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Dunkirk (2017)
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A Strange Mixture of Emotion and Noise, 22 July 2017

As the daughter of a man who fought in WW2, together with all other male relatives in our family, I was anxious to see this film which should have been both an emotional and educational experience. Sadly for us it was a disappointment and left us wondering exactly why the film is called "Dunkirk".

There are good performances and some emotional scenes, particularly at the beginning of the film. But the time line was so confusing and the beach was so empty considering that there were well over 300,000 men awaiting evacuation. And where were the 800+ small boats which sailed back and forward over a period of 8 days and, together with the larger British destroyers and merchant ships, saved almost 340,000 soldiers. We saw endless air battles which were beautifully filmed but weren't exciting or effective.

Finally the music - Hans Zimmer is a wonderful composer of film music and his creation for this film was effective. But why so loud and so much? It was almost impossible to hear some of the text and I'm astonished that a director of the caliber of Nolan thought that this would add to the tension. Sometimes silence says far more than the constant background of very loud music.

I presume that many of these things won't bother a younger audience but I believe that the story of Dunkirk deserved to be more accurate. The most annoying thing was the fact that in the brief introduction to the film, where there is an explanation as to the situation of the trapped soldiers, the enemy surrounding the soldiers is not named - they are just 'the enemy'. What happened to naming them as the German Army or the Nazi Army?

"Genius" (2017)
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Fascinating production, 21 May 2017

GENIUS is a fascinating historical drama which is both enjoyable and educational. Johnny Flynn and Samantha Colley are excellent as the young Einstein and his first wife Mileva Maric and the supporting cast are perfect in their roles.

I agree with the comments that the 'German' accent of all the characters is annoying and unnecessary. Presumably the producers believed that their audience could only understand that the drama is set in Germany and Switzerland if the characters speak with an accent instead of just speaking English! However GENIUS is still a beautifully made true-life drama about one of the most important physicists of the 20th century and the National Geographic is to be commended for its decision to create this series.

"The Son" (2017)
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Fascinating series, 13 May 2017

I've read the reviews and also the criticisms and accept that my lack of knowledge of that period in US history hinders my ability to judge the accuracy of the series (to date two episodes have been shown in Israel).

We're really enjoying the series which seems very authentic to us. The production is beautiful and I'm particularly enjoying the scenes of the young Eli McCoullough and his life with his captives. I don't know if it's historically accurate but I imagine that this wasn't a rare occurrence during that time. The acting is generally good and it's marvellous to see the excellent Carlos Bardem in the show.

Brosnan is always enjoyable to watch but I agree with those who wonder at the age of the character in comparison with the actor playing the part of a man who must be ....80+? However I've decided to forget that point and just enjoy the story which is unusual and entertaining in a sea of the usual TV offerings - zombies, horror etc.

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Outstanding documentary, 3 September 2016

I was very moved by the documentary and felt it to be fair to both sides though I realize that, as an outsider, there is no way that I can understand the situation which existed in Belfast during that period.

To me the film presents both sides of the bitter feud with accuracy and intelligence though I've no doubt that there will be viewers who will be critical and will find it biased (depending on which side they support). My knowledge of that period is based on British TV reports and I learned quite a lot from the events presented in the film. It's impossible not to feel deep sympathy for the ordinary citizens caught up in such a violent and intolerable struggle and it's sad to realize that a divide still exists after so many years despite the political agreement.

The documentary is an important achievement and hopefully will reach a wide audience.

Sharqiya (2012)
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Excellent film, 4 April 2015

I was very moved by Sharqiya which we just watched on Israeli TV. It depicts the intolerable situation of the leading characters, a young Bedouin couple and the husband's brother who live in a shack built on area which isn't recognized by the Israeli government and for which the courts have already issued a demolition order.

The Bedouins have lived there for many years but have no papers to prove ownership. The Israeli government has offered financial compensation for the land if they agree to move to one of the towns already built for them in the area but they are emotionally unable to accept this possibility.

The film is simple but very effective. Congratulations to all the production team and in particular to the excellent actors portraying the three leading characters - Ednan Abu Muhrab, Maisa Abd Elhadi and Ednan Abu Wadi. We can only hope that this tragic situation can be resolved to the benefit of the Bedouin citizens of the Negev, Israel.

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Very enjoyable film, 27 January 2012

We watched My Australia on Channel I, Israel, and were very impressed by the film. The acting of all the cast is excellent but special praise must go to Igor Obloza, Lukasz Sikora and Aleksandra Andrzej as the Polish family trying to make roots in Israel.

Igor, who is presumably only 10 - 11 years old, is one of the finest child actors I have ever seen. I am sure we will see more of him in the future as an adult actor. The director recaptures Israel of the 1960s in a very accurate way. The feelings of the children as they travel from an anti-semitic Poland to Israel are captured brilliantly.

Kudos to the director and production for this charming film.

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Fascinating production, 30 April 2011

I have only seen the first two episodes of The Borgias but am already deeply immersed in this brilliant series.

The production is beautifully set and the atmosphere of the period is captured with detail and accuracy. The wonderful cast, led by the superb Jeremy Irons, is excellent and as good as I have ever seen in a production of this kind.

This series proves once more that good television is superior to most of the films produced today. This is a must for anyone who enjoys a fascinating story, based on real history, and an ensemble cast of actors chosen with care. Highly recommended.

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Astonishing film, 22 January 2011

I won't go into detail about THE KING'S SPEECH after so many reviews in the media. I just wanted to say that this is a gem of a film, a MUST for anyone who enjoys top class British drama at its very best. The acting of the superb cast is as it should be - without fault. Colin Firth gives the performance of a lifetime and is a worthy candidate for the highest acting awards. I was also very impressed by Helena Bonham-Carter, who looks exactly like the Duchess of York, Guy Pearce, an amazing Duke of Windsor and the wonderful Geoffrey Rush, always so good in any part he plays. It is a pleasure to see that the British cinema is still producing films of this quality.

I saw this film at one of the first showings in a Tel-Aviv, Israel suburb. The cinema was completely full and the audience was completely silent throughout the film (something that doesn't happen very often!). At the end of the showing the audience warmly applauded this masterpiece.

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Excellent film, 8 January 2011

I just saw this wonderful film which is an amazing adaption to Richler's story. The acting of the entire cast is extraordinary with Paul Giamatti, Rosamund Pike, Minnie Driver and the great Dustin Hoffman giving superlative performances. I sat in a small art-house cinema in a suburb of Tel-Aviv, Israel and the quite large audience (for a Saturday afternoon) enjoyed the film in total silence. You could have heard a pin drop (and that doesn't happen very often!).

I note that some reviewers were offended by the fact that some of the characters were unpleasant Jews. Well, that happens in life and as a Jew I wasn't offended one little bit. Like every other people we have nice and not nice people and I found the film to be very truthful, very funny and also very sad. An exceptional achievement!

Ajami (2009)
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Extraordinary film, 10 October 2009

Ajami is the first full length feature film directed by two young Israelis Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani.

They have produced an extraordinary film which features five separate stories set in Ajami, a poor Arab neighborhood situated in the city of Tel-Aviv/Yafo. The many characters are played mostly by non professionals, i.e. are not working actors, and the result gives a documentary feel to the film. Amazingly the level of acting is very high and ensures that the film is completely believable and absorbing from beginning to end. Perhaps the only drawback is the limited time available to develop each main character. The viewer wants to know more about them and their lives but time is limited.

The film shows a part of Israeli society rarely shown in Israeli films (Arab Moslem and Arab Christian families living in Ajami) and the makers are to be commended for their achievement in showing a rather hidden side of our society.