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Se7en (1995)
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The Prince of Darkness, 12 June 2006

When I first saw Se7en, I thought it was reasonable. Then, reading the endless comments on IMDb that held it up as some sort of masterpiece, I became frustrated with people thinking that just because it is a well put together serial killer film, it is a masterpiece. Yet of late, I have realised, that Se7en is not a serial killer film. Not just that, anyway.

Se7en is an idea, a statement (if you're as pessimistic as that) about the world we live in. There is not a single moment in this film that does not scream "The world is a horrible place." Personally I don't agree that that is true, but that doesn't make the notion of the film any less masterful. So, it is since I have realised that Se7en is not about a killer, but a horrible notion, that yes, it is a masterpiece. Whether you enjoy it or not, is a different story. But if you have not yet seen it, whilst you're watching it - consider Somerset's (Morgan Freeman) point of view, and consider how the film expresses it.

There are some brilliant dark films out there - but I consider Se7en to be the darkest (and one of the best) of them all - hence the title of this review, The Prince of Darkness.

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A representation of every great film ever made, 5 November 2005

'A Very Long Engagement' is simply the most intricate mix of all the elements of great cinema there have been. The love story is the most beautiful and heartfelt one I've seen to date - yet with every shot of the war I flinch, feeling the characters madness and pain. The comedy is as innocent as fulfilling as Jacques Tati - and the photography is as daring as Leone and as memorable as Bergman.

On top of all this fantastic work by Jean Pierre, Jaspriot's story is one of those that becomes more intricate every time you hear it.

Audrey Tautou steps into a completely different role - away from the mischievous Amelie into the relentlessly determined but still lovable Mathilde - the young woman in love with Manech. Manech is so brilliantly played by Gesprard Ulliel he'll make you love him too...

There are many other people deserving of praise in this masterpiece but I'll end with mentioning Angelo Badalamenti's gorgeous score. It tops the movie off flawlessly.

Do NOT miss this movie.