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I'm going through this book and figured I'd make a list for others doing so in the future.

Selected by Richard Crouse, the author.

Book published by ECW Press

NOTE: I've added a list for the book's sequel, "Son of the 100 Best Movies You've Never Seen". Click on my screenname to find the list.
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I've used a lot of people's lists, so it's time to help the IMDBverse by making some myself.

Here's one for a movie guide by Richard Crouse I'm going through. Highly recommended book, I love reading his reviews. :)

This is a sequel, BTW-- look under my screenname to find the original list.
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Great way to discover Canadian films :)

Note it's for foreign language only, so most of these are Quebecois. There are a few other languages selected, however, like Hindi and Inuktitut.

Only one has actually won the award-- The Barbarian Invasions, by Denis Arcand.
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OK! I've made quite a lot of lists for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and this is the last one. Now the entire world is covered.

IMDB sure lists a lot of movies... they've had them all excepting a few older Egyptian films.

If you see any problems with the lists, please let me know in the comments.

My source has been Wikipedia, so thanks to whoever compiled those.

Enjoy :)
a list of 56 titles
Listed as West Germany, then East Germany, then unified Germany. I've tagged West and East to avoid confusion.
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Luxembourg does not yet have enough titles to warrant its own list, so I've stuck it with Belgium. Once it reaches fifteen I'll split this into two.

Belgian titles are listed first, followed by Luxembourgian.
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This list begins with Czechoslovakia, followed by the two independent republics.
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This is for the area encompassing the former Yugoslavia and Albania.

For now I'm grouping these countries together for simplicity. As each country's output is growing rapidly, I may split the lists in the future.

Here's the tally:

Yugoslavia 29
Bosnia and Herzegovina 10
Croatia 19
Macedonia 9
Serbia (and FR Yugoslavia and Serbia & Montenegro) 17
Albania 5
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This list includes nine films from the UK and one from Ireland, tagged at the end.

Enjoy! :)
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This includes one film from Greenland, listed at the end.
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This is all post-1991. To check if any of these countries submitted films before then, see my Soviet/Russian list.

Here's the tally:

Belarus 2
Estonia 8
Latvia 3
Lithuania 3
Ukraine 5
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Everything up to 1991 is Soviet. If you're looking at this list you knew that already :P .

Other former Soviet states' lists can be found by clicking on my name.

Enjoy! :D
a list of 18 titles
Odd-looking title, I know, but none of these countries have enough to flush out a full list. That makes this the "oddball South American list".

The tallies are:

Bolivia 6
Ecuador 2
Uraguay 10
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There is no list for 2006.

Enjoy! :)
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I've only seen these lists on the net, but man oh man would I love to read some of his original articles on this stuff!

1996 has no list.

Enjoy! :)
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This might be my oddest list because it's so short. However, these countries don't fit in anywhere else. I hope it grows in the future!

Here's the tally:

Australia 5
Fiji 1

If you like this list, you'll love my others as they're all much longer.

Enjoy :)
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India has its own list. I create these "group lists" for countries that don't have enough films to warrant their own list.

Unfortunately Pakistan has not been submitting for a long time so we see less of their films than we should.

Here are the tallies:

Bangladesh 7
Bhutan 1
Nepal 4
Pakistan 2
Sri Lanka 1
a list of 20 titles
Mexico and Cuba have their own lists.

Here's the tally.

Costa Rica 2
Dominican Rep. 3
Guatemala 1
Nicaragua 3
Puerto Rico 11
a list of 36 titles
The USSR will be in another list, just to keep things simple.

The tally is:

Afghanistan 6
Armenia 3
Azerbaijan 3
Georgia 9
Kazakhstan 6
Kyrgyzstan 5
Tajikistan 2
Mongolia (EDIT: ADDED LATER) 2

None, as far as I can tell, from either Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan.

If you haven't seen many films from these countries, you're not the only one!
a list of 104 titles
Each year is a top ten.

These lists are divided into decades.

Enjoy! :)
a list of 102 titles
Each year is a "Top Ten". These lists are broken up into decades. I figure it's a good way to find new movies.

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Algeria, Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Iran have their own lists. This is for every other country in the Middle East.

Here's the tally:

Iraq 4
Jordan 1
Kuwait 2
Lebanon 8
Morocco 6
Palestine 4
Tunisia 2

As far as I know, there were no films from Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE, Oman, or Yemen. Hopefully we'll get some soon!
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Sans a few films from the 70s which do not seem to be listed.

Enjoy! :)
a list of 17 titles
I find it surprising that an Iranian film has yet to win an Oscar.

We're living in a Golden Age of cinema, thanks to the quality of films from around the world. I hope these lists help you find good movies.
a list of 17 titles
Turkish Star Wars did not make the cut.

I'm compiling these lists to make it easier to seek out world cinema titles. It's amazing how many titles are on IMDB. If you like this one, you'll like my other lists.
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My favourite region on Earth :)

OK here are the tallies:

Cambodia 1
Indonesia 13
Malaysia 1
Philippines 22
Singapore 4
Thailand 17
Vietnam 8

As far as I can see, there are none from Laos, Myanmar/Burma, Brunei, or East Timor.

Support world cinema! :) (And good luck finding some of these)
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Definitely one of the most interesting locations in World Cinema.

Half of the films are from South Africa. If it isn't, I've included the country's name in the description.

I figure this is a good way to help people find selections for world cinema. If you click on my name, there are other similar lists. Check 'em out. :)

And no, there are no films from Nigeria! A surprise, considering the size of its industry.
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There may be some "film snobs" out there who are interested in India but not interested in the typical Bollywood fare. Well, here's the list for you.

None of these films have actually won the award, which has apparently sparked debate among affectionados. It should, really, because India has made some great films which deserve an audience worldwide. Perhaps the industry's reputation for "quantity over quality" has caused their great films to be unfairly overlooked. Don't forget, some of Hollywood's great classics were just "a-movie-a-week" fare... there could be a Casablanca hidden in this list. :)
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The Genies are the major Canadian film awards.

I'm surprised this list doesn't exist yet! It'll be a good way to find good-quality Canadian films.


I list the winner first, followed by the other nominees. If you like this list, you'll love my others. :)
a list of 31 titles
1985 - 2011. Great way to seek out new documentaries, I figure. If you like this list, you'll like my others.
a list of 29 titles
In order from 1982 to 2011. I figured this would be a good way to seek out good-quality independent films.
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2000 to 2007 are typical "Top Ten" lists.

2008 has twenty English-language and ten foreign-language films, in alphabetical order.

2009 has ten major films and ten independent films, again in alphabetical order, with a "Special Jury Prize" bonus.

2010 has a typical Top Ten, a "Special Jury Prize" bonus, and "The Next Top Ten"

He also wrote "Top Documentary" lists for 2009 and 2010 so I'll include those as well...

If you find it all confusing, just consider this "Ebert's favourite movies of the 2000s and 2010"
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Each year is a "Top Ten".

These lists are broken up into decades.

I hope this gives you as many ideas as it has me. Enjoy!
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'67 had fifteen films; '68 and '69, ten.

I'm breaking these lists into decades. This is my first list ever!

As you can see, sometimes the years don't match up. I'm guessing this has to do with the US Release dates.

Enjoy! :)