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Serenity (2005)
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Joss Whedon delivers with an intelligent Sci Fi set in the future, in a universe where earth's been destroyed, and the survivors are living under the evil Alliance., 2 October 2005

I loved Firefly which was closed down by Fox before Joss Whedon had finished telling his story. Joss is a story teller who takes us on the journey with him. This journey is an adventure, which appeals to both sexes. The dialogue is witty, and memorable in the usual Joss style.

Serenity explores the character, River, who we met in the TV series Firefly, and we learn why she is so damaged. Summer Glau who plays River is a talented actress and a wonderful ballet dancer, although she doesn't dance in Serenity, but her training in both ballet and martial arts is used to great effect, but it is the expressions on her face, which she uses to communicate non verbally, which are just wonderful.

The rest of the crew of Firefly are there again, and while those who haven't seen Firefly, and have not yet learned to love these characters, the dangers they face, will not have the same impact as they do on those who are familiar with them, but you will enjoy the story telling, because we are being drawn into Joss's universe, called "the 'verse" in Serenity speak. The rest of the cast play their parts with the same passion they gave to the doomed "Firefly" which I recommend everyone buy on DVD.

This is Joss Whedon giving his all once again, as he did with Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly. Joss Whedon is legendary.

Don't miss this movie. If you are a Sci Fi fan, or love comedies, or Cowboy movies, or movies that can make you laugh and cry at the same time, this movie is for you.

The ensemble cast are believable, and endearing, the villains are clever, and believable too. This is an epic story, of a Universe where freedom is almost gone, and the rebel crew of "Serenity" are fighting a battle for survival, not just for themselves, but for humanity itself. If you haven't seen the TV series Firefly, don't worry, you will soon understand what is going on, but if you have seen Firefly, the movie will have a greater impact on you.


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A waste of time, and money,, 3 July 2005

Save your money and go and see a good movie. Batman Begins would be a good start. I gave War of the Worlds 1 out of 10, was only because the option for zero is not given.

What on earth was Spielberg thinking when he made this movie?

Tom Cruise turned in a boring performance.

H G Wells would be turning in his grave, as would Orson Welles. The Orson Welles radio version had people rivetted, some even running for their lives, because they thought they were listening to a real news broadcast, but this movie had nothing, the tripod machines looked stupid, the movie looks like it was made on a tiny budget, as though Spielberg was blackmailed into making it against his will.

The Power was supposedly knocked out by a powerful Electro Magnetic Pulse, yet Cruise, and a couple of others, could still use their vehicles, while others could not, and some were still able to use battery controlled cameras.

Every possible movie cliché was used, from the crowd all running to see what was causing the problems, (including the so called 'hero' Ray, played by Tom Cruise, who went off and left his family alone, while investigating the 'source' of their problems. To the moronic rebellious son, who got more attention and screen time, than he deserved. And the daughter who showed that she can scream really loud, over and over again.

The only scary thing about this movie, is that it was made in the first place.

Where can I get my wasted time, and money back?

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Batman Begins is definitely Oscar material, 30 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There have been so few movies released this year, which in my opinion would qualify for an Oscar.

But Batman Begins is one that definitely deserves nominations in several categories, especially for the acting.

I hope that nobody makes the mistake of avoiding this movie, because they didn't like the previous Batman movies, because this one is different. It sets a new standard for Super Hero movies, putting it into the same class as 'Lord of the Rings' as a fantasy movie. I hope that we will see more Batman sequels of this quality.

Christian Bale is really convincing as Batman, and this movie should put him in the category of a mega star. The movie has a great plot, tight scripting, and is emotionally moving. We get the back story of why and how Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) became Batman, and the exciting development of his character, and personality, including his darker side.

Director Christopher Nolan has created a great movie which will become in my view a classic.

Liam Neeson and Michael Caine were both very convincing, in their roles as well.

The movie didn't rely too much on special effects, although what there was, was very well done, and not readily identifiable as being special effects, which in my opinion is a disadvantage. This movie will definitely be added to my collection of DVDs.

Not wanting to create a spoiler, I will not say too much about the other characters, except to say that they are wonderfully drawn, and acted. I cannot think of a single performance by any actor, who didn't do this story justice.

Everything in this movie works, this is the first Batman movie that I have really liked.

The soundtrack by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard is excellent, and moving, and it sets the emotional pace necessary, and I will be buying the sound track as well.

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poignant and realistic, 21 March 2005

The performances by all the cast were extraordinary. I bought this on DVD, because I am a fan of Gerard Butler, who played Sam, the childhood sweetheart of the dying Sarah, who returned home to Scotland from NY to find him, when she learns that she is dying of cancer.

Gerry Butler gives a very believable performance as Sarah's married former sweetheart, who still loves Sarah, and arranges to spend as much time with her as possible doing many of the things she always wanted to do.

Frank, Sarah's father had spent the last 7 years sitting around waiting to die, Sarah's return forces him to start living again. This story takes us inside a therapy group for cancer sufferers, where we meet a 24 year old man who rages because he never had a chance to do anything with his life. It is a quiet gentle movie, with a lesson for everyone about making every day count.

In America (2002)
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In America is a must see movie for those who like poignant stories, 18 March 2005

I gave In America 10 points. The story is touching, and brought tears to my eyes a number of times.

The cast is incredible, especially the two little Bolger girls, Paddy Considine, Samantha Morton, Paddy Considine and Djimon Hounsou, who are all believable in their roles.

I first saw it on Satellite TV and made it a point to find it on DVD which I have now purchased. The Commentary, and Featurette provide insights from the Director. This is loosely autobiographical, and was written by the Director, and his own two daughters. It is a celebration of life. It explores issues of grief and loss, but it also has some very funny moments.

The Director also made My Left Foot and In the Name of the Father, neither of which I have seen, but I intend to remedy that oversight as soon as possible. As a Director Jim Sheridan is incredibly insightful, and his handling of the two little Bolger girls was brilliant.