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Its the movie which is on fire not the man :), 3 September 2005

The best action movie of 2004 with all the sentiment added like a caviar. Washington's en-action of the character is flawless and fannings is the cutest kid who only knows to be happy in life. The whole movie revolves around Mexico city where kidnappings are at the peak . Daniel is dakota's bodyguard and when fanning is kidnapped, he is on a blaze, Thats where the title comes into picture - "A man on Fire". The movie is violent and has pretty nasty scenes but are masked by the good nature of Creasy(Washington) and (Pita)Dakota. The part where both get together is very good and enjoyable. And the revenge just depicts how much Creasy loved Pita. All in all a fantastic movie, a masterpiece worth watching.

Is it a true story?, 1 September 2005

of course no one knows abt that. The cast was good, The direction splendid, the scene selection and the whole movie on the whole splendid. But what abt the story? As the name suggests it is the last temptation of the Christ. The temptation when he is crucified , the temptation to lead a normal happy life with a family, With sons etc. The role of Judas was crucial and was done very well. He plays the most important role of giving enlightenment to Jesus when he is abt to be lured by Satan. Cant comment much on the truth as its fictitious. The part where Jesus accumulates the followers is depicted well. The background music is excellent through out the movie. Worth watching once

Top Gun (1986)
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The flying mania, 29 August 2005

The movie is full of air and little of land :)) with excellent action pack scenes and chases in the air. The best you could get is shown. Tom as usual handsome and attractive with few other characters as important as himself. The whole movie is abt Tom(maverick) and his approach towards flying, the man is running low on confidence becz of some events related to his dad who also was an excellent pilot. Loses his flying partner in a small mishap and has to overcome the grief. He does it in a style and the climax scene with the migs flying around is mind boggling. Some of the scenes were really touching. But on the whole the movie is nothing but action and ambition. To be the Best of the best is something special and to see the best of the best is not less special than that.. Top Gun just rox , could have been better in some parts but the loopholes not worth highlighting. Enjoy!!

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A blind man with a perfect Vision, 12 August 2005

Al Pacino at his best. Never seen a better drama that this. The background music is wonderful and the sentiment flows through out the movie. Charlie simms the ideal student with excellent integrity has some trouble going on in the university. He has to work in the weekends , find a part time job for his livelihood. He is a merit student and is excellent with his academics. To his dismay(initially) his weekend job turns out to be more adventurous than he could ever imagine. With his troubles already at peak in the university, his adventure turns out to be learning lesson for him and also to the person who is none other than Al Pacino(blind retired army officer). The whole movie glitters with exuberance. The last 30 mins are quite remarkable and to be honest the heart of the movie especially the climax scene. To be frank i saw the climax about 20 odd times :) and i dare say that every man on the earth will like it.

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You can neither hide nor run and you eventually end up getting caught, 30 July 2005

Another movie with one of the characters narrating the story.In this case a real life story. The direction is just perfect. If he had just shown it as a single long story it wouldn't have been that effective. Breaking up the whole story and connecting them from one to an other was a perfect idea which worked out perfectly well. About the movie , city of god as i cud perceive it was mainly a city of blacks where violence is at its peak. Gangsters,Drugs,Deaths,Gunshots are pretty common for the people living in the city of god. Maybe this sounds common as we see this in many movies, but what is uncommon is that a person burying his alive wife, a young boy killing all the people in a motel, small boys who can hardly speak roaming around with guns etc. Part of the story is based on revenge. Everything for just the desire of a person to become the boss of hoodlums. An excellent movie with a strong story and perfect depiction of reality.

Sarkar (2005)
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Hindi Version of Godfather, 30 July 2005

Just a special movie with best group of actors trying to simulate a English movie. To be frank nothing can come near to a movie like "Godfather". But the positive part of the movie is the direction, RGV tried his best to get seriousness into the movie, and kota's action just negates the seriousness. Whenever he was in action people(saw it in theatre) cudn't help laughing. RGV did his best to make every part of it interesting and in some occasions i could not stop gaping a the screen even though i knew the story :D . It must have been really difficult for RGV to direct a movie without a single song in it. The background music "Govinda Govinda" was ordinary. The ingredient missing is the seriousness, which is present in godfather, where u just keep guessing and don't even blink.Its just obvious that when u r second in doing something similar to the first one .. u end up looking not that good even if its ur best :) Maybe it wud be gr8 if i had seen this first and then Godfather. All in all a good movie, can see it once for amitab and abhishek :))

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Comedy packed Action not Action packed Comedy, 20 July 2005

I generally watch movies before going to sleep i.e mostly in the night, but this case was different. I started watching in the morning and felt the move very fresh and amusing.I donno why is action before comedy in the genre list because this movie sure has more comedy in it than i ever expected. Nothing much is in the movie as far as the story is concerned. The portrayal of the characters is excellent, especially that of Jesse james. He is considered the god of the outlaws and turns out notorious to some and famous to some. Every time this band goes for a bank loot i was ready for some action packed scenes but most in fact all of them turn out to be comedy pack scenes with not much fuss. All in all a nice movie worth spending 90 mins.

Kinda Good!!, 20 July 2005

After watching the first 5 minutes i thought i was in for a splendid action movie and i was perplexed by the way the it turned out to be.I thought its Another one of those movies where a professor discovers something and is kidnapped in the beginning and a rescue team with our lead actor playing an important role in the rescue etc etc.Guess what!! this movie is much more than this .. in fact all this is the first 5 minutes of the movie :)) after which vin is given a task of taking care of the professor's family and his job turns out to be tougher than any one expected. As usual the family finds it difficult to accept an officer staying with them and so major part of the movie concentrates on this front.Finally they develop a liking towards him and he also starts feeling the same. The funny part is the movie is funny and the fights in the movie also are funny. The climax which i thought to be nasty and will have some action turned out comic as the rest of the movie. Overall its a nice bit of fun packed 95 mins of enjoyment!!

Stackful of Motivation, 8 June 2005

The movie is a real life story of Carl Brashear. Some of the scenes just want to make u leap and cry with happiness. Carl is a black who faces lot of hardships but never gives up his dream of becoming a deep sea diver. He had to face many higher officials and had worst of nightmares in fulfilling his dream. It would be great if u would read about him before u watch the movie. That will make you more involved and also make things clear. Robert De Niro's role was the perfect with the fire of a true naval officer and encourages Carl a lot in his career. Actually in Carl's real life it was not one officer who helped him .. but many officers but for the documentary , to make the movie good Robert De Niro was shown in all the scenes. It proves that naval officers will do anything for there honor from where the name of the movie is derived. One more thing worth mentioning is i read the interview of Carl and he clearly mentioned that all the scenes (important ones) were true which makes me go blank as all the things he did can be done only by a superhero. If people believe that Forest Gump is a fictitious character and there can be no one like him .. they better watch this movie. I am not telling that both the movies are similar .. i am just pointing out that Carl's activities are unbelievable and his achievements outstanding. Hats off to the great naval and a great individual.

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Its a Sad story, 6 June 2005

I just saw the movie and as the summary suggests i am really sad and emotional .Writing the review is the second thing i am doing and the first thing i did after i saw the movie was to call my parents. Its a a very emotional and sad story which touches your heart. If you are sentimental better have lot of tissues. Tom hanks as usual is at his best and this may sound a bit crazy but i really felt the make up was excellent.If u didn't know this it wud be quite a shock that tom has AIDS in the movie. He is fired becz of that and he files a suit against the company and finally wins the case. One more shocking news is he is a GAY. I know it may sound weird and crazy and u may just want to skip the movie but its really worth it and is a very nice movie with good sentiments.Don't expect any great twists and logical statements in the jury part .. its more of sentimental than logical fighting

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