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Shiver (2008)
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Average at best, 27 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Seeing as this movie seems to get mostly positive reviews (at least here on IMDb), I thought I'd add my two cents to even it out a little bit because Eskalofrío didn't work quite as well with me...

On a purely technical level, the movie is done well, the actors were good, much more believable than in your-average-horror-flick, the music too was good enough for me to notice it and above all you get great shots of Spanish mountains and forests that contribute greatly to the atmosphere, both thanks to being beautiful and also a bit disturbing at times.

That being said, my main complaint is about the story and the script. This is what it boils down to, I figure - how far you are willing to stretch suspension of disbelief. I consider myself quite tolerant in this regard but this movie was really pushing it too far.

Most of it are just details but at the same time, most of it are the worst of horror-movie cliché stupidities of the type: - the young group in the forest splits up - even they themselves said they shouldn't split up! - the protagonist's "vampyrism" (photophobia) that in the end adds nothing to the story whatsoever - the protagonist suddenly becomes the main suspect based only and only on some "strange circumstances" - the same protagonists so completely mistrusts all the adults that he prefers to take on "the monster" alone with a couple of friends. At night. In a forest. That is filled with traps. Yippee for common sense. - said "monster" is a little girl, no older than 13. Okay, this may have taken the movie in interesting directions but it didn't. I understand she was feral and living in the wild, her strength and agility developed considerably but come on... no human, no animal, can adapt to new life conditions so quickly, I mean, that's why evolution takes so many generations and so many millions of years, it's not like she's some kind of human-wolf mutant predator... - by the way, said "monster"/little girl apparently didn't age at all

et blah di blah de blah, I could go on... A shame. I wanted to like it and it had quite a lot going for it but there's only so much stupidity I can let go unnoticed...

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Strange yet funny (sometimes very funny), 3 July 2008

"Kantoku banzai!" is a very strange movie to see. Much like the "Adaptation", it is - in a way - a movie about itself being made.

Takeshi Kitano plays himself as a director who's trying to shoot movies in all possible genres but never really manages to do so. But much more than about the lack of success in those movies, "Kantoku banzai" seems to be about Kitano's being tired of all those genres with this movie eventually turning into a quite chaotic meddle of all previously presented genres. But contrary to the "Adaptation", "Kantoku banzai" doesn't try to put it all together into a coherent story so we're left with a bunch of very loosely connected clips ranging from regular slapstick comedy sketches (the karate scene is hilarious!!!) through slightly crazy scenes to some utterly insane and absurd brainstorming. That may be confusing when you try to make sense of the movie but I think it basically is what the movie is about - the director doing whatever he wants to.

This all would make for a really great movie, the only shame is that it sometimes tends to be long and gets a little boring, especially near the end.

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Absolutely a must see!!!, 24 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Twin Peaks... a very famous series - that really deserves all the praise it gets!

The story begins as special FBI agent Dale Cooper (perfectly impersonated by Kyle MacLachlan) comes to the little town of Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of the local beauty queen, Laura Palmer.

As the series proceed, Laura's killer is eventually found and the main plot line turns and twists to eventually end in a place where you would never expect it to be...

Twin Peaks begins as a crime story with quite a lot of comical moments, the picturesque characters of this little town where everybody knows each other are very nicely sketched out and developed in a very interesting way, most of them having quite a lot of secrets, thus providing secondary story lines that come and go, more or less intertwined with the main one.

As the story proceeds, the comical tone slowly fades away, slight touches of sci-fi and paranormal events come in and as you grow more and more fond of all those lovely people of Twin Peaks, a much darker and intriguing plot comes to the surface, dipping the whole series into an ever more and more mysterious and sometimes even scary atmosphere...

And there suddenly comes the final episode. Of course, everyone expects the final episode to be something special, but no one could expect THIS! I will not get into the details of the story so as not to include any spoilers, but the final episode is a must see! It is a must see! Never ever in my life have I witnessed such an ending!!! surprising, unhappy, happy, good, bad... the ending of Twin Peaks is far beyond that. The only word I can find to describe it is ABSOLUTELY AND UTTERLY NEGATIVE, not leaving the faintest little spark of hope... I was still schocked by the end even a couple of hours after having seen it and still feel somewhat uneasy just recalling it... I admire the person (D. Lynch and M. Frost) who got the idea and - most importantly - had the guts to write a finale like that...

See if you have the guts...

See how far you can go...

See if you can cope with Twin Peaks...

A must see!

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Love it or hate it, 14 February 2007

Gee... I really don't know what exactly to write about this movie. The plot is a very simple love-story between a very dreamy and sentimental guy and the girl-next-door.

It definitely is a love-it or hate-it movie and reflecting as hard as possible about it, I still don't know if it's a worthless movie playing with emotions and trying to make us cry over such cheap tricks as cute-looking hand-made pony-horses playing under cotton-made clouds or if it is an authentic and very open emotional auto-biography of the author...

Nonetheless, I guess I liked the movie just because it caught me in the right mood and allowed me to perfectly identify myself with the main character who's ACTUALLY doing what I very often only WANT to do when confronted with the absolutely non-comprehensible maze of emotions I sometimes find in myself. From that point of view the non-realistic and absolutely chaotic behaviour of the main character who obviously doesn't quite know what he wants was perfectly tolerable for me. On the other hand, if you don't get emotionally involved in the movie, it definitely will seem pointless, gratuitous, cheap and boring...

So, what about the rating? Depending on the mood - 1/10 or 9/10...

Silence (1971)
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A very deep reflection of religion, faith and sacrifice, 14 February 2007

"Chinmoku" is a movie about two Portuguese missionaries that come to Japan to spread their faith at a time when, after a long period of flourishing, Christianism finds itself forbidden in Japan. The main character, padre Rodrigues, is eventually captured, imprisoned and tortured in an attempt to make him deny his faith in an act - however purely formal - of treading on a holy image.

But that is not the most important thing to the film. Although I did not find it as emotionally strong as I expected (but don't misunderstand me, it still is very moving) and rather slow-paced, maybe even a little boring in the beginning, it actually turned out very deep in the end, leaving in me a lot of questions... After starting in a tone which clearly shows the Christians as good people unjustly persecuted by the cruel Japanese government, you will slowly realize, during the first discussions between Rodrigues and his judges, that the problem is far from being that simple, and by the time Padre Ferreiro, whom the Japanese made deny his faith, enters the scene... I'm not able to tell which side you'll be on, but you'll be definitely asking yourself a lot of questions about how far should one go in defending one's faith, whether the weak that rather tread on the holy image than die really deserve nothing but contempt and, most of all, whether it is right when other people suffer because of YOUR religion...

If you liked Bergman's "The Seventh Seal", this one's definitely a must-see!!!

The Beyond (1981)
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Another 80s Horror movie, 5 February 2007

Usually, I'm rather a fan of 80s horror-movies, i don't mind the latex FX, i rather like the typical synth-music and their overall atmosphere but here...

I definitely don't want to deny the movie had a couple of very good moments, namely the beginning and the end of the movie were just great but what was in between was just the thing that makes B-horror movies ridiculous rather than scary.

It was my first Fulci movie and I was quite looking forward to seeing it after all the great things I read about him, but this really disappointed me, especially all the gore. Or more exactly, not the gore itself (e.g. I loved Braindead!!!) but the fact that in this movie, it is absolutely useless and in many cases I realized the detail of an eye popping out of somebody's head actually completely destroyed any suspense, tension, fear or horror the scene was trying to build up.

So overall rating - don't expect too much and you'll get a good, not TOO scary (for the tougher ones, not scary at all), popcorn-video horror movie you might enjoy when you're in the mood for some easy entertainment...