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Spurlock captures the heart of the San Diego Con, 14 April 2012

I've been to the Comic Con International 5 times over the years and this movie captures the feel and the heart of the convention even though comics become less and less the core of the event each year. I won't tell you why....but you will definitely tear up during one of the climactic scenes. Show this movie to you family and friends so they will understand why nerds are such good people.....and if you aren't a nerd, that's your loss! It's available online so you don't have to be near one of the limited number of theaters showing this movie....I can't wait for the DVD to be released since this is already my pick for documentary of the year!

Super 8 (2011)
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Goonies Meets Cloverfield, 10 June 2011

This is one of the summer's strongest entries and well worth seeing. The kids are for the most part great, and it's even more amazing when you consider that some of them are in their first feature film. Spielberg's influence is very evident and the alien monster looks so much like the one from Cloverfield that I began to wonder if there were unstated connections between the two films. In any case, I like both films, but this one is the better. It obviously had a larger budget and thankfully left out the shaky hand-held camera techniques.

If you like science fiction films that intend to tug at your heart strings, this is a don't miss film. It's not perfect but never fails to hold your attention and make sense.

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A fitting ending for both the character and a creator, 27 February 2011

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Many of the reviewers seemed to have missed the point that this was an adaptation of the 12-part Morrison story to an animated form. Maybe they hadn't read the maxi-series first. In any case, when you consider that the DVD dealing with the death of the mythic Superman was released the day after the death of the video author, the sad irony is magnified greater. As the final project of Dwayne McDuffie's strong career, you have to take some consolation that at least he left us on a very high note. I've seen almost all of the DC video releases and this one is definitely one of the strongest entries in the series. Not only is the adaptation of the original Grant Morrison well-written but the art-style and the music are also pure and rich.

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Plot summary, 27 January 2011

While I really enjoyed the first half of this movie, I'm a bit ashamed to admit that it put me to sleep in the last quarter. Can someone do a plot synopsis and tell me what happened in the Winter section? Who died and how did it end?!

Like many of the others who left comments, I think Mary was the center of the film and the most pitiful character of all. I wanted to see more of her at her own home to more fully understand her desperation. In so many ways she was very beautiful yet very tragic.

In all of my visits to the UK, I never sensed the inner desperation in the lives of the people there that is so vividly portrayed in this movie.

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Pillories of the Earth, 9 August 2010

I'll admit that I almost gave up on this series after the first episode. So many plots shown briefly and so many characters! But I had just taken a course on the period so I battled through it. Luckily, they've been doing many repeated showings of the episodes, so I watched the first episode a second time and the series has won me over.

Now if you've read the book, of course, you're going to be a little disappointed. You've spent many hours with these characters and formed your own images and opinions about who they are and what they look like. The author had the luxury to spend as much time on each one and each scene to craft all the details. The series has only 8 hours so many details and subplots will have to be altered just a bit. And many of the reviewers who have been devoted lovers of the book have complained either that it would be impossible to catch every detail or that the series creators left out so-and-so detail but the fact is that you can't satisfy the nit-pickers. After watching the first 4 episodes, I've become entranced by the characters and the epic. Sure you have to invest some effort into figuring things out at the start. Sure some of the historical inaccuracies when it comes to the portrayal of printed books centuries before they could have existed are a bit jarring. But the important facts are that these are small trade-offs when you consider the big picture. They only make me more intrigued about how anyone could become learned in a time when printed information was difficult to come by.

The acting is uniformly fine and I've come to like the good guys and feel my skin crawl when the evil ones make appearances. I really do hope that they do a second series and I'll be at the edge of my seat for the final 4 episodes of this one. It's been ages since an historical mini-series has succeeded as well as this. Let's appreciate it and hope that it lights the spark for many more to come. It's not sitcom pablum and big ideas deserve to be thought about deeply. Put in the effort and this series rewards.

Parade (2009)
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Japan's Hitchcock, 12 July 2010

At first this movie seems to be a 20-something comedy but it imperceptibly slips into a sinister shocker! I found the individual stories interesting as we changed from chapter to chapter, from point-of- view to point-of-view. The only actor in this film whom I had seen before was Tatsuya Fujiwara but I was intrigued enough to use IMDb to check out films by some of the other actors afterward seeing the film. I also order a couple of the Director's other films. That's the beauty of a Film get to discover amazing talent in unexpected places. The acting is uniformly top-notch.

The story is really helped with an excellent soundtrack. I liked it enough to want to see it again.....which leads to my questions: Is this available on DVD with English subtitles AND is there a soundtrack CD available? I've tried eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping with no luck. Can anyone give me a lead? Thanks!

District 9 (2009)
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District 9...will there be a sequel?, 16 August 2009

I agree with another reviewer here that this is one of the 5 best films of the year so far....I even agree with his other 4 choices!.....Not only is the writing and plot a bit more sophisticated than your typical science fiction film, but the special effects are seamless....The prawns actually do look real and interacting with the human actors.

Now, I wonder if the whole movie was a set up for a sequel 3 years from now? I'll be there! But as my friend commented, what could the sequel possibly be about? Would it take an "aliens revenge" approach...or could they show us how to live properly via their advanced technology? I'd be curious to hear what the rest of you have to say about this. Thanks!

"Skins" (2007)
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Lyrics from episode 1, 28 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Where is this song from?

You've gone away.But i feel you near The softness of your touch is somehow always here And i watch with my ever sorry eyes Knowing I'm not discreet, when you leave me you're far from me And my guard is down i wanna hear it said they'll never part somehow To just love me more and i know for sure That i'm just not discreet when you leave me And when I'm alone i think how much i miss you And long for the day that you will miss me too I sit on my own and dream of how i'll kiss you And you see me in the way that i see you you're far away will be gone awhile I look into a sunbeam where i see you smile And i have to go cause deep down i know That I'm just not discreet when you le-e-ave me.

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DVD crimes, 14 August 2008

It's a major crime that this series is not available on DVD! Chaplin's PBS series by Brownlee is now available. Harold Lloyd has plenty of DVDs. Laurel and Hardy are getting their due....and yet Keaton, one of the all-time greats of comedy cinema is largely ignored. I wish someone with some power would correct this glaring omission! Then we can start working on an encyclopedic analysis of The Three Stooges!

How many of you have seen the original of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and noticed the cameo by Buster? Even with just a few seconds of screen time, it's one of the most memorable scenes in a largely memorable film.

Does anyone know how we can petition the powers-that-be to give Buster his due by releasing this Keaton documentary?

Broken Sky (2006)
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Strikingly beautiful....and strikingly sad, 25 October 2006

I saw it last night and loved it! Some of the cinematic techniques were overused and at times it seemed the breakup was a bit drawn out....but having gone through a similar situation, I know can understand how hard it is to give up hope for a reconciliation with someone you really love~! The actors are just beautiful and the facial expressions of the three leads seemed right on the mark to me. I wish there was a bit more dialog between the guys but the long silences gave the viewer time to think and come to their own conclusions. I also liked the use of the mother who just wanted her son to be happy. Does anyone know if these families were considered middle-class in Mexico? The tee-shirts they wore seemed to indicate that each had done a bit of traveling...or maybe they were just gifts? Now, who knows about the DVD release in the US? Please email me if you have any info or access!