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Pinjar (2003)
A hauntingly breath taking Master piece
31 May 2008
Pinjar is truly a masterpiece... . It's a thought provoking Film that makes you think and makes you question our culture. It is without a doubt the best Hindi movie I have seen to date. This film should have been shown at movie festivals around the world and I believe would have been a serious contender at Cannes. All the characters were perfectly cast and Urmila Matkondar and Manoj Bhajpai were haunting in their roles.

The story the movie tells about partition is a very very important story and one that should never be forgotten.

It has no biases or prejudices and has given the partition a human story. Here, no one country is depicted as good or bad. There are evil Indians, evil Pakistanis and good Indians and Pakistanis. The cinematography is excellent and the music is melodious, meaningful and haunting. Everything about the movie was amazing...and the acting just took my breath away. All were perfectly cast.
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Godzilla (I) (1998)
Does exactly what it says on the box ............ ENTERTAIN...
30 May 2008
Who are these people comparing this to the older Godzilla movies.. ? There is absolutely no comparison....this film stands on it's own and is a fast action paced, highly entertaining movie with special effects that were the best at the time.

You have to smile at the people who take the Godzilla mythology far too seriously. I had to smile when I read some of the reviews from the die hard Godzilla fans.

Personally, I don't care. The movie, from day one was meant to be just a big effects laden action movie. It's about comic book character.

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Spielberg / Lucas have lost their touch ...this was embarrassing
30 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This was the best script delivered to Lucas ... ? You've got to be kidding me !!.

I talked my 10 and 11 year old daughters in to watching this film, as I was an Indy fan ( even after reading all the bad reviews here ). I thought they would experience the same magic I did over 20 years ago.......boy was I wrong.

I have seen worse films than this, but I didn't expect a movie like this from the accomplished Mr Lucas or Mr Spielberg....having set such high standards's a shame to see them fail and fall so dramatically and ruin a much anticipated episode in the adventures of Indiana Jones.

There wasn't much of a story...and what story there was didn't gel and wasn't believable.

There was too much CGI....wasn't really needed.

I mean the Atom bomb did absolutely nothing for the story ...and was just in there as a great CGI shot... one of many.

The idiotic tarzan scene the monkey scene what was that all that about !!.

Marion Ravenwoods character did not have much to do in the film...good thing really as the scenes she did have were embarrassingly idiotic.

Harrison Ford was as always, great in his part but badly let down by the script.

The critics in my opinion were much to kind.
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