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War is hell but it does make a pretty incredible setting for a film....
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Obviously certain names are forever associated with the Western, John Ford and John Wayne probably being the two most cited. You will notice as you explore this list though that many names repeat Clint Eastwood, James Stewart, Anthony Mann, Budd Boetticher, Sam Peckinpah and even actors like Richard Boone, James Coburn, and Gregory Peck. There is just something overwhelmingly cinematic about filming men on horseback in these beautiful settings.
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The best feature films based on John le Carré stories.
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The best of Alistair MacLean feature films.
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Films coming to a cinema near you in 2015...
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The feature films of Sam Peckinpah and a few bonus selections for Peckinpah fans to have a look at.
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Who could forget the Bicentennial year for the United States and what was playing at the local cinema that year...
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Films released in 1977 that may have appeared at your local cinema.
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Just what I saw in 2013
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A journey through the land of science fiction films.
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Yes, here we are again with a list of films released in 1971 as we time travel through the decade of the 1970s on film.
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A list of films released in 1972. What might have been been playing at the local cinema way back then.
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The kick off to the 1970s at the movies series of lists. Please explore the lists and leave comments!
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A look at what might have been playing at your local cinema in 1978.
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For whatever reason these films have been neglected and forgotten. They are neglected on home video formats and are rarely shown.
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Films I saw in 2012
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Just what I have seen so far in 2014
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The films from 1985 I enjoyed.
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The films from 1980 I've seen...
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Directors and the projects that they never finished or will never get made.
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Many films have been cut and recut by filmmakers that have not been satisfied with the original theatrical release.
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Ok, so the main question is how do I decide if a film qualifies for this list...well, all low budget films, films that are supposed to be schlock, do not feature any recognizable talent, and films that were not hyped to be the next great thing do not qualify for this list. I also have to have watched the entire film, no walkouts or I turned it off 30 minutes in. These films feature A-List talent, big name directors, and were well funded and well advertised...and they were terrible. We've got a lot of big names here --Coppola, Friedkin, De Palma, Scott, Hanson, Kazan on the directors side and Pacino, Fassbender, Williams on the actors side-- and more to come as I expand this list.
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A list of the best haunted house films. Fifteen films to haunt you...
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On August 9 in 1974 Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United States and here is what was on local cinema screens that year...
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A place to discuss the films on this list released in 1973. Leave your comments and thoughts.
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1975 was the year the summer blockbuster was born with Jaws, forever changing box office expectations for film studios.
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Revisiting what was playing at the local cinema in 1979. Making lists like this pretty much demonstrates, to me anyway, that film has grown a lot less interesting over the course of the last few decades.
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The films being released in 2012 I am most looking forward to going to the cinema to see...