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Awesome! Excellent Brainless Spoof Movie!, 2 November 2008

This Movie is By Far the Funniest Movie of 2008!

The Best Thing in the Film is Comedy! Well the First one was actually more funnier! but this time they ROCKED! Ajay Devgan, Tusshar Kapoor, Arshad Warsi and Shreyas Talpade! made Awesome Performances! Tusshar Was the Funniest! another Babe Bandwagon came in with Kareena Kapoor, Amrita Arora, Celina Jaitley and Anjana Sukhani!

The Main Characters were Ajay (Gopal), Tusshar (Lucky), Shreyas (Laxman), Kareena (Ekta), According to Story is Celina (Meera)

The Movie Starts with a Banging Dance Number! with all the Star cast! ends with a Solidly Funny Swing!

Its a Total Brainless (EXTREMELY HIGH BUDGET) Comedy Spoof Film! The Movie Rests on Cracky Spot! but still the Funny Segments were extremely Good! The Acting done by Actors are really Good! They have done a Supreme Job! specially Kareena as a Doubtful Wife Celina, Amrita, Anjana Didn't have any Special Roles! but Celina has done a wonderful job playing Marathi or is it Tamil wife! anyways! The Magic of Golmaal Returned Really It DID!

The Music ill say were a little unnecessary but its an Indian film the HEART and SOUL of it is Music whether they are good or bad! The Songs are good! there a Hit in Homes and Car Stereos! in the Film they don't match! Pritam, Ashish, Vishal Shekhar has done a Great Job!

The Direction is Done pretty Nicely! Rohit Shetty Has Done an Incredible Job! and the Cinematography is wonderful!

so the Final Decision i'm giving this Blastomania is 10/10

So as a MINOR critic i think i have a right to give OVERALL results!

Golmaal Returns:

Acting: 8/10 Music: 10/10 In the Movie 4/10 Direction: 9/10 Cinematographer: 10/10 SUPERB Story 8/10

So Finalised Result is 9/10

Excellent Movie! I Can't Wait for the 3rd One!

Syed Shabbir Aly Naqvi

Pakistan, Karachi

Rock On!! (2008)
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This Movie Touched my Heart! One of the Best I've Seen of All Time!, 18 October 2008

This Movie is Excellency! Perfect Story! Perfect Acting

I cannot believe that their are still Best Writers in this industry! im completely surprised on the scripting and on the story! this movie is highly recommended for light hearted people! it will make them Feel Better and Alive! the way they get back together as a band formation!

The Acting Done by the Actors are Extremely Superb! Farhan turned out to be a Fine Actor, a Good Singer, a Very good Director (as he originally is), Awesomely Made film by the Director Abhishek Kapoor, a very Rockstar (i think he is) its none other than Arjun Rampal! he is very Handsome and an Awesome Actor! he did some exceptional acting! so did Purab Kohli and Luke Kenny was Very good! and Prachi Desai was Good! not so much but her effort was nice, Koel Purie looked Smashing!

The best thing in this Movie is the Storyline!! i would Rate this Movie! 10 on 10 because it deserves it!

I just hate the Reviewers who said this movie wasn't good and them trashing it! they probably like movies like Singh Is Kinng or Welcome or Om Shanti Om! (im not saying those were bad movies all im saying is that good movies aren't being appreciated in this cinema)

The Music is Awesome Since its Rock it should be Heavy Duty! but nonetheless it should be as it is! its perfect! Kudos on the Lyrics WOW! awesome!

SEL: Hats off to you Brothers!

this Movie surely deserves 10 on 10 and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to everyone! just see this movie IM sure you wont REGRET it!

Tashan (2008)
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Quentin Tarantino Meets Bollywood Style of Action, 1 May 2008

im pretty sorry!! i thought it was kinda UNIQUE! but he Overdid for sure! the Director's 40 Crore Went STRAIGHT LOSS!!!

Saif, Akshay, Kareena and Anil were the only people who were HOLDING on this movie!! well i would say Kareena and Akshay Only!

This Movie Story is really Unique! Saif (Jimmy Cliff) a Call Center Executive a Hottie Hot Hottie of the Call Center accidentally somehow meets Kareena (Pooja Singh A.K.A Gudiya) Standing in the Rain and Falls in love with her! Now Kareena is an Secretary working for Anil Kapoor (Bhayaji)! Now Bhaiyaji is a Big Don and enjoys Killing People! but Kareena and Saif Both have to Job Which is to Teach Bhayaji English or Eenglis!! After feeling Pity for Kareena! Saif decides to help her pay the debt to Bhayaji which Kareena has for him due to her late father!! she Double Crosses Bhayaji and Saif and goes off to live her life! Leaving Jimmy Behind and his love Forever! In this Case Bhaiyaji Captures Saif and Hires a Bounty Hunter Akshay Kumar (Bachchan Pandey)**Played Wonderfully** Akshay is now hunting Kareena and Bhaiyaji has ordered to bring her home alive ! Through the Journey Saif and Kareena Decides to Run Far away for Bhaiyaji with the stolen money!! but Akshay is in way They Decide to Double Cross him too! But through the journey Akshay tells the Story about his childhood! And reminds Kareena that he loved a girl named Gudiya and Kareena gets Sentimental and Decides to Double Cross Saif this time! in between Anil Kapoor! Gets Angrier when Bachchan Pandey Comes home Empty handed! and gets Sentenced In Death! and Now its upto Kareena To save her Love and Saif to save himself!

The Storyline is a Very Unique Composition By Vijay Krishna Acharya!! Its something New i saw but Lack of Powerful Script The Movie Falls Below the Mark Actually FALLS totally!

At the B.O it got Rejected Big TIME!! They declared THis movie Weaker than RGV ki Aag! LOL

Overall Experience!

Actors: Saif Ali Khan (Jimmy Cliff) Acts Brilliantly as a Playboy! but Gets Neglected Throughout the Movie! His Success of RACE falls on Flat on the Ground Kareena Kapoor (Pooja Singh)! She Looks incredibly YOUNG No Doubt! She looks like a Teenager! But carried off the role Brilliantly! and carries off the bikini with excellency! She is Still Super Strong after Jab We Met. Akshay Kumar (Bachchan Pandey)! What an Awesome Role! He is my Favorite Actor! and he just Blew me Away by playing a ANPARD Bounty Hunter! He is RIDING HIGH Since Garam Masala Anil Kapoor (Lakhan Singh Ballebaaz A.K.A Bhayaji)! Very Well Executed Role! He Played it Nicely as a Killer and a Big Gangster!

Well Acting Marks They Deserve!

Saif --------- 8/10 Kareena -------- 10/10 Akshay --------- 10/10 Anil Kapoor ----- 10/10

The Story which is gracefully AWARDED at the B.O is 2 and Half Stars out of 5 but ill give it 8 basically Indian Audience is expecting a MASALA movie! but they hate it because it turns out to be TWISTER! like Saawariya! No Smoking! Dor! which i think were MASTERPIECES!

so the Story is 8

Action is Great! but at some points it looks Childish so ill give 8/10

The Music is Only good for Car Stereos and Home Use Only IT FAILS Miserbly in the MOVIE!!! except Dil Dance Maare! it was Funny

Music: Vishal - Shekhar 7/10

the Total OVERCOME is 8/10

Go watch this Movie only if you are a FAN of Mind twisting movies and Tarantino movies LOL!!!

Syed Shabbir Aly Naqvi from Pakistan

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Totally Awesome Movie!!!!, 1 December 2007

Aaja Nachle A Musical Review:

Madhuri Dixit!!! Man She Can Dance!!!!!

This might be her Best since (Chane Ke Khet mein and Ek Do Teen) The main theme of this Movie is Dancing! The Songs were Smashing! The Story line is Pretty Original!!! Im Proud of saying Im not Disappointed.

The Music by Salim - Sulaimaan Merchant Really Paid off!!!! Aaja Nachle Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan (what a Beautiful Voice She Has) I would give this Song 9 on 10 Somewhere i don't feel the Josh nut Somehow Madhuri Manages to Give this Song the Josh it Needs!

Now Coming to Show me your Jalwa! Sung by Richa Sharma and Kailash Kher The Song Turned out to be Good Enough to Enjoy in Homes, Parties, Cars, Even the Junkies who like RAPS and stuff! They EVEN LIKED IT! so i would say 7/10

Soniye Mil Ja! Sung by Madhuri herself, Sukhwinder Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal! A Celebration Song Want to Dance to a Perfect Song or you just want to Celebrate Choose this Songs It Suits both 10/10

O Re Piya! Sung by Rafaqat Ali Khan Smooth! Slow! Sweet! Sensual! Great! Soothing! A Great song for All Dynamic Song Lovers!!10/10

Dance With me! Sung By Sonia Sahgal! The Song Is Somehow a Mixture of M. Jackson Music but still feels like Bolly! Enjoying 9/10

Ishq Hua! Sung By Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal! The Song is Really Romantic! Nice One Good Score for All Heartbroken Guys and Girls! 10/10 Not Including me

Koi Pathar Se Na Maare! sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal! A Sad Song with Poetic Lyrics by Piyush Mehra Very Well Done but its Simply makes you really Sad! so Not going to Work NAAAH Don't Think so I liked it SO ill give it 9/10

Is Pal Sung again the Dua Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal! They Both Deliver Honest Voices on Intense Lyrics no doubt! this is a another Romantic Song its pretty good song to listen to! 10/10

Well That Was my Musical Review of the Movie, AAJA NACHLE!

im not going to start on the Movie because i don't want to Spoil you guys but this movie will do good unlike Other Yash Raj Films! like LCMD, Dhoom 2, JBJ!

The Movie Scores Big Time And its Incredibly Great Performances by Kunal, Konkona (Paired Again after LCMD) Good thing for them having BACK TO BACK Releases from a banner like Yash Raj!

I won't say a Thing About Madhuri! She Looks so Incredibly Young, Mother of 2 Children, Dancing like she Did Before at this Age! Great Great! No Doubt!

Akshaye Made a Special Appearance but watch it on you're Own

Raghuvir Yadav! was Totally Flawless!

The Famous Comic Duo Ranvir-Vinay! Both Were Absolutely Fantastic!

The Great Cinematography done By MOHANAN is Flawless Not a Single Mistake There!

The Direction is Eye Catching! Do Notice That! New Comer Anil Mehta a Photographer Turned Cinematographer Turned Director Did a Nice Job

Well The stats a High Big Time!!!!! FLAWLESS

Music 10/10 Acting 10/10 Choreography 10/10 Direction 10/10 Editing 10/10 Cinematography 10/10 Direction 10/10

Do watch this movie!!! a Total Masala Flick and Enjoyable Family Film!


Jab We Met (2007)
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This is the Best Film of 2007! Sweet Love Story, 11 November 2007

Well All i can Say WOW from the Beginning till the END!

This Movie is Without a Doubt the Best Movie of 2007... The Sweet Love Generating between Aditya and Geeta Was Speechless!! Mindblowing Story

This is still Superstrong Everywhere! Even The Two Biggies That Clashed Together weren't Strong Enough to Break Down this Masterpiece.

This Movie will be Remembered in the Future Years of the Cinema. In fact this movie is in Everyone's Mind, Everybody Speaks about it in London, Pakistan, India ETC! It Surely Won Our Hearts. A True Masterpiece by Imtiaz Ali.

The Movie is Based on two People Geeta(Kareena Kapoor) and Aditya(Shahid Kapoor), One is a Incomplete Man who just Lost his Hope in the World and one is a Completely Childish Person with Fantasies that she didn't even think about.

This is a Complete Clean Film! A Fun Filled Movie with Sweet Comic Sequences! Go Watch it With your Family!

The Movie STATS by me

The Acting: Shahid Kapoor (Aditya) Fine Performance one of his Best! 9/10 Kareena Kapoor (Geeta) The Full Fledge Active Actress Looking Very Beautiful. They both Looked Awesome Together this Time, Before no one really Seemed to Agree but This Time They Certainly Do. well i give her 10/10 I Felt Really Bad When That Arjun Person Blowed off Geeta and She Started Working in a School of Some type. Dara Singh (Dada) Always Great 10/10 Tarun Arora: I THink this might be his Biggest Film So Far 3/10

The Music: Pritam You ROCK 10/10 The Cinematography: Awesome 10/10

This Movie Will WIn an Award for Sure GO Ahead Watch it I'm sure you won't Regret it!

...Yahaan (2005)
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Wonderful!!!! Outstanding!!! A Standing Ovation, 20 October 2007

No Doubt its a Movie to Watch out. I Nearly Cried in the End!

A Fine Debut for Minisha Lamba, i would rate her 10/10 for her role in this Venture.

The Direction is Great Shoojit Sircar!! A Standing Ovation.

Though the Film was Low Budget it Still Touched People Hearts! The Movie was Really Inspiring, A Beautiful Story about a KASHMIRI GIRL and an Indian SOLDIER.

I just can't Tell it here You Have to watch the Film

My Stats on the Film is

Direction: I would say 9/10 Editing: I did find some mistakes but rather good say 6/10 Cinematography: 7/10 Acting: 10/10 Music: Great Composition 8/10 The Movie Rating: On the Whole 10/10

Excellent Movie.

Those of you who haven't Watched it and those of you who are Light Hearted Go See this Movie!!!

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Hey! I think im seeing Spots!, 8 September 2007

Oh mY God That has got to be one of the Most USELESS BRAINLESS STUPIDEST Comedy Ever Made!! What has Happened to Subhash Ghai, Even Apna Sapna Money Money Was Worth Watching

Eww! GOD This Movie Stinks

Do Not Watch it Save your Money Bad Movie Bad Cast Bad Jokes Bad Acting, even this movie is an Example of Shoe Polish being Rubbed on a Face

Trust me This movie does even make you smile, Vulgar Jokes, Cheap jokes,A Really Stupid Movie with No concepts

Rating 0 on 10

AWFUL Movie those are the two hours im never getting back....

Syed Shabbir Aly Naqvi of Pakistan

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Worth Watching!!! But a Terrible Insult to Original!!., 7 September 2007

Please Don't hate me but i have to be honest, watching this movie, i had a lot of fun,,

It's a Movie with a Stupid Cast and Stupid Songs!!!

Unnecessary songs!!! Mehbooba... A Total Insult to the Original One Holi.... well.. it was OK! due to the Tradition Every Movie got to have one!! Chad Raha hai Nasha Whatever... Very UNNEEDED stupid Song jee Le... Sounded like a Playboy Song Stupid Song...

Other than Songs. The Movie was OK This was Ram Gopal Verma's Own Adaptation... If you think like that you will like this movie

Well this movie only Depends on the Viewer and on his judgement whether he/she thinks this movie is total Copy He/She would want to hit her Head on the Cinema Seat OR if he/She Thinks of the Directors Own Look he/she would be relaxed and take a look at this movie

Anyways I looked at both ways i would Congratulate and Abuse Ram Gopal for this Disaster that he made...

Well Some other Things that bothered that The CAST was Incredibly Bad

Amitabh Bachchan As Babban/Gabbar (Amitabh in his own Movie Remake Funny what was the Director Thinking) Ajay Devgan As Heero/Veeru(Bobby Deol Could have been Better) Prashant Raj As Raj/Jai(Abhishek was Meant for this role Despite doing a Special Appearance in the Mehbooba song) Sushmita Sen As Radha/Durga(Jaya Bachchan was Right Tabu was Right for this Role) Nisha Kothari As Ghungroo/Basanti(I think Esha Deol would have been Great) Mohanlal As Narishma/Thakur(Mohanlal Is So Cute....Oops Sorry hehehehe, He Was OK I could not Think of anyone)

The Movie would have Even FAIRED a LIttle if the Cast was OK

I movie wasn't even exciting, the movie was just OK , Just for watching

The Overall Rating

Direction... 8/10 I Got to him some credit Cinematography... 9/10 Script... 3/10 BAD Scripting Songs... 5/10 Unnecessary in the Movie, could have been better, Easy on the Ears on to be played in PC's and IPod's and Stuff Cast... 1/10

Total ... 3/10

Syed Shabbir Aly Naqvi from Pakistan

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Brilliant!!! Brainless Comedy Yet Quiet Enjoyable, 7 September 2007

When there is Akshay Kumar with priyadarshan !!! THAT MUST BE A FUN-FILLED comedy.

Well this is One!!! Priyandarshan Came back with a bang with Bhagam Bhag The Long Awaited movie was certainly worth it Priyadarshan is the only director which is the funniest...

It's a Very nice movie with lots of Twist and Turns Govinda Looks Stupid as Always He Shouts a Lot than he does acting but he executes his jokes brilliantly!!! but No way is he Better than Akshay. 6/10 Akshay Always Original, straight forward actor The Acting of Akshay was simply Exquisite he should win awards for his comic actings.. 10/10 Lara Dutta, 3 Roles in one film but She is always acceptable, she is easy on the eyes and ears,,,, well not on ears due to her Heaving Voice.. but she Faired Nicely 7/10 Paresh Rawal is only HAHAHAHAHHA with his Attitude and Acting, He is Certainly the Most Funniest Actor around in Bollywood. 9/10 The Movie is Great but Brainless, if you try to understand the Plot of the movie just think thats its a Movie without a PLOT LINE that will be more fun to amaging Go Ahead a Must Watch for Comic-Liking Audience its a Clean Movie watch it with your family!!! The Movie Rating 7/10 but my rating is 10/10 Syed Shabbir Aly Naqvi from Pakistan

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Pretty Funny!!!! Brainless!! Adult Comedy, 7 September 2007

Its a Nice Movie but Be Careful THE JOLTS of Laughter can give a Heart Attack

The Acting is great by everyone!!!! 8/10 The Direction is Also Fine, but it has bad cinematography The Actors are amazing, Rakhi Sawant Character is Way too pushed in the Movie, you will see a A Lot of Rakhi in the film, She looks Amazingly Hot, and Brutally Funny.

Paresh Rawal is acceptable as he always plays like himself!!!! there is no Sense of Story Except the Man Dead is big Business Man and they are trying to hide him for Money THATS IT!!! End of Story!!!

The Movie Scores Nothing in Big Cinema, It's just a movie to be watched at Home!!! ALONE !!!(Read the Title of my Comment), It's just a Movie for Timepass, you will have fun watching it.

Good Jokes are Executed nicely but it will not stay for Longer, The movie will be hit with in homes and friends...

I will Rate this Movie 8 on 10

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