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Fargo: Somebody to Love (2017)
Season 3, Episode 10
SPOILER ALERT: alluding to Varga's "bluff"
11 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
At the end, Varga boasts that he'll be released shortly. It ends with Gloria Burgle, now employed with DHS, watching the clock, and no one is seen coming to bail out Varga. The credits started to roll, so I went to the bathroom, while still listening to the audio in the background. A couple of seconds before the very end, there's a soundbyte that sounds like Gloria, exclaiming in a disappointed tone: "aww geez!"

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On the Way Home (1992 Video)
subliminal messages?
4 June 2012
There's allegedly a subliminal message when the bicyclists ride by the son while he's jogging, you can hear what sounds like "don't do drugs".

An interesting side note: the producer of the film, Bonneville, has a product called "Heart Sell" which is described as: "Our unique strength is the ability to touch the hearts and minds of our audiences, evoking first feeling, then thought and, finally, action. We call this uniquely powerful brand of creative 'HeartSell'® - strategic emotional advertising that stimulates response."

I rate the movie as awful because of all the empty and non-evidenced claims, e.g. "You can actually be together forever", "You will see your sister again", "I know that you can be with your daughter again". I also rate this 1 because of the thick cheesy way of speaking and acting.
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