by the French Riviera (Villefranche sur Mer, very very nice). The friend I went to see it with said to me: "I give you the tissues now because I predict you will cry like a baby". And I cried like a baby. The story made me think about Sister Act ONLY IN THE STORY!!! A failed musician converting a group of difficult children into a choir... But this version of the story is way above the American one. Gérard Jugnot is really great. I like him very much since he has abandoned his comic roles. I loved him in Le meilleur Espoir Feminin and Monsieur Batignole. I think he's an great actor as he can convey a lot of emotions, from laughter to sincere emotion. At last, the fact that all the children are not professional actors adds to the sincerity of the film which should won at least an Academy Award this year if the Americans still can be sensitive about sincerity...

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Much ado about nothing, 2 February 2005

I was really disappointed by the second instalment of the series. I was really waiting for this movie given that Meet the Parents was so nice. I think the story falls completely apart and that there is no real scenario. Barbra Streisand is really rusty in terms of acting. She doesn't express very much. Even the Yiddish Mame side of her character is not really sincere (although it should be quite natural for her). Dustin Hoffman is not really showing what he can really do. He is such a good comedian and I was really waiting for his performance here... Still there are a few funny gags and Little Jack is very cute but still... I left the theatre a bit disappointed...