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OK here is a list of MY favorite movies.
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list of all the movies released on Criterion.
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this ia list of movies that i want to buy.
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the movies tht did not make it into my 199 list for whatever reasons..
most of them GUILTY PLEASURE!
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according to me...
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the truth is, I dont have ONE particular favorite director.
Hence, the TOP 10 on this list is a TIE... all of them are number ONE for me....

fell free to comment!
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we love Indian cinema because they are full of life... full of drama, comedy, love, action, song/dance, tradition, family values... and WHAT-NOT??? but Indian cinema is changing today for GOOD or for WORSE?? I cant really say.
Nevertheless, this list is a collection of Indian movies that in my opinion are truly INDIAN..
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CHECK out my other list 175 movies to die for.... right hand side!!!
i have yet to see a LOT of movies.................
the Foreign language list seems endless....
If anyone knows where i can find these movies online.. then plzz leave me the link....
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here are my Picks for the TOP 10 movies of this year.... let me remind u this is not a PREDICTION!!!!.... WHICH MOVIE do u think should WIN???