a list of 20 titles
action/comedy/crime/horror and stuff like that (mostly)
a list of 101 titles
unlike some of my previous lists, I won't put inside this one every movie I saw this year ... here are only those movies that I wouldn't mind watching again
a list of 38 titles
Movies worth watching. Mostly crime/action/comedy - because that's what I like. I did my best to keep this list shorter than my previous lists
a list of 144 titles
2012 titles only, adding new titles as I'm watching them.
a list of 199 titles
2011 titles only, mostly action/horror/comedy ... list is not final, I'm adding titles as I'm watching them ... also, maybe I should mention that it's kinda not exactly fully based on "from best to worst movie" criteria - I slightly favour movies that I'd like to watch again sometime in the future - and those are mostly comedy and other relaxing pics ...
a list of 39 titles
action/comedy only, no drama and similar sobbing stuff
a list of 19 people
people who can make me smile just by their appearance on screen (no need to talk or do anything in particular).

List is not final, I can't remember everyone at this moment !
a list of 54 titles
No tear jerkers, titles from 2010 only

This was a very bad year for this type of movies, especially when compared with 2009. Nevertheless, I'll name my favourites.

There's a few movies from 2010 I still haven't seen, so keep in mind that this list is not final.