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Akerman's 'Heart of Darkness'...another cinematic wonder., 4 November 2011

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After the rigorous and haunting 'La Captive' which was sourced in Proust, Akerman turns to Conrad with similarly mesmeric effect. This movie, set in somewhere around Malaysia, is about a European trader's troubled relationship with his mixed-blood daughter (who is everything to him, besides money perhaps). I love everything about this movie - the cinematography, the theatrical tone, Stanislas Merhar's rage-filled performance. I have to mention the seemingly interminable final sequence in which the camera is focused on the face of the protagonist sitting in a somewhat dark room. I can't forget the dejected expression on his face and his ghostly eyelids fluttering. The sunlight gradually illuminates his whole face and he complains - 'The sun feels cold.'

Sarfarosh (1999)
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flawless..., 23 February 2005

this is a real gem of a's right there among the top 5 of my favorite Hindi movies. the movie hooks you right away and the plot never slackens throughout...coupled with realistic treatment, it makes the movie an instant favorite. also the subject is very different - the proxy war waged by Pakistan's ISI. refreshingly and reassuringly, there are no corrupt cops in the movie! Aamir Khan as ACP Rathore is superb. he brings alive a cop's passion and determination to cleanse the system of criminals. the action sequences are played out very realistically. Mukesh Rishi as ACP's right hand man is just brilliant! This actor usually plays only "black" characters - this surely added to the impact of his performance (for me, at least). There are some truly heart-warming scenes of Rathore with his family. Sonali Bendre as Rathore's love interest provided some (much-needed) light moments. And, finally, Naseeruddin Shah as ghazal singer-cum-terrorist played his part with understated villainy. i love such villains - they seem so real! the climax is truly innovative - it invariably brings a smile to your face. It's difficult to spot a flaw in the movie. and considering that it's the director's debut film, you have to doff your hat to him.