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All atmosphere and aesthetics, with a tension., 9 March 2014

I do not easily rate a movie at 10. It is not even the cast. Their excellent play does contribute to the overall creation. But what matters most is the atmosphere of the film and its incredible density, held by a persistent though unidentifiable tension. Nothing is granted, reality least of all. It is a kind of allegory of a crumbling world ... in an improbable setting. Probably to be followed by a rebirth, as hopeless. It is also pure cynical aesthetics. Enki Bilal is a painter and an outstanding comic books author, and his very personal aesthetics pervades all his works. I cannot compare this film to anything else I have seen, but it is my favorite movie.

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Unwittingly funny, 18 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not much to add to other reviews. Regarding SciFi, it is clearly fiction, but the science part is worse than questionable. I watched only some 30 to 40 minutes, after "missing" the beginning, and particularly the sequence from "Death becomes her".

Still, I give this movie 2 stars because it made me laugh. Here are two approximate excerpts from the dialog, from memory :

Son: "dad, there is a report that says this is the end of the world." - Dad: "it is much worse than you think."

Agent: "The earth stopped rotating. The sun won't set". - Reply: "do not tell anyone."

A Christmas story ... in history., 16 December 2007

A tale for Christmas following the laws of the genre ... all is supposed to end well at Christmas. Interesting for the historical setting and details: a typical building in Paris, with a different family on each level (in increasing order of wealth) and the maids who live together in rooms on the last floor, 3 weeks after the end of the first world war. The point of view is mostly that of the maids, and a variety of plots intertwine, while some still hope for the return of the missing men, mourn the dead or reorganize their lives without them. Lively conducted, even though characters are on the average (but not all) a bit too nice and concerned to be true. The hidden motherhood aspects of the story were too common a fact of those times, and I have known one such maid, some 40 years later. We learned of her son (then aged fifty) at the opening of her will. A pleasant story, watchable by all, extremely well served by an excellent cast of (mostly) theater actors.

Asteroid (1997) (TV)
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No plot, no characters, no reality, no nothing, 27 December 2004

There is just nothing but people screaming and moving without purpose or direction. Plain silly, with lots of fire.

Apparently, I saw only the second half on TV. Lucky me. I could not really watch it continuously (kind of painful, even though I can swallow a lot of stuff when it comes to SciFi), so I watched a rather interesting documentary on dinosaurs at the same time. They had clearly more emotions than the characters in this film.

Just one question : if an asteroid breaks, what are the chances that two pieces will fall on the same spot. Close to zero. What are the chances more than two will ... Now, given that the planet rotates quite rapidly, what are the chances that several will fall on the same spot at different times. This is just one example of the utter technical nonsense of the thing (then ... what is to be expected with the kind of pseudo-science taught in too many schools). But the rest (acting, dialog, scenario, ...) is on the same level.

I would give it a 1, but I still give it a 2 on the odd chance that there might be something in the first part I did not see.