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26 April 2005
Typical of the computer generated effects movies made today. NO plot, NO acting, just keep pumping out the CGE's! There is no amount of suspension of disbelief that can cause anyone with more than 2 functioning brain cells to actually enjoy this movie. The direction stutters throughout, no continuity can be found. The casting director must have put a call out to "anyone who has been in a high grossing movie in the last 5 years and wants to continue being recognized please apply." Please do not wast your time or money on a rental, send a message to the studios to stop producing such trash. The most enjoyable part of this "action" adventure, horror, sci-fi, revealed secret mankind mystery movie are the ending credits.
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Powerfully Funny
26 April 2005
Chow uses a celebration of classic genre's to take his viewers on a farce of truly "epic" proportions. From Serigio Leonne to Warner Brothers Cartoons,nothing is left out, and you really do not mind being taken along for the ride. It does not take a psychic to see where the road in this movie is going, yet, though the scenery may be obvious, it is very enjoyable. Hilarious comedy, mixed with action, kung fu mastery, Road Runner styled chases, and unfortunately all to short dance scenes. Saw this with my 18 year old son, and though he was reluctant to go see this particular film, he was nearly choking on his popcorn from laughter. Though this is a film VERY unique these days, I am afraid that it may receive limited screen time as you do have to read the movie as it is done entirely in Chinese.
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all hype, no delivery
5 February 2005
Without the use of computer graphics, this film would not be worth the price of a cheap bargain day 3 for 1 special rental at the local video store. True the locations and cinematography add to the film, however, heaven forbid that the cast should either have to act, or in the case of the veteran actors, overact! CG removed, and this thespian (in name only) grouping are woefully short of the depth and quality characterization brought forth in the classic book. The direction is sporadic, and the pace is inconsistent, leaving little to the imagination why so much of the budget was spent on computer technicians instead of acting lessons. Sorry for all those who jumped on the lemming band wagon for this one, but, lift your heads above middle earth and return to the land of the living.
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