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You can always count on the BBC News team..., 11 July 2005

BBC news is needed for this country to run. You can always count on the BBC to bring you the latest news in a fair, balanced way, presenting the facts across clearly.

It is a breath of fresh air to see that the BBC are the ONLY news operators that don't place huge flashing graphics across the screen, and don't spend ££££'s investing in funky theme tunes - but instead simply give the news to the viewer in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

In the UK the BBC have to compete with ITV news, Channel 4 news, Five news and Sky News. The BBC wins by a mile. They don't have huge studios with fancy large swooping camera angles, and they don't sensationalise the news stories with hopes of winning the more viewers.

The BBC win in the ratings against every other news program/channel, and whenever there is a disaster you guarantee the British people will turn to the BBC news team in their millions...

Keep up the good work.

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One of the best programs the BBC have ever aired! AMAZING!, 27 March 2005

The beginning of March 2005 saw one of the best programs to ever air on English TV. The Apprentice.

This English remake of the hit American series sees millionaire entrepreneur Sir Alan Sugar search through 12 young hopefuls to find his apprentice - the award being a 6 figure salary and the chance to work with him.

The hopefuls range, some high flying university graduates to some who never attended school - all going for the same job.

To enable Sir Alan Sugar to pick his apprentice he splits these hopefuls into 2 teams (originally boys and girls) and then sets them tasks - these tasks can be anything from; Selling flowers on Londons Streets, to holding top celebrity auctions, creating advertising campaigns and let us not forget creating a brand new toy for the market - the episode and "secret signals" still haunts me!

Every week the loosing team has Sir Alan Sugar fire the person who performed least in the task - and in the board room looks them in the face and says "You're Fired!"

The series is a brilliant piece of television. It has everything TV needs, suspense, drama, laughter and bitchiness. They all soon learn a big part of this show is not learning how to cope with the challenges but learning to cope with each over.

Overall an amazing, brilliant piece of television. The sort of television that has you an inch away from your screen for the whole hour shouting at the screen as the hopefuls stab their team mates in the back, lie and stitch each over up - all to get in that position of being an apprentice.

Broadcast on BBC2, the 12 60 minute episodes all offered superb entertainment and left the audience not wanting to blink at any stage during the program!

A brilliant piece of television, fingers crossed for a DVD release and 2nd series!


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Brilliant!, 28 January 2005

From the man who brought us "Trigger Happy TV" the hidden camera show broadcast on channel for in the late 90's returns in a fantastic way with the his hidden camera show "World Shut Your Mouth" Broadcast by the BBC.

This is a fantastic hidden camera show, much better than any other currently being offered on English and American TV. "World Shut Your Mouth" IS "trigger happy TV", the great gags and comedy moments are still there it just has a much bigger budget which helps to make the show much better.

In short, Dom Joly returns with a Trihump in this brilliant series. Like Trigger Happy....only better!!