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Not what I was expecting, 6 October 2012

I gave this movie the high rating I did because of how much it surprised me. I just randomly picked it to watch because I was in the mood for a mindless action film. This was not that movie. There are a lot of "mindless" action elements in this film, but they all serve a purpose. The character development relies both on exposition and camera work. I'm not sure how I'd rank the acting, but I would definitely say it was sufficient for the story. This does not contain anything resembling conventional Hollywood relationships. It is not a happy go lucky movie. It is a movie that creates a dynamic relationship on screen. I do recommend it, but only if you're someone who can enjoy a movie that lacks a Hollywood ending.

Mad Dogs (2002)
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Bizarre fun, 11 January 2008

I really really liked this film. I couldn't tell you why (though an early warping by monty python, red dwarf, ghost stories and apocalyptic movies might have had something to do with it) and it's definitely NOT for everyone. I don't think I could predict who will like this film but I have a sneaking suspicion that mundanes need not apply. Ghost stories around the campfire at night at the age of 30? probably. Yuppie? probably not. If you do like this you might check out Dead Gentleman Productions' Demon Hunters. Sillier with a lower budget,'s worth a check out. Only one burning question remains for me... What was up with that damn bulldog?

Happy Feet (2006)
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Fun, thought provoking, dark, but not as dark as Grimm, 16 December 2006

First of all, the soundtrack is wonderful. Animated musicals can be fun, but sometimes the soundtrack is so-so without the animation. Not the case with this movie. Second, sure it's got an agenda. Sure it's a little dark. But it's also an enjoyable film I could take children too and NOT be bored silly. Adults may feel it's too filled with agenda, but kids are going to enjoy the film regardless. My take? If you can't handle films with an obvious agenda, this might not be for you, but your kids are probably still going to like it so send them with friends. I know I'm going to be taking my brothers sometime this month because this film is exactly the type my step-dad doesn't like. So if you've got older siblings, aunts,uncles or cousins that you can utilize, do.

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Hilarious B-movie, 25 October 2005

A movie never meant to be taken seriously, but oh so enjoyable if you've a mind to. I mean, come on, GOLDBERG is SANTA!!! I f you're looking for a friendly, family-oriented Christmas movie, do NOT watch this. A carnage filled Christmas delight, though mostly oriented towards the "guy" movie type. Goldberg has some great one liners and I have to say that I look forward to seeing him in other films because of this one. An actor or a film that doesn't take itself too seriously is what we need more of these days. People take themselves too seriously. And apparently this is too short to post. Death. Mayhem. Santa. Satan's offspring.